Taeyang’s Birthday UFO Message

I appreciate that you guys always stand by my side giving me a lot of love ^^ but I just receive your love like this again. I’m sorry and thank you again!

Taken from: ibigbang
Thanks Janelle for tip!

Sorry~? For what!? Being gorgeous, adorable and extremely talented~? Oh Taeyang…seriously. I hope he had an amazing birthday with his friends and family!

14 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Birthday UFO Message”

  1. Sean should introduce him to twitter or Dara should show him how to use me2day. If he appeared on either of those two I would just die

    1. I know Aimee was going to show him how to use Myspace a long time ago cause he was interested, but they never got around too it~

  2. Hope he had a great birthday. There’s nothing to be sorry for hun. He’s so sweet: we’ll always love and support you. Btw, I agree; I wish he’d join the ever growing list of k-pop artists signing up to twitter. But I don’t think its he’s kind of thing.

  3. Oh YB, so humble and still so unaware of your complete awesomeness. You deserve all the love in the world, sweetie. With any luck the numerous fan messages, presents and songs will fill your days with endless happiness. That’s how much you mean to us.

  4. OMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw BaeBae why do you apologize?? there’s nothing to be sorry for! unless like Kay said,you’re apologizing for being gorgeous,talented and humble!! gosh you’re welcome my oppa and thank you for being who you are i hope you had the best burstday evaa!! saranghae! muah ❤

  5. Oh Bae Bae~~~ There is no need to apologise at all!!! You deserve all the love people give you. It’s not something we do and want from you back in return!

    You are awesome, talented, humble – and that’s why we love you!

  6. i wonder how his birthday celebration went? cuz BB always celebrates all the other member’s birthday, and they show it through pictures on GD’s me2day, clips or surprises during performances but they have never showed youngbae’s bday celebration.

    why in the world does he say sorry to us anyway? he’s forgiven already XD

  7. how can non koreans talk to big bang on UFO Town? is there no other way? oh shucks! i wish i was korean so i can at least write to them.

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