[Star diary] Taeyang ①”I’ve appeased loneliness listening to the radio”

The singer who has a calm way of talking, a humble attitude, and a unique and attractive voice. I met Big Bang’s Taeyang (23·real name Dong Young Bae), who is favorable to anyone, even if they’ve seen him just once.Taeyang whose shy smiling eyes are impressive, looked aflutter before the release of his full album.He showed his own attractiveness on the last solo activity as well, but that was just a warm-up for the upcoming album.
Taeyang says he was a bit depressed last year but he is likely to show a lot of new things he has in store of this year.

I heard  a story once, that there was a boy who bared his loneliness by listening to the radio during his childhood, he grew up as a singer who delighted numerous people, despite the worries he had along the way, he shared his shining dream.

Taeyang’s ‘Star diary’ is going on from part 1 to part 10. (editor’s annotation)

“I was a crybaby in my childhood. I used to cry because I had to go to kindergarten in the mornings. I cried at the thought that ‘what if my mom isn’t home when I come back from kindergarten?’. I was a real crybaby who cried three or four times in a day…”

Soft-hearted ‘crybaby’ Taeyang liked music especially. His brother, who is 5 years older than him, also liked music, so he was able to experience different genre’s of music at an early age.

“I listened to a lot in addition to pop or the classics. I liked biographies of musicians like Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, so much that I remember them [the biographies] even now. It’s vague, but I also learned to play the piano with a lot of focus because I liked music.”

Having more and more time alone, he began to enjoy music earnestly. IMF (International Monetary Funds) approached his family when he was in the fourth grade. His father’s company, which was doing decently, became bankrupt and he had to move to a relative’s house.

Taeyang had to live separated from his parents at a very early age and relied only in the place he lived. He was befriended by the radio and his music. Even though he couldn’t buy every record he wanted to listen to with the small amount of pocket money he had, the radio world always welcomed him warmly.

“I listened to radio a lot while keeping to myself, when I was separated from my parents. It was a lonely and difficult time but it was bearable because I could listen to the radio”

Taeyang was left alone at that time, hoping to help his parents. Seeing his home vanishing, he learned what it was like to be lonely, earlier than others his age. But those times when he was left alone have now become his stepping stones to grow up as a singer.

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Translations by Myokoon
Please credit myokoon@alwaystaeyang when taking elsewhere!

50 thoughts on “[Star diary] Taeyang ①”I’ve appeased loneliness listening to the radio””

  1. Thank you so much for translating. This article is really heart warming & just comes to show why Taeyang deserves every good thing that comes his way~ lol don’t worry Taeyang, most of us have gone through that stage during our childhood; I was such a cry baby too. I wasn’t aware about his past such his dad’s business going bankrupt etc & the fact he didn’t live with his parents for awhile. Definitely something a child should never go through. Plus no wonder why he’s so passionate about his music~ it’s a place of comfort that he can go too. Also no wonder why he’s such a hard worker too; he’s been a fighter & so brave since day one XD

  2. I’m so glad they’re finally interviewing taeyang!
    Reading this interview just proved to me even more, how humble and loving he really is.

    “I cried at the thought that ‘what if my mom isn’t home when I come back from kindergarten?”

    Not only humble but strong, since he had to live away from his parents. You can really tell how much passion he has when he sings, and it’s no wonder music has helped him, even from such a young age.
    I honestly didn’t know that taeyang’s family was going through difficult times. To lose his home, and to not be able to see his family..wow. Maybe that’s why he’s such a strong person today.
    It aches me to see that he’s been depressed…of course we all knew he was frustrated, but to actually say he was depressed…*sigh*. Honestly, there better be no more delays! I want youngbae to be able to promote his album freely and fully! I really hope 2010 is the year for him.
    Can’t wait for the next part!!

  3. Wow…Thank you so much for the article. Any news on Taeyang is greatly appreciated let alone news about his past. I love Taeyang because of the hardships he endured to become who he is today. That’s why reading about his past is so interesting. Thank you so much

  4. awww… don’t worry oppa, I’m a cry baby too~
    ahhhhh~ that was a heart felt interview.
    can’t wait for the next onesss~ ahhhhhh~ aigoo~

  5. omg i wasnt aware of the whole bankrupt thing either…the good business going bankrupt then him having to move away is like straight out of a drama! n like a drama, good things hppn to the good in this case taeyang =)

  6. aww so touching,Young Bae had such a hard time from this to when he was a trainee, but he is proof that “that which does not kill you only makes you stronger” its amazing how strong he was to be able to endure hardships to achieve his dreams.

