[Star diary] Taeyang②”On my 12th birthday, my present for myself is…”

[Part 1]

Taeyang (23·real name Dong Young Bae) has liked music  ever since he was little. But, being raised at a relative’s home, he was sent to an acting academy.

“It was probably because acting academies were booming in those days. My cousins were also going to acting academies, so I went together with them. But that wasn’t what I wanted”

Although he never cared for the acting academy, it was because of this he got the opportunity to become a singer. It was during his time at the acting academy, he was able to appear in Jinusean’s music video as ‘little Sean’.

“The acting academy allowed me to participate in auditions. I was often an extra at that time. However, accidentally, YG was looking for someone to take in Jinusean’s music video, I had the audition and got picked as ‘little Sean'”.

He met Yang Hyun Suk, the representative of YG entertainment, while working as ‘little Sean’. For little 12-year-old Taeyang’s eyes, Jinusean and representative YG couldn’t look greater.

“[Their]Music and clothing looked very nice. I thought ‘I must get into this company, even if I’m just here to be in a music video’ “.

Being ‘little Sean’, he did music programs with Jinusean. Finally, on the day of the last broadcasting, little Taeyang poured his heart out and said he wanted to join YG and rep. Yang said that he can do so.

“President Yang Hyun Suk said he would call me to come later. It may have just been some words to make me feel good because I was a cute looking boy, and thats why I misunderstood.

He waited for months, but the phone call didn’t come. Eventually, Taeyang gallantly walked into YG’s office on his birthday and he went straight to the president’s office.

“Why didn’t you call me” (Taeyang)

“…I forgot. Come and train starting tomorrow.”(Yang Hyun Suk)

Taeyang gave himself the present of ‘entering into YG’. And so, his sad and happy trainee life began.

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Translations by Myokoon
Please credit Myokoon@alwaystaeyang when posting elsewhere!

41 thoughts on “[Star diary] Taeyang②”On my 12th birthday, my present for myself is…””

  1. I love how he just walked straight into President Yang’s office so boldly like that! I can just imagine the determined look on his face when he asked “why didn’t you call me?” Haha! 🙂 YB is just so adorable 😛

  2. isn’t he just the greatest? :3 I never get tired of reading about his straight-forwardness in entering YG 🙂
    thankyou very much for translating!! ^^

  3. I love the confidence he had, “Why didn’t you call me?” kekeke~ awwww… this one is so cute. 🙂
    and though he didn’t liked Acting Academy, he still told himself it’s the only way you can get in to singing. ❤

  4. aigooooo. too cute. but it also shows how determined he is, and when he wants something, he goes out to get it. and to do that on his bday probably made it that much more special. thanks for the translations!!

  5. lesson: never promise to a young kid… they never forget…

    love Youngbae’s confidence and determination back then…

  6. aww i love how he had the courage to just walk in there and get what he wanted :). ILOVE Taeyang 🙂 and Big Bang!

  7. thanks for the translations! 🙂

    Youngbae was very determined facing YG like that! I can’t wait to know what other things Youngbae will share to us for this interview.

  8. Thank you so much for translating. Yet another interview i’ve enjoyed reading. It was fate all along, even thoug he didn’t want to act he ended up acting in jinusean MV which than linked him straight to YG. My favourite part of the interview has to be the determination he showed by walking into YG. Lol ‘why didn’t you call me?’ how brave and direct Bae was. It was something he wanted badly; pouring his heart out. He deserves every great thing that comes his way 🙂

  9. Such a determined boy… Never forgot that promise, and that’s why you don’t break promises with kids for they always remember!

    These interviews are really good… I can’t wait, but also am a bit scared (that I’ll get teary) of the upcoming interviews…. about his trainee days.

    Thanks so much for translating!! ><

  10. HMMMM I really hope the new interviews ask more questions that haven’t been asked and not the same old have you got a GF kinda thing lol. Interesting read thank you for the fast translations =P

    1. here here. i agree with you sir. or a re-hashing of what GD said about their training days…

  11. It took a lot of guts to do what he did. YB could have easily given up at that point and just thought ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ but he took the bull by the horns and went after what he wanted. So bold, so determined. That’s why I admire him and why he’s such an inspiration to so many.

  12. kekekek..YB also told it into the “intimate note show”he straightly went to president Yang Hyun Suk and told him:why you didn’t call me”lol..so cuute and brave..youngbae fighting:))

  13. “Taeyang gave himself the present of ‘entering into YG’. And so, his sad and happy trainee life began.”

    Hm. Sad?

    1. i think they mean the hardships he had to go through as a trainee,did u watch the Big Bang documentary and stuff? it really was a hard journey…=( poor YB but it paid off!

  14. if posting this up here causes any trouble for the ATY staffs, the go ahead and delete this.. just wanna share the video that’s all…

    yo peeps, part 4 is out….. and so is part 5 with NG scenes.

    1. OMO!! part 5 already out! hahaha,it’s so funny,YB’s laugh whit the 1st contestant,aaaaw i love it! thank you<3

  15. yes you are a cute looking boy (man), such a brave one…<3

    I can't help but think, since he live with his relative, I hope they didn't treat him bad or anything.

  16. Wow. YB gave himself the best birthday present ever! Oh Youngbae, how’ve you changed. Can you guys imagine him doing that now?

    1. lolzz thts wht i was thinking, his personality changed ssoooo much, some part of me wishs he was wht he was whn he was young, but i like him now has well 😀

      1. he’s still got it in him,he’s got less of a need to show it rite now,bc he’s in such good place in his career,but it doesn’t mean he won’t surprise us again ❤

        1. I love YB’s personality right now! He’s super shy and sweet, a genuine nice guy. But then you know that he’ll also go after what he wants, which is sexy as hell. 🙂

        2. @irma yeah i agree with u ,i believe he still has it in him and his personality change was that he became more mature and serious leaving behind the more boyish carefree life, not that he completely changed who he is.

        3. @Skyhigh exactly,he can’t just throw all that determination and braveness away,he’s like you, said more mature now 🙂

  17. what BaeBae did was so brave and daring,i mean he could’ve been kicked out of YG building,but instead he got a spot as a trainee and the rest is history! just like that! aaaaaw,now that’s a man who knows what he wants and gets it! one more reason to love him (as if there weren’t enough…<3 )

    Thanks,kay! 🙂

  18. what a great guy! imagine if he never confronted YG he may have never become the great artist he is today or not at all because becoming a trainee in YG has made him who he is today.

    aww he really was a cutie pie when he was a kid and wow adorable little kid to a handsome/charming man ^ ^

  19. served him (and us) well that he was rather confident back then. GD mentioned that they were quite the opposite of what personalities they have now. so i’m really glad that he had the guts to walk into the YG president’s office and straight out asked him why he didn’t call haha it all works out!

  20. I love hearing stories about Taeyang when he was young ^^
    Although he seems shy, I knew he’s confident on the inside.
    Ahhh Youngbae…you never stop amazing me…
    BTW, where was that pic of Taeyang taken from??
    Thanks for translating!

  21. YB is a pretty patient man… and determined. He walked right up to YG and told him that?! Mighty brave and confident of you! bravo…

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