Big Bang “Tell me Goodbye” MV (caps added)

* Taeyang caps added (see under cut)
Uh, say what? How the heck did I not know this was coming out – I should have known, now I’m ill-prepared for my drooling session. Five gorgeous men in hot suits screaming out with angst and irony – oh my GOD, let the spazzing BEGIN.

I really LIKE this video, I won’t say the storyline is refreshing because BB has done a good chunk of “angst-lost-lover” videos time and again (this seems like a sequel to “Let me Hear your Voice”) however I do like the look in the video – suits are always classy and upgrade the band as whole to a more mature level, the Victorian feel is really nice – personally, the Twilighter in me wished they’d all pop out with fangs or something (lol, sorry!). I wish they’d stop giving Taeyang those darn vests though, just take everything off and go top less (and bring Daesung with you!)

These make awesome desktop wallpapers =)

57 thoughts on “Big Bang “Tell me Goodbye” MV (caps added)”

  1. I really like the video. The back up female vocals is an added bonus i love it, the emotions were damn good and I must say TY in the sand I like felt the acting there good going. TOP nearing to tears whoa awesome. Overall the emotions of the song and how it was portrayed through the music and MV made it supremely enjoyable to watch.

  2. wow wow wow wow I wasn’t expecting the MV to come out now. I’m totally speechless; this MV is DEEEEPPPP! Absoutely great acting skills from the boys; so classy and goregous in their suits. I could feel so much emotions running throughout the MV. TY kneeing down to the ground into the sand was so passionate; everything about the MV was so passionate & I’m amazed that TOP rapped throughout in English; loved it & Seungri getting his full man swag on. Must say this puts BB in a whole new level. Loved this song when 1st heard it & the MV is just world class~ perfect πŸ˜€

  3. I know!!! I’ve been spazzing like crazy for an hour now. Like seriously this is epic. And Seungri has been looking so good lately, I might just have to start fangirling him too. Everyone was so on point that I didn’t know what to pay attention to. I’m a mess. BB has actually brought me to tears.

    1. Omg, me too. I was actually brought to tears, I don’t think it was more so the video because I don’t understand the lyrics, I think it was finally just seeing Big Bang together in a video, doing what they do best and then the acting was just excellent. I don’t need to know the meaning of the words to understand the pain in their voices. Simply amazing.

  4. Seriously, i could not believe it was released today! the much anticipated mv of tell me goodbye is so FREAKING GOOD! Taeyang breaking down into the sand made him look so passionate + him playing the piano at the end was amazingggg !. one downside was it wasnt in HD! do you think they will be releasing a HD version? :c

    1. ibigbang has it i think. it was ridiculously clear. i replayed TY’s part like a thousand times. lol.

  5. God, the MV is really awesome! I love the vintage feel of it all, and all of them acted so well!

    As for the song, I would have preferred if it had more Japanese to it than English but it’s still okay nonetheless. I love the melody and it’s very singable. It’s more of my taste compared to “Gara Gara Go!” and their other songs in that genre.


    GD soakin’ wet in the rain…
    T.O.P’s hair and acting about to cry…
    DAE’s voice…
    SEUNGRI’s a shocker!!!
    BAE… man! he’s a real DEFINITION of H.O.T

    1. I feel the same way! They’ve all grow up into some vert HOT men now! But Of course YB will ALWAYS be number one! Loving this side of them….I actually want to see more of this when they come back to Korea. I want them coming back as adults with more mature music….my that bubblegum pop that I hear a lot

      1. yeah! i wish they’ll come back in Korea earlier than expected with this kind of music… matured but still good with recall… i’ve been watching their old mvs and now this,,, they’ve changed a lot… if they’ll continue to be like this innovative.. they’ll be around for more long years…


    The bad: TOP and G-Dragon’s rap. WTF. What turn off. Iono why they insist on rapping in English….it’s terrible to be honest. TOP’s part…was cringe-inducing. The man is hot as helll….but that rap, no thanks.

    The OKAY: The song is not bad…but that not AWESOME either. MV is not that extraodinary either. I dont’ get it.

    The GOOD: aiiiigggggo. The boys are looking mighty fine. I’m so glad they’re calming down their outfits and “fashion” statements. They look absolutely delicious. And tell me why mrTOP is so fucking fine? Youngbae?!?! Love him in collar shirts…LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think the vocalists did great…even Seungri..(i usually dont’ care much for him) And no AUTOTUNE! hallujah!

    uumm Youngbae, I miss you. Comeback now.

    1. Yes! No autotune! Which is why I find it very pleasing to the ear. πŸ™‚

      I would really appreciate it if TOP and GD started rapping in Japanese. Just to show that they have some grasp of the language or something.

      1. I don’t know. Last thing I want is for them to murder the Japanese language. If they feel more comfortable in english for now then go ahead. I actually liked TOP and GD rap (TOP’s did take a little more time but I love his flow in it) and GD’s english pronunciation is pretty good, I can make out all that he said by the 2nd time I heard it, again TOPs took a little longer and I had to listen without watching the mv because that was too distracting.

  8. I absolutely loved this video. Taeyang was SMOKING in it! The desert-ish scene was incredibly random, but he looked so incredible that it logic/sense/etc. didn’t matter.

    He also sounds amazing. As always, though πŸ™‚

  9. OMG!!! I love this video… love it love it love it!!! Tae Yang is hot as ever… I’m loving the tone of the color in the MV… and the way each member portrays their character, I’m drawn into their emotions as well… it’s great!!! The setting is so darn nice, wonder did the crew design the set or they just manage to find one… LOL… Bottom line is… I SUPER LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! It’s great to see something new from BB

  10. Big Bang is Back ^^

    Taeyang was just so hot I can’t remember how many times i paused the video to stare at him ..

    He just made me drop dead on the spot ^^

    This is the MV for the OST of the Japanese version of Iris.. Now I am so wishing that they had an official MV for the korean version too..

  11. the song is awesome:)..BB reaaly looks good with the vintage theme:))..the best part of the mv is when youngbae kneeling in the sand,and playing piano at the end,so about to cry:(…but i mss the old concept oF BB…i hope they will do one again..

  12. the attire in the mv was love. only problem though was that i found the tilted hat look on daesung very very very awkward x999. it didn’t sit well with me. and yeh, TOP’s rap was … could’ve been better, i wish they’d start rapping in japanese sometime soon. because even i found it hard to understand what TOP was saying, how are the japanese listeners supposed to understand. zzz. just my two cents.

  13. I actually like it when he wears a vest, it makes his waist seam smaller and his shoulders broader ^/////////^
    I love a man with a broad back
    And although it IS nice to see all the muscle YB has been working on, I prefer leaving certain things to imagination.
    I`m a strong believer in that kinda stuff. If you give up things to easy, then you have nothing left to tease with XP hahah

    But anyway… loved the shot where YB has his back faced to the camera and he’s playing the piano ^/////^ -sigh-
    I loved the suits, not to happy with T.O.P’s hair ^^U
    it’s not bad, it’s just that I don’t think it fits him that well

    … and Seungri looks like he doesn’t know how to hold a gun ^^U (please don’t hurt me fir saying that ><U)

  14. fall in love with this song+mv immediately,,hehe..lovesss the piano part ^_^ n somehow i felt lyk i’m watching backstreetboys,,but they’re much better..of course~^^

  15. on ibigbang, they said this song was for IRIS or something. i remember reading it.. but omggggg!! TY was soooooo mouthwatering – it’s ridiculous.

    i love this song.. it’s different from their other stuff. (=


    and bb.

  16. I got goosebumps watching the MV. TaeYang was incredible in this video. Got teary eyed watching his scene in the sand. Very dramatic. I feel he really has the potential to go into acting! πŸ™‚ GO YB!

  17. @kay- lol I couldn’t help but laugh… ‘personally, the Twilighter in me wished they’d all pop out with fangs or something’… can’t wait though for Eclipse one month left!!!

    But yea, where the heck have I been?? oh yea stuck in a dungeon with no connection to the world lol I kid. This is what school does to me 😦 I didn’t even know they had a new song….

    I like the mv it was different. The only concept that comes to my mind is gang related. Seungri the detective. Top the leader who is in love with the girl. Taeyang his right hand who got thrown out in the desert to die. Daesung the gun man who got killed after singing in the rain lol GD the other gang leader in love with the girl.

    They all looked super hot but of course I couldn’t help but to just look at Taeyang. πŸ™‚

  18. I have to Comment on this MV.

    They are swaggggggged out in this music video.
    Anyone know what kind of shades YB is wearing????

    I think this MV was beautifully shot in terms of cinematography.

    T.O.P rap was ehhhhh lol

    I just like the beat of this song ahaha. Its just refreshing to see this, compared to the other videos in the Kpop scene.

  19. Subs are definitely needed ASAP! I jhave a feeling this mv will feel even more amazing if we knew what they were saying!

  20. I really love the MV! I didn’t expect that they’ll drop the MV any time soon! YG never fails to surprise us! As usual, Young Bae’s voice is pure heaven as well as Dae Dae! Everyone looks so hot in the MV even Tabi in that hair! hahaha

    Sorry off-topic but I just want to ask if you’ll be translating Young Bae’s series of interviews for Star Diary? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    Part 1 of the interview:

    1. It came out already? I’ve been waiting forever for YB’s part! Yup….definitely subs soon please!!!

  21. Omg, I love the new mv. Okay, maybe the whole theme has been recycled a couple of time but I don’t care hot is hot, I don’t discriminate lol. I really love the old vintage feel of the mv. OMO, they were looking fine. Everyone was working their own little swagger but of course I had my eyes only for TaeYang. Big Bang is back!!!

  22. With all BB videos, I wait for Taeyang’s part (don’t get me wrong, i love all of BIGBANG, just TY a lot more).

    Gotta say…When he appeared on screen, he was…BREATHTAKING….such beautiful scenery and vocals and acting. GD played the emotional distraught scenes oh so well.

    TOP played the aloof gangster perfectly.
    Daesung and his beautiful vocal range.
    Seungri, looking hotter and hotter each day.

    TAEYANG = PERFECTION…need i say more

  23. Sweet Jesus, this song is addicting.

    This is the first time I didn’t make out GD or TOP’s rap straight away.

    Seungri’s really good in this song, he has really improved a lot! Go maknae!

    Dae Sung and Tae Yang are wonderful. =)

    The guys in suits… damn… just sexy man!!!

    It’s such a good break from their hip-hop clothes, even if I love them in those clothing, BB in suits are even better – there’s just that more hotness in them. <333

    YB bending down on the sand and grabbing it was a bit random, but damn… great lip action there much!?

    It got me distracted….:P

    There was a story in this MV, but forgive me for I don't think I quite get it.

    I know some Japanese, but I've so far been distracted by BB's sexiness that I can't make sense of what they're singing yet…LOL!

    One more thing I liked about this song. NO AUTOTUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!

    Ah, god.. I want to get this (with their 2nd Jap. album that includes Let Me Hear Your Voice in it) so bad!!! Gah!

    Haha, I was expecting some gun action but I guess the violence would have been censored or something…:P

    Somehow the wind blowing on YB's face made him all the more sexy… God this MV is just oozing BB goodness!

    I have never been so distracted by them in an MV since…. wait I think this is the first time… wow…

    Let Me Hear Your Voice didn't have autotune in it either, that's why I liked it so much! ❀ Just like this one.


      PWN PWN PWN!!!

      Still excited and hyper…. God… shows just how much they’re missed eh? Or they’re just too hot this time round? XD

  24. I think TOP’s rap is not suitable for this song? but if the entire song is in english, then maybe i’d be able to comprehend his rap.

    on a good note, the whole music video is beautiful. but i was constantly reminded of haru haru and LMHYV.
    The boys look hot. Hello, GD? You were so manