Taeyang ‘Big Show 2010’ picture book scans

These are adorable, my fav is right below~ (Ha Eum, do you even know HOW lucky you are!?)



36 thoughts on “Taeyang ‘Big Show 2010’ picture book scans”

  1. thanks for the pictures!

    MAJOR HOTNESS! hahaha

    Haeum is one lucky girl as always! I can’t wait for the release of the 2010 Big Show DVD…

  2. Kay, I think I’ve died and gone to YB heaven. These pics are great. Ha Eum is a very lucky little girl indeed. What I wouldn’t do to be sitting in YB’s lap right about now…(that’s as far as I’ll go, keeping it PG) Thanks for posting.

    1. AGREED. Such a fan of the stubble, makes him look manly…and a lil rowdy..LOL.
      loving these pics ha eum is too cute >.<

  3. thanks soo much for these!!ok i can’t even pick which one’s my favorite…the beard is hot!! and i liked the one where he’s biting the hat. Ha Eum totally knows she has that look like “yeah i’m sitting in youngbae’s lap. i got it like that” lol

  4. How many times can this man make me fall in love with him? Everytime I see him or hear him, it just makes me more and more in love with him!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuteness//sexyness overload!!!! >.< those are so freakin' awesome! specially the 1st one and the last one! OMO! look at that cuteee face!! *faints* why are u so perfect YB oppaaa!!


  6. That’s Harang’s sister right? Oh, so cute of her and YB… Her and Harang seem to adore YB… Children, they are good judges of a person’s character. hehehehe nice one YB, you’re my fave…



    He looks even more manly with that… damn… Oh man… These pics… especially that one.. damn…

    I like all of these pics, YB is just a walking man of perfection in every single way…<3<3<3

  8. Thanks for the pics. Hot and sexy as usual; and yes i love it when he rocks the stubble, so manly. Just love the pic with Ha Eum, she’s one adorable and lucky girl!

  9. so handsome…. HAHAHAHAHA.. i need pictures like this more often because there are times i think he’s really not good looking at all (prove that i care for the talent more than his looks hahahahaha)

    I LOVE every single picture.

  10. awwwww:)so cuttteee.Ha Eum is such a lucky girl,
    ,a girl on YB’s lap??droools:)lol..soo jealoous of that child,,

  11. Dang!!! Taeyang looks FIONNNEEE scruffy..clean…bummy…dressed up….dressed down….and most of all NAKED! hahahahha

  12. I was so happy can find his pic in “Big Show book”, cause the other members, they all have lots of pic! In the book just have 8 pics of YB? I don’t wanna buy it! Hate them!

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