SURPRISE! Taeyang at Gummy’s Concert

For one I didn’t even know Gummy was having a concert, but then again I haven’t been in Kpop for the past week.  Well, she did and guess who was the special guest? TAEYANG!  This is kind of random but a very nice, pleasant surprise.  Based on fan accounts, Gummy suddenly was looking for someone.  “Taeyang ‘Where U At?'”  The boy made a a big entrance from the side of the concert sending all the the nearby fans into mad hysteria.  From he outfit, it does seem like it was a  surprise, because who in the world performs at concert wearing just a plain white T-shirt and jeans?  Only Taeyang could do that and still look might fine.  Watch:

Taeyang performed “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress.”  It’s nice to see him perform again…or just see him doing his thang again.  Videos and fan accounts under the cut:

Fan accounts:

Did you know I saw Youngbae today?
Thanks to my friend, I went to Gummy’s concert.
The guest was Youngbae and he sang Where U At and Wedding Dress…
Youngbae entered from back of the audience and then went to the stage…
Youngbae talked about an upcoming album* but didn’t say when it will be released exactly.
I hope it’s coming out soon.
It was nice to see him..


*not sure if it’s Big Bang’s album or his solo album

Credit: BigBangUpdates


28 thoughts on “SURPRISE! Taeyang at Gummy’s Concert”

  1. Awesome! I was actually waiting for you guys to post about this! I love how YG just has all of these surprises for the fans…..I’m super duper glad that the YG family didn’t perform at the Dream Concert. I hope this performance reminds fans of who exacty Tae Yang and how extraordinary he is so that they can give him monster support when his comeback arrives!
    Hopefully he was talking about his album!!!

  2. I hope the upcoming album is his.. I also wished he sang more of his song. Seems like he’s been singing less and less. However he’s looking good as always and I thought the first vid was hilarious hehehe

  3. YG sure love surprising us. I didn’t even know there was a gummy concert either and did not know that Taeyang was going to perform; surprise surprise lol. His surprise entrance was just simply awesome. The fans didn’t even know he was there until they turned their heads and were like “omg its Young-Bae” ! I would have been in total shock; lucky fans indeed. Great to see him performing once again; dying for some new material though. He mentioned something about a new album, so hopefully he’s talking about the album he’s working on *fingers crossed*

  4. I’m not sure if I’d be able to keep my composure if YB was dancing that close to me. Lucky Gummy fans. What an unexpected, amazing and incredibly awesome surprise!

  5. Hahaha I love the fans reaction when he came out. Total hysteria but it can’t be help its TAEYANG!!!!! I would be in hysteria too lol.

  6. I love the randomness of TY’s entrance and he was smiling too haha, it must be fun to be at a Gummy concert since its not all about music but about fun too XD. Love the surprises lol

  7. LMFAO I would of been hyperventilating and by the time I realized he was there, he’d be on stage! AHAHHAHAHHAHA
    Lucky girls ~!!

    1. Hahahaha xDD same here,i’d faint and he’d step all over me lmao,jk..oh wow THAT’S what i call a surprise,yaay!! YB looks damn fine as always,and Where U At,aaaww brings me such sweet memories!♥ 1st song that got me into YB! ^___^


  8. Oh my God! … Once … just once … !!! 😥 I would also like to see YB on stage. Experience would be everlasting…

  9. !!!!!!! they should let him wear regular clothes like this for every concert; he seems so much more comfortable performing like that. and he sounded great! love how his movements in WUA seem so much more energetic the last 2 times he’s performed it.

  10. haha this surprised me too~ thanks for posting it Tofu…..the way he was coming down those stairs..CRAP people could touch him!!! (i secretly wanted to be one of those people) ~Lol.

    as always, he looks, sounds and simply is…FANTASTIC

  11. Wow, i’ve been on this site for so long and yet this is the first comment i’ve ever written… i couldn’t help myself… 😀 he looked mighty fine! And is it inappropriate if i say i can’t stop staring at his pants? hahaha… his extremely tight pants? 😛

  12. the first vid i went hysterical too. Hehehehe and who is that lady to touch my YB like dat..>.<

    second vid: Again, he skipped lots of words from the lyrics but oh well, i like this performance the most compared to all other WUA performances. Love it that he was so simple and comfortable on stage. The pants were tight but wasn't as bad as before. Less dancing and more singing. Yay!

  13. is his performance a last minute addition to the concert??? i love his performance in where u at and the entrance,,, oh man! d crowd could have been really crazy… but they were like,,, is this real? Taeyang is that really u???

    just wondering why he always sing less words in wedding dress???

    the outfit?? no problem! taeyang always look good in everything… even with nothing…

  14. With just jeans and t-shirt, he totally rocks the look! Only Tae Yang… only him..

    I wish I was part of the audience! The people could TOUCH him!!! Aigoo~~~~~~~

    Lucky Gummy fans indeed!!!

    That was really a wonderful, amazing, spectacular, awesome surprise!!!! >w<

    The way he entered was way cool too, YB style!!!!

  15. I think he got called on last minute or sumthing, if not he would really dress up to the occasion 😀 but he still looks awesome no matter what he wears anyway, even if its nothing 😛 Long time no see him perform Where U At~ ❤

  16. Lucky Gummy fans!!!!!!!!!!!! YB was so within reach. I laughed when I saw there was one hand that kept on patting his arm while he was making his entrance on the steps! Haha! I would have fainted if he was literally that close to me! 🙂

  17. ok i HAD to post this,did anyone notice the guy whit the black cap as YB came down the stairs? i mean the look on his face was like WHATEVER,he looked to the side,saw YB and then turned again..ooooook,im glad that you could be THAT cool having that man so close! aaigoo ..>..<

    ok im done ranting haha,thanks again!aay YB ..<3

  18. is it just me or is the level of his vocal performance falling with wedding dress and where u at lives? Maybe thats why he cut out alot of his own choreo/

    1. yeah i agree, compared his Only Look At Me performances, his live vocals arn’t as good for some reason. Must be the dancing though, because his voice is still amazing, he just sounds out of breath sometimes

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