Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday to our dearest Taeyang.
Check out the rest of this birthday post under the cut with more pictures of the birthday project completed!
This year has been extremely exciting for Taeyang fans, as most of us have followed his journey from last year’s birthday. Since then Taeyang has accomplished so much more than we could ask, releasing Where U At and Wedding Dress, he showcased both his vocal and dance talents.
Taeyang makes his fans proud – proud to be his fans by always upholding his values and staying true to his music and I am proud to be the fan of a man like this. I wish Taeyang the best of luck, my he receive the success and happiness through this year and years to come!

A very big THANK YOU to all who participating in our 2nd Birthday Project for Taeyang!
It was even more successful than we had anticipated! ๐Ÿ˜€
We had a total of 140 entries for the project and music from all over the world was put into this Ipod.
We had a whopping $400 in donations – so a HUGE thank you to everyone for donating!
We were able to get Taeyang an awesome 8GB Ipod Touch. Along with using the donations for the book and the heavy shipping costs to Korea, the sum that was left was donated to the “Young Artist for Haiti” foundation in Taeyang’s name to help with the Haiti earthquake relief, see here
Check out more pictures here~ With 140 entries, I couldn’t possibly take a picture of every single page, but I randomly picked one so don’t feel bad!

Let’s all wish Taeyang a VERY Happy Birthday and sinceย  I know a LOT of you were interested in seeing what songs people had chosen, why don’t you post which song you contributed to this project and feel free to post your message too (if you feel comfortable)~~


– ATY Staff



  1. Awesome! I was just about to ask if you were going to post pictures up from this. So did you guys send it off to Korea already? I’m so excited! I hope YB loves his present since it’s from all of our hearts!
    What song did everyone pick? I chose “Better Today” by Ne-yo b/c like YB, this song makes me smile each time I hear it. It never fails to lift my spirits and after reading his interview where he said he was depressed last year, hopefully this song is able to life YB’s spirits as well.

  2. THIS is the most fabulous artwork I have ever seen! Goodjob. I couldn’t be any more happier to contribute to this gift & donate. We really made his birthday SPECTACULAR! โค

  3. aww, yayay! I’m so happy everything worked out well ๐Ÿ™‚

    ouu, I chose the song “Golden” by Fall Out Boy~
    even though they’re a rock/alternative band, Patrick Stump’s vocals really shine through while he plays the piano in that song. I thought YB would appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is so lovely!!!
    Kay. The donation to “young artists for haiti” is so perfect.

    Aiiigooo. Thank you for all the support. I have to say, I am floored and humbled by everyone’s generosity and sincerity. Your support and love keeps us going!!! THANK YOU!

    1. Yes, I thought it was perfect too~ ๐Ÿ™‚
      And what you said is exactly my heartfelt thank you!
      Floored and humbled by the support here, seriously

  5. amazing!!! You all are soo wonderful.
    Everything looks wonderful, and I hope upon receiving this, youngbae begins to understand, even slightly, just how much he’s loved internationally.
    thanks guys, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only MR. DONG YOUNG BAE <333

  6. Wow..awesome~~good job ATY n everyone..hope our Taeyang will love it..hehe. I chose ‘Close To You’ from Bebe n Cece Winans. It’s a lovely song n i tink the lyric really suits Taeyang..^^ wish him a best of luck n go TAEYANG!! n ATY thx u~~^___^

    I wish you a very happy birthday & I wish you all the joy & happiness in the world. May you have a fantastic birthday and may you continue to shine as bright as the starrs. May you continue to grow exceedingly as an individual and artist. XxX

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank ATY and its staff. You guys are totally awesome for coming up with this brilliant birthday project for our boy & his fans. Its my 1st project and I was super excited. I’m even overwhelmed and buzzing right now knowing how much was raised and the pics of the ipod touch and scrapbook; amazing! Whats even greater is that money was also doninated to Haiti; well done guys, so proud of you & I know Taeyang would be very proud of you xxxxx

    p.s I chose the song ‘All my life’ my Kci & JoJo because when I first heard this song, it touched me greatly & is one of the R&B greats. Hopefully Taeyang will love it!

