[Star diary] Taeyang④ “I’ve fought with G-dragon only once”

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Taeyang (23·real name Dong Young Bae) and G-dragon (23·real name Kwon Ji Young) have been together over 10 years, from trainee days. Suddenly I was curious. Wasn’t there any rivalry between each other? Have they ever fought?

“We’ve fought only once. While playing basketball together…”

Taeyang and G-dragon were playing basketball, dividing into teams with the dancer team. They lost to the dancer team every time. Competitive Taeyang thought ‘I will win at any cost’, but G-dragon said ‘it’s an impossible game’ and wanted to stop.

“We continuously lost and Ji Young said ‘Let’s stop’, but I said ‘let’s try until we win’. We quarreled ‘do’, ‘do not’ and finally fought. Hahaha.”

The two of them have opposite personalities and preferences. For example, G-dragon’s has had a variety of hairstyles of over 200 times after his debut, but Taeyang has changed his only twice.

“Ji Young is always fearless when doing something. I’m cautious when I choose. So I think that’s why we’re very compatible. I hold him on and Ji Young shows me what I can’t see.”

Even when they choose menus, Taeyang wants to have ‘something that is just tasty’ but G-dragon has a specific menu in his mind that goes like ‘this in this situation, ‘that in that situation’.

“I’m indecisive so it’s hard to choose something. Ji Young is not so. But we basically have regard and respect for each other. There are things I concede when I see Ji young, and Jiyoung as well. Now actually I think my real friend is only Ji Young.”

Two friends, who have consoled and supported each other and have been together in their tough childhood throughout their trainee days. The hard entertainment life  has not been lonely because they’re by each other.

“Working together, plainly there would be parts that don’t fit. But I think we have been doing well through thick and thin together.”

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Translations by Myokoon
Please credit Myokoon@alwaystaeyang when posting elsewhere!

36 thoughts on “[Star diary] Taeyang④ “I’ve fought with G-dragon only once””

  1. Once again thanks for the translations. His baby pic is so adorable! Only fought once? Haha true bffs indeed. Love how they both cherish their friendship 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the translation! I’m glad the interviewer asked this ’cause I’ve wondered about that myself. They’re just too sweet. I love their best-friendship and how they complement one another. That’s one of the reasons I love watching Big Bang on interviews and radio shows. They’re just so happy and close to each other. Truly like brothers. It’s touching. GDYB love! 🙂

  3. It’s heartwarming to know that they only fought once considering they’ve known each other for so long, something you can’t find in any other friendship. Did they physically fought? Hmmmm, I wonder who won teehee ^__^. And baby Taeyang looks so adorable
    Thank you so much for the translation, I really appreciated =]

    1. i dont think they actually hit each other but i read somewhere that it ended with Taeyang grabbing GD by the collar coz he was so angry with him for refusing to play any longer.

  4. Awwww my favorite….GDYB love!!!! It’s nice to see such close friends in the entertainment biz. Fighting only once? I wish I could say the same for me and my friends. I remember watching the BB documentary and Jiyong called himself the whip and YB the carrot. These two personalities work so well with each other; they are like two sides of the same coin.
    And YB….you consider Jiyong your ony real friend? Don’t worry, the rest of BB is still there for you! If not, I can be your best friend no problem! Haha

    1. I think he just means same-age friend. Koreans usually call those born in the same year “friend” but someone close but younger (like Daesung) would be a “dongsaeng” while those older (like Teddy) would be “hyung” or “noona.”

      1. Yeah, now that you say that, it does make sense. Because I do know that him and Daesung are extremely close so I thought it was weird that he said that.

  5. I LOVE GDYB ❤ They have the best friendship in the world of kpop. I'm glad they had each others to rely on in this business. They're truly brothers huh ^__^
    Baby pic of YB is so cuuute =D

  6. True friendship i say! i read somewhere that it actually ended with Taeyang grabbing GD by the collar coz he was so angry with him for refusing to play any longer.

    is that little kid Taeyang or GD? looks like Taeyang but anyway what a cutie pie!

    btw i’m curious maybe someone who knows Korean can help me,which is correct Young Bae or Yong Bae? coz i saw that Yong and Young are two different words but people tend to write it like its the same thing most of the time, for example Ji Yong is written Ji Young here. Also i saw that the character for Young is different to Yong, eventhough they have similar meanings,so it cant be the same right? i mean i don’t know Korean so i’m probably wrong. REPLY if anyone knows =)

      1. thanks Sunshine =) but i already knew that,the thing is sometimes people write Yong and Young like its the same thing for example in this article they called Ji Yong, Ji Young and i’ve seen people write Young Bae as Yong Bae too,so i want to know y people do that.

        1. young and yong are two different words in korean. it’s probably an error on people’s part, or typo.

  7. Yes, even his hat is tilted to the side. hahaha I like how faithful YB is and how he embraces their difference. A-go-go-go YB… you’re my fave among BB, really…

  8. OMFG im spazzing over that baby pic!!!!!! soooooooo cuteeeee,gosh,haha true he was born whit a cap on 😛

    I knew about that basketball fight,but i didn’t know it was because BaeBae wanted to keep playing to beat the other team :O,i wouldn’t call Jiyong a quitter but….xD i guess it’s better to say YB is quite determined! and it’s obvious ^___^

    it’s nice they have such strong,lovely friendship! true bromance xD,they’re like the ying and yang of friends huh?

    thanks for the translation!

  9. GDYB!! only 1 fight and it was over basketball <3. what great friends. I love how they're so different but get along so well n that picture is too adorable for words lol

  10. aww:))GDYB fighting..soo cutee,they fought only because of basketball whether joining/not..kekeke..

  11. Fought only once!!! Too sweet and amazing for words.

    GDYB is really out of this world… You never see that in real life, less even in the world of idols…

    They really are the true definition of BFF <3<3

    I love the friendship they have, it's so real and very touching.

    Cute YB even with a cap when he's a baby! Too cute!!!

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