    I wish him all the best!
    if anyone deserves the success they have, Taeyang is definitely at the top.

  7. I knew it…I had a feeling that last year Taeyang was going through a difficult time…some of his performances didn’t have that spark that it had when he was promoting OLAM…but I’m glad he’s feeling better now.

    wow his childhood…I didn’t know…I think non of his fans knew…

    I’m loving these interviews that they do…it gives us a deeper look at Youngbae…

  8. D: OMG! i didn’t expect this kind of story of Bebe’s life
    it’s so sad,i would’ve never imagine he was separated from his parents and all that..it’s so sad,now i can see he’s a true warrior,GO GO GO BEBE OPPA!!!! WE LOVE YOU!! can’t wait to read more,thanks!

  9. So many emotions rushing through me as I read this article. YB was stuck in depression while I was rediscovering my pasiion. Since so much of my childhood was filled with sadness, happiness is an emotion that I’m not used to feeling. It seems that in life for YB it’s lonliness. Being separated from his parents he was forced to grow up quickly. I understand that challenege because the same thing happened to me when my Mom got sick. I had to fend for myself too. My only happiness then was in music and dancing. I’d spend hours lost in steps as I watched video after video practicing up to 2 hours a day. I’d dream of being and doing more with my life in hopes of escaping my lonliness. Watching Michael Jackson dance made me believe that I could do it too. But after that day (Mom going into a diabetic coma) I just gave up. Last year when I saw YB for the first time something changed deep inside me, the passion I thought was gone returned. It just boggles my mind to know that the pain he felt at not fully achieving his goals without it I wouldn’t have been able to rediscover mine.

  10. No wonder he has such depth… he has experienced a lot at such a young age. I hope whatever wounds he got from before will be completely healed. You deserve ALL good things God is blessing you YB… keep the faith and stay strong. Happy birthday!

  11. aww…

    Good things come to those who endure. Even if his childhood had been hard, he proved to be such a great person and I’m sure his parents are really proud.

    DYB knows the value of money and hard work so he will never be like those stuck up artists.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYB~! (it’s already 18th kr time)

  12. Wow….there was a reason I was waiting for YB’s interview. This was so touching. Knowing the hardships he’s gne through just makes the person he’s grown to be even more amazing. His hard past has made him a humble person that never fails to bring sunshine to someones life. YB fighting!!!
    And yes it is the 18th in Korea so happy birthday YB!!!! I hope this year works out for you! Don’t be depressed this year okay?

  13. He really had it tough. I hope he continues to have much success after all his hardships.

    Happy Birthday Young Bae
    Can’t wait for the new album…hwaiting!!!

    1. To the rest of the world, he’s 22, since he’s born in 1988, but in Korea, they add 1 more year to your age.

  14. thanks for the translations! 🙂

    i’m very happy that he’s able to overcome any sad feelings he had last year and he’s now prepared to show the world again his greatness as a performer. all his hardships made him a stronger person and very passionate with his craft.

    Happy Birthday Young Bae! Fighting! 🙂

  15. Oh… Bae Bae… ='(

    I can just see him, this little boy alone in the living room listening to the radio….

    Aww, I so want to give him a big hug right now!

    This is really the reason why he deserves to shine all he can, after all the efforts and hard work, he should be given credit where it’s due!

    Glad he is able to get over his depression from last year, he does look very fresh and relaxed now, compared to how he was in 2009…

    Young Bae, all we ask of you is for you to be happy!