    1. btw #happybaeday is trending great over on twitter; no.2 !! and Taeyang was trending too. Could be trending right now but damn twitter with its limits! How gay T.T

  8. I picked “Anything” by 3T

    When I was 17 years old I thought this was the most romantic song in the world. I remember after watching the music video falling instantly in love with it. The brothers also played a huge role in this love..since I thought they were cute. I would listen to this song all the time. I thought their harmonies were perfection, and it’s just a really fun song to sing. I picked this song for you to listen to because of the Jackson connection. 3T are comprised of three brothers Tariano Adaryll Jackson II, Taryll Adren Jackson and Tito Joe Jackson. I don’t think many people are familar with this group or their album Brotherhood because it wasn’t hugely successful. In the song the brothers are pleading that they will do anything to win back a girls love. As a teenager I think that’s why this song appealed to me so much. I’m a sucker for romance. So YB I hope you enjoy listening to my song. Bonne Fete, Soleil!

    1. Janelle, you’re a fan of 3T too, I remember them. They were very successful here in Europe. I first remember seeing them fir the 1st in their ‘why’ music video with their late uncle Micheal. It’s a shame that they were so underrated; love their music. I saw them recently on TV on the Jackson family dynasty show.

  9. Great job, ATY! Cant thank you enough…yeah, agreed that the donation was a spectacular idea…I really hope he likes our gift…:D

    I chose ‘By your side’ by Sade. It is my all time favorite love ballad and i wish someday, YB will find someone who would say the words of this song to him…

    Happy Birthday, YB…We all love you to bits!

  10. Happy Birthday Taeyang!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kudos to the ATY staff for coming up with this project! I’m also happy to have participated in it by contributing a song. I chose “Rainbow” by South Border, a band here in the Philippines.

    I thought that Taeyang would appreciate an acoustic-R&B type of song. It’s a love song, but I also like its message about looking at life in a positive way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. wow! ATY does it again! thank you thank you thank yous!
    it looks really good

    I chose “Best I Ever Had (cover)” By Airto
    because taeyang is the best
    naaww meaaan

    and its a catchy R&B version of the original
    hope he can bop his head to it

  12. wooo happy birthday, Taeyang!! i couldn’t really remeber what i had wrote in the message, but mostly it was about why i chose the song. This project is an awesome one, thank all ATY staff for letting us to participate!! I chose Belaian Jiwa for him.

  13. Although i didn’t contribute anything to this project,i wanna wish Taeyang a happy 23th birthday. May his wishes come true and keep on producing great music!

  14. Ok bummer,i’d just written a whole draft and i clicked something in the middle of my excitement (and darnkess…) now i have to write it AGAIN! ยฌยฌ lol…

    I was saying– > D: OMO!! the album turned out SO much better than i imagined,Kay! you did an amazing job putting it all together,it’s amazing how much work you put into it,our names whit the respective flag next to it,and the song and all handwritten,it’s amazing! thank you so so much! I hope that Taebebe enjoys it as much as we did and that it allows him to realize just how MANY people love him all over the globe! he’s amazing and he’s gotta know it! The idea of donating the rest to Haiti in his name seems too perfect,i always wanted to contribute to a cause like that,but couldn’t,im glad you did it in his name and in a way in all of us…that ipod is rockin’! he’ll love it,he’s a fan of flashy gadgets so,yeah! xD yay! excited as heck! Thanks!

    Saenghil chukha amnida,Sunshine oppa!!!
    may this year bring you nothing but happiness,health and an even greater success in your career,we’ll always be here for you!! saranghae! ALWAYS TAEYANG!โ™ฅ…now LET’S PARTAY! xD

  15. happy birthday my baby Taeyang!!!!! i’m really looking to your solo album ^^ love you forever and ever and ever xDDDDD

  16. i’m so exited!!! this is the first time i have participated in something like this!! Happy birthday, Taeyang ^ ^…. the song i picked was Coleccionista de Canciones by Camila . Lyrics are are so beutiful!!

