Taeyang @ FIFA Big Concert – Pictures

Oh yum. Fancams added

Thanks for the clips Nancy


13 thoughts on “Taeyang @ FIFA Big Concert – Pictures”

  1. Loving the 2nd picture! He just looks so happy! Who doesn’t love that smile? So glad to see the BB members having fun.

    1. I just saw the video too and to be honest; I’m gonna favour this couple lol. Yubin’s my fav member in WD & TY in BB~ they’d look so hot together!

  2. Thanks for the pics ^^
    I’m totally loving the 2nd pic; so cute! I wish he could smile to me like that hehe.

  3. did he forgot to wear his accessories?? his hands looked so bare…i’m not used to it…:P He actually looks kinda tired…Hopefully no one falls sick due to the heavy rain…

  4. Taeyang, ya sexy, sexy beast.
    Loving the second pic ^^
    But WHY is he wearing that mask? It looks cute, but really, it covers up his sexy face XD

  5. OMO!! gosh young bae is so stunning! his close ups kill me everytime! LOVIN’ the 2nd and 3rd pic!!! that smilee,uuhm and those gorgeous eyes! yay! they’re all amazing and sexy though,after all it’s BaeBae!♥


  6. baebee, you know i love you right? well, i hope it’s not too much for me to ask, but do you not see that it’s not a good look for you to have both the five-o-clock-shadowness with the fauxhawk?

    not that you still ain’t sexxxy, cuz you is…but i’d feel better, for the sake of me…that you shave the hawk and grow the goatee!!! PLEASE?!

    lolzys out

  7. @JAYDORK24

    i love the hawk, but not the a full on stache! but a lil stubble looked goood on him. he looks tired, but still having a good time.


    the accessories!! that’s what looked different LOL.

    ahh. i can’t wait for their comeback. ILYB!

  8. I love his hawk… so I’m on the team “keep the hawk” XD

    He looks really tired in the fancams, hopefully our boys weren’t sick from this performance in the rain!!!

    BB’s comeback is getting closer!! I’m loving it! (LOL, Mc’D slogan!)

    I didn’t realise he had any accessories on… He still looked the same to me… o___O

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