Birthday special “Michael Jackson” papermodels..

"Thriller" & "Billie Jean"

A little late to the celebrations but awesome nonetheless, Pandabobo over at bbpapermodels has created some special paper models for Taeyang’s birthday; Taeyang in Michael Jackson’s most famous outfits from “Thriller” and “Billie Jean”~ Check them out and give them a try – and post how it turned out!

Go here for full instructions!

6 thoughts on “Birthday special “Michael Jackson” papermodels..”

  1. That’s very thoughtful of them considering the fact that MJ is Bae’s major musical influence; they’re kinda cute lol. I should really bring myself round in trying to make these papermodels; looks like fun.

  2. I love it! Paper-box Taeyang is looking good xD. And also, great link, I think I’m going to go try to make some of those paper models myself right now.

  3. Haha omo! they’re super cute! we have that thing in common,i was a HUGE fan of MJ’s around 7 yrs ago..for a long time,and i can understand how YB feels about him and his music,they’re awesome,i shall try ’em out sometime! thanks 😀

  4. CUTE!!!

    I have yet to try any of these paper models… =(

    But maybe during the summer holidays I can do that. XD


    Or the winter one… It’s coming soon, and I will be out of touch with no Internet connections… “XD

    Anyway… I think it’s great that they made these in for TY’s birthday, since MJ’s a big source of inspiration for him. w<

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