    And since it’s now May 18th over here in Down Under, I’ll wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :DD

  16. aw bae.. you’ve endured so much.. hopefully your depression has passed and this will be your year. YB fighting!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  17. this is one of the interviews of Taeyang that will always be remembered. i think he opened up on this interview and it’s a rare occasion.

    i fully understand Youngbae… he has to grow up on his own and figure out things on his own…. i was like that before.. i don’t have someone to teach me how to grow… and Youngbae being away from his parents.. it’s like we have to learn on our own and get through a day on our own.

    reading this makes me love him more and respect the kind of artist that he is… i can see why he’s so in love with music that he dedicated his life on it… coz music is the lone thing that was there for him all through out…

    and because of music… we found out about Taeyang… his perseverance, his passion, his dedication, just Taeyang… he’s such an inspiration to young kids and to adults who may have gone through the same thing…

    Gosh! other artist should read this to keep them inspired.. when all other artist was born in a silver platter.. others would have to work hard, endure a lot of hardships for them to get there!!!

    oh! it’s may 18th today on the Philippines.. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNGBAE!!! i really hope this year would be his year… a year of success and happiness… keep the smile, Youngbae.

  18. Awwwwwwwwww!
    I can’t even explain my feelings towards this post.
    Just pure love! ❤
    I hope you enjoy your day today.
    May all of your wishes comes true.
    May you be more success in your music and other goals.
    And many more birthdays to come! 😀

    Much love,

    Crazy CiCi.

    1. :/
      May 17 over there?
      Its May 18th over hereeeeee! (I’m in Philippines brahhhh!)
      Advance Happy Birthday I guess? XD
      Either way! Happy Birthday Taeyang! 😀

  19. awwwww….that is just like…idk…my heart is happy!!! makes me love him even more…not that i didnt love him enough already!!! but OMG!!! =]]]]

  20. Thank you for translations. Taeyang had such a lonely childhood.

    But it’s ok, he has the members of Big Bang with him now. Happy Birthday Taeyang!!

  21. awwwwww… Don’t worry Bae Bae you’ll never be lonely again you have US …

    happy happy Birthday ^^

  22. i never knew this part of him. WOW. such loneliness at an early age. It’s a good thing he’s successful now and is able to achieve his dream. We’ll always support you TY!!

  23. I’ve been waiting for his Star Diary. =) I love it. =)
    Thanks for translating!

    I’ll wait till I’ve read all the parts.

    And Happy Birthday Baebae!

  24. awww i love you taeyang!!! i will always be praying that you never have to feel like that again. <333

  25. I just had another theory as to why he was depressed.

    I forgot that the end of last year was when Daesung had his car accident and was in the hospital for months, plus there was a period of time where they didn’t know how his voice would turn out. YB and Dae are really close and even share an apartment in Japan. It must have been hard to watch a close friend go through that and not be able to really help.

    Also TOP wasn’t around much either as he was filming Into The Fire and -according to his interviews – he would spend weeks almost months at the shooting location and not leave to go home. YB and Top are also really close (YB even waits up for TOP if he’s out late -such a mom) so it must have been hard to not see someone you’re use to seeing everyday.

    I can see how with TOP gone and Dae in the hospital and him not liking his album promotion, YB would have been a little depressed. Hopefully he feels better now.

    1. Toozdae – I never thought of that! I think that could be another reason too!

      I could tell that SunDae (LOL, had to use that so cute) are close, Bae Bae was close to tears when Dae Sung made that awesome walk down the stairs during their Dream Concert last year…=’)

      I dont’ know much about about TOPBae other than that he loves to see TOP’s reaction whenever he scares him… Such a cutie…XD

      But we all know that all the boys in BB are really close, so I think your theory makes sense too.

      1. TOPBae are actually pretty close I think since YB knew TOP years before he knew the other boys (outside of GD) since GD knew TOP from childhood and then introduced TOP to YB and was the one who gave TOP’s demo to YG. That actually would have been really cute – little YB, GD and TOP.

  26. Firstly, thanks for thw translation it was ssooo helping me understands this
    Second, this article is touching me .. I don’t know that a popular singer would have to be alone in his earlier age
    Thirdly, I love u sssoooo much young bae !!!
    Fourthly, can u come to indonesia ?? Indonesia is waiting for u young bae !!
    Thanks !! 😀

  27. i love you so much!! I just want to see you.. And i want to hug you! Cause im really inlove with you… I love your song! All off your song… And i want too see you everyday..
    Im from brunei…
    Im really hearts you.. I love you!!!!!! Soo much!!!! :*

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