36 thoughts on “Taeyang ‘Big Show 2010’ picture book scans”

  1. thanks for the pictures!

    MAJOR HOTNESS! hahaha

    Haeum is one lucky girl as always! I can’t wait for the release of the 2010 Big Show DVD…

  2. Kay, I think I’ve died and gone to YB heaven. These pics are great. Ha Eum is a very lucky little girl indeed. What I wouldn’t do to be sitting in YB’s lap right about now…(that’s as far as I’ll go, keeping it PG) Thanks for posting.

    1. AGREED. Such a fan of the stubble, makes him look manly…and a lil rowdy..LOL.
      loving these pics ha eum is too cute >.<

  3. thanks soo much for these!!ok i can’t even pick which one’s my favorite…the beard is hot!! and i liked the one where he’s biting the hat. Ha Eum totally knows she has that look like “yeah i’m sitting in youngbae’s lap. i got it like that” lol

  4. I agree…he rocks the goatie! Noona likeeee…i dun mind him keeping it…Seriously, it’s HAWT! Argh!

  5. How many times can this man make me fall in love with him? Everytime I see him or hear him, it just makes me more and more in love with him!

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuteness//sexyness overload!!!! >.< those are so freakin' awesome! specially the 1st one and the last one! OMO! look at that cuteee face!! *faints* why are u so perfect YB oppaaa!!


  7. That’s Harang’s sister right? Oh, so cute of her and YB… Her and Harang seem to adore YB… Children, they are good judges of a person’s character. hehehehe nice one YB, you’re my fave…



    He looks even more manly with that… damn… Oh man… These pics… especially that one.. damn…

    I like all of these pics, YB is just a walking man of perfection in every single way…<3<3<3

  9. Thanks for the pics. Hot and sexy as usual; and yes i love it when he rocks the stubble, so manly. Just love the pic with Ha Eum, she’s one adorable and lucky girl!

  10. so handsome…. HAHAHAHAHA.. i need pictures like this more often because there are times i think he’s really not good looking at all (prove that i care for the talent more than his looks hahahahaha)

    I LOVE every single picture.

  11. awwwww:)so cuttteee.Ha Eum is such a lucky girl,
    ,a girl on YB’s lap??droools:)lol..soo jealoous of that child,,

  12. Dang!!! Taeyang looks FIONNNEEE scruffy..clean…bummy…dressed up….dressed down….and most of all NAKED! hahahahha

  13. I was so happy can find his pic in “Big Show book”, cause the other members, they all have lots of pic! In the book just have 8 pics of YB? I don’t wanna buy it! Hate them!

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