    1. =O en espaรฑol! let’s hope he likes it,i sent “Contigo en la Distancia” by christina aguilera,SO beautiful too,it was live also! yayโ™ฅ

  17. whoa.. i can’t believe its really happening. yay~!! haha
    i was wondering if you could show somethin’ like a “tracklist” of all the songs.?

    please Ms. Kay?? hehe.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Wow, the scrapbook looks so cute! I love it!

    Nice job Kay, and thanks so much to everyone who donated! Wow, $400… that is a lot! Able to afford an iTouch! >w<

    Thank you thank you thank you to all you lovelies out there that donated, you guys are the best! (I wish I could have.. but me has no credit card…=()

    Now I wish I could've wrote something longer on the message…LOL!

    Hope Tae Yang enjoys all the music! Even if he feels lonely, he has his fans (us included) behind his back to root for him!!

  19. That looks wonderful! Happy Birthday to YB! Now I’m disappointed I became a YB fan a few days after the Birthday project deadline. Next year I’m definitely participating! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks to the entire ATY staff for helping us readers show our love and appreciation to YB! You do great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Tae yang m ur fan and i 1 2 say
    Happy birthday to U!!!
    i wish u successfull in ur life n good healthy…
    I love U
    I love U!!!!

  21. Happy birthday Tae yang M ur fan
    I like U
    I love U
    I miss U
    I really really really LOVE u…………………..
    ******#HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U#******

  22. happy bithday youngbae oppa:)),,i hope that you’d like the gift:)… even though i wasn’t able to contribute on the project(i wanted too but i don’t have a credit card):(
    i hope that you are happy on your day,always take of your health..:)”fighting”:)

  23. WOW!!! i was wondering this morning what does the project look like and it turned out to be this good… sure, Youngbae would love this…

    i just hope he finds time to listen and read each of the entries.. coz his fans really took time to look for that perfect song that suits him…

    I send an original composition that i personally wrote for him when i first heard he never had a girlfriend…

    and yeah, speaking of girlfriend… i have a question that goes to all Taeyang fans who’d been following him since day one… i heard from a newly found friend who goes on tour asia and america that he drastically changed from extrovert to introvert because of a girl who broke his heart many years ago… is that true???? i never heard or read about it before… he doesn’t even talk about girls a lot…

    1. OMG!… that sorta makes sense… and it explains why he’s exceptionally good at singing sad songs ^^U
      Someone please confirm this ><U

      1. yeah!!! please!!! someone confirm this!!! i really need to know… i’m sure all his fans too!!!

    2. I have never heard this. I don’t think so because he was introverted before his debut and he never dated before hand. If it did happen I think he may have been rejected but I don’t think he went out with anyone.

    3. I hear it was an unrequited love. He really liked this girl, but was never brave enough to speak up or something like that.

      1. aw! my poor Youngbae…. u know what, i really like the idea of him not having a girlfriend ever since but hearing something about his unrequited love,, that’s so not nice to hear… i’m always torn into these unrequited love and i know how it hurts… but anyway, i wish SOON he’ll find the right girl for him… someone who’s not into his fame or name…SOON…

        *when i say soon,,,, in the next coming years… not now… not this year…

      1. i’m not comfortable with it but yeah.. here’s the link…

        please forgive me… i know my voice sucks… but i don’t have anybody to sing it for me…

        i hope Youngbae doesn’t throw the ipod if he hears this…


  24. OMFG, Kay I’m totally blown away
    this is an AWESOME present
    I’m totally sure he’ll love it
    you printed out all our messages and everythign ^o^
    I’m totally blown away… I already said that, hahah XD
    sorry I’m just COMPLETELY impressed
    my jaw dropped like 2 feet when I say the book/notebook ^o^
    Dude you ROCK!!! XD
    Thank you for giving us fans the chance to let him know we love him XP
    I hope he gets is soon and that the iPod arrives in good health ><U

    1. I sent him a song from Natalia Lafourcade “Amarte Duele”
      from back in the day when she was a great artist ^^U
      if anyone wants to hear it go here:

      It was part of the soundtrack for a famous Mexican movie ^-^

  25. Hey guys, just wondering to what address are you guys going to send it to? Can you please give me the address. Btw great job on the scrapbook and ipod. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it and I’m sure he will too! โค

  26. WOW! i cant believe my song choice got the picture ๐Ÿ˜€ good job on the scrapbook! nice ipod and donating to charity was a perfect idea!

    happy bday YB ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. O_O….
    so embarrassed.
    waaaaahhhhh!!! T_T the song i picked was my eng version of Where U At…which sucked. T_T so embarrased. am i the only who did this? >.<
    i regret doing it now lol
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YB! lol why are you working out? (according to sean's twitter) you should go out and celebrate!

  28. First off … THANK YOU GUYS for this awesome project it’s just looks amazing … I really didn’t expect it to come out this way… you did a great job ..

    I never participated in anything like this before but like I said in my other ( and only ) post in here I can’t seem to help it with taeyang ..I really hope he like this and after I read the STAR DAIRY I really gained a much deeper respect for him.

    I was on twitter just now… and with this whole happybaeday trend going on … I actually felt ashamed in calling myself a fan with some of these people around … hahaha.
    Right now am just glad this gift isn’t some creepy fan girl thing but rather a respectful presentation of how much we appreciate him as an artiest .
    again thanks guys for the amazing site ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. i didnt do anything.. didnt really know, sorry.
    or how they like to say on twitter HAPPY BAEDAY ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. I hope you read my text
    first let me wish you happy birthday
    I love you
    you are the best singers whom I have ever seen
    for me just give you
    and I hope BIG BANG comes times to Germany ^ ^
    I LOVE YOU so much

  31. The present is so nicely wrapped ๐Ÿ™‚ its really lovely~ ahhh!

    HEHE ๐Ÿ˜€ if Big Bang doesnt come to singapore, i dont mind stalking juz TaeYang ^^

    neway. i sent the song ‘However many 100 days’ by JJ Lin, a fellow singaporean ๐Ÿ˜€ its a really awesome song and i love this lyrics “however many 100 days, it will still be love at first sight” and YEAHHH. it’s still love at first sigh for me xP

  32. first & foremost, thank u to alwaystaeyang for this wonderful idea and putting in all the time and effort into making it. it turned out WONDERFUL!

    secondly, just so you all know, i chose ghost town dj’s – my boo (: why? LISTEN TO IT & YOU ALREADY KNOW hahah

  33. This is just awesome, Kay! Everything was better that I could have imagine. What is even better is that fact together we raised $400 dollars. We’re even able to get him ipod touch. That just blew my mind.
    Young Bae Oppa, I hope you had a great birthday surrounded by the people you love the most and got everything you wanted and more. Stay healthy and happy. Happy Birthday, Young Bae or #happyBAEday on twitter. kekekekek
    My song was Breathless by Shayne Ward. Yes, the song from “You’re Beautiful”. As soon as I heard in the drama, I had to go find out about it and its been one of all time fave romantic song since.The song just wants to make you melt when you hear. Lyrics are awesome too and his voice is beautiful.

    1. AHHH!!! I love this song! This was one of my other choices before I decided on Ne-yo. I guess great minds think alike ๐Ÿ˜›

  34. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYY TAEYANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SARANG HAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TAEYANG!, our Sunshine!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, ATY for doing this project!
    The scrapbook and the ipod, both are so well prepared and packed. I’m sure YB is gonna love it since it was prepared with so much love and care .

    It really is Awesome!! ATY staffs are the best !!!

  36. I WISH YOUNGBAE OPPA A VERY VERY HAPPY Burstday and i am so upset that I could not contribute to the donation nor the songs for his ipod!!! o well
    but may GOD bless him and lay a golden path for youngbae to walk on with even more success in years to come..he is the cause for sooo many smiles on SO MANY Fan’s faces. Youngbae oppa is truly something to be greatful for, a pure blessing and pleasure to listen to his work (songs)
    and may GOD grant every wish u have on ur special burstday โค

  37. hapy birthdayy taeyang!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that you like
    I love you
    never change
    so cute !!!! ยดยด

  38. Happy Birthday Mr.Taeyang/Youngbae. We all love you so much and hope all of your wishes come true!!!! sorry i couldn’t contribute to this amazing project that ATY has done, but i’m always on this website to be up to date with everything. You guys do a great job ATY, please keep it up. Taeyang Fighting!!! Big Bang Fighting!!!! Come to America!!!!!

  39. Omg!!!! That looks sooooooo NICEE & PRETTY!!! I <33333 it!!! You guys did a great job!! I just wanna say Thank You soooo MUCH to everyone who participated in this to make it a success. But of course, Thank You x100000 to the ATY staff!!! If it wasn't for you, some (maybe most) of us would have never had the chance to do something like this for our Taeyang!!! I feel so special to be apart of this project haha ๐Ÿ™‚ ATY-Please keep doing what you do for us and thanks again ^-^

  40. I just wanted to say……….

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    Tae Yang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ….i hope you celebrate your birthday will….=]

    ….AWWWW…..i really wanted to be part of the birthday project…..but i was too late!!!!=[

    ……The project looks AWESOME…..!!!!=]…And I’m sure the music in the pod are too…

  41. So i had this page specifically marked so that i could do my spazzing duties first thing when i came home from work today. And onto the message:

    My Dearest Young Bae,

    I pray that God will continue to bless you and yours around you on not only this day of your birth, but through every day that He will allow for you to grow. Thank you for being such an inspiration not only in your homeland…but more and more around the world. I believe you when you say you want to be a “timeless” figure. And I as well as many believe that you are well on your way to being something greater than you will ever realize. So stay strong, my brother. Saranghaeyo! Singahl Chukhaahmida!

    As for my song choice:

    “Idol” by Loick Essien (singer), Jack Knight/BNA Productions (from Phrased Differently Publishing)

    Explanation is…
    it’s a demo song from 2006, but it says so much as to YB’s potential if should he be given a chance to explore other R&B-component directions and experiment with different tones in his voice. I mean, the song fits so into his “swagger”. I literally was having dreams about him re-doing this song in Korean and do it as a comeback promo.

    And then even though the song is talking about how one looks up to a lover like an “idol”…i felt this song fit more into YB like “let me show you who i am/get to know the real me”, instead of the “this is me away from Big Bang, but still sounding like Big Bang by myself.” And really, that’s what I hope for him to show us whenever we do get another solo promo period from him.

    And as for the ATY team: thank you so much for this place where I can get my spazz on. Actually, YB was what intro’d me into Big Bang inadvertently years ago (when I stumbled upon the “My Girl” vid in 2007). And I am not ashamed to admit that I like YB away from the group, but I got mad respect for BB either way. It was really touching to send a donation to Haiti relief efforts as well. I know he will definitely enjoy his gift(s) and will definitely have a reason to smile a little brighter this year!!!

    1. Oh My.

      Thank you for introducing me to Loick Essien. I’m really digging him at the moment. Definately a Taeyang-potential song!

      Does anyone else find this song to be very reflective of Taeyang himself too?

      1. Oh My…

        Thank you so much for all that you continue to do to improve ATY. And glad to know I could introduce Loick to somebody, lol. I actually never heard this particular song. I’ve heard a bit of “Transformer” tho.

        But I do agree, this is like a TY-esque song…actually, it kinda took me back to the “My Girl” days (cornrows and all) when his voice was still a bit “rough around the edges” and a bit forceful when he was trying to belt some of the notes…that’s just me.

  42. okay not able to read everyones comments right now but i choose

    DLG – La Quiero A Morir

    And I didnt get to write a message because I am a dumbass an ran out of time *sigh*

    Thank you Kay (and the rest of the staff) for being truly amazing and bringing all this together!! we should have sent you pics of ourselves so you can fill up his photo album!! haha.

  43. I chose…. Method Man ft Mary J Blige – I’ll Be There For You

    Message: Happy Birthday Young Bae! Please continue to pursue music that touches people’s heart and soul. You can be our sun and we can be your earth, and I hope you continue to shine forever! Much love ~Chalet

  44. Happy birthday Taeyang^___^.
    hope you’ll have a great one!
    May you continue sharing your talent that totally brings harmony to everyone.

    More blessings to you and in your career;);)

    take care always!!!!


    *To ATY, I must say that all the help for this project was all worth it..just by looking at the pictures, you guys really put some time to make it happen. By doing this, you guys showed that YB is loved by millions of people and for this day, millions are wishing him a good health and more blessings to receive;)

    thank you ATY for this!!!!


  45. Guys, ATY, Thank you very much!!! You did a GREAT job!!! I love everything – message book is adorable. I like colours, flags, ribbons, ipod!!! Great idea!!! Happy B-Day Dear YoungBae!!!!!!!!!<3333333
    I hope in the future you wiil support TY and do more awesome projects like this one!!

  46. And i have a question – you decided to put in a message book only description of the chosen song or b-day messages were separate??

  47. I just ask u because my msg was very big – sorry if i made troubles for you when you were doing this book.

  48. It’s so great, and the project turned out very great! I was very excited to see it! =D โค hope Youngbae will be happy for it<3.

  49. After reading all of the songs you guys have dedicated to YB’s for his birthday, makes me kind of embarass of the song I had for him but I hope you guys can relate with me. There are so many good songs out there and I couldn’t choose one, so I had my little sister help me put one for him. The song is only 1:57 min. I hope he doesn’t find the song offensive.

    1. mmm… sexy ah! nice… i wish my voice was this cool when i sang my song for him…

      my favorite line: “WISH I WAS THAT FLOOR!”


    2. lmfao !! haha . this was so cute . XD i couldn’t stop laughing at the part where she goes “god knows how i wish i was that floor.. Oohh, Ooohh~~!!” haha .. spicey !! lol
      wow. courage..

  50. hahaha xD,who’s singing? pretty good voice,srry im laughing,it’s just so funny and weird to hear someone say those things out loud lol! i’ve had not so pure thoughts whit BaeBae before..erm..but it’s embarrassing to admit it lol…i admire your courage,thanks for speakin’ on my behalf haha..ok now,everyone knows im a perv (no offense) xD

  51. hehe im loving that song……….”i wish i was that floor” Ooo la..la…..hehe
    im quite upset that i didnt get to participate(i only discovered this website few days after the deadline….dame it…)
    i hope youngbae can feel the love from everyone who participated and who wanted to participate(me) i would have choosen “because of you- Ne-Yo”_ i can just Imagen taeyang oppa dancing to the beat……!!!!!!!!
    I love you oppa..!!(am i allowed to say that)

  52. great idea for a birthday present! i’m sure he’s gonna love it since he loves music so much. simple yet so thoughtful, linking personal messages and songs dedicated to YB together, plus it’s a freaking ipod touch, so he can carry it around everywhere he goes.

    man, i wish i saw that earlier and could’ve contributed, too! aiiishhh

  53. Sorry I’m just saying the same birthday ye bu this time
    because it’s me again the last final exam
    so I’m saying now


    hopefully a long life and still cute………..
    I LOVE U

  54. You guys are amazing for puttting this together (:
    I wish I had the time to do this for him :’)
    The scrapbook is SO AMAZING, I bet he will really love it once seeing it ๐Ÿ˜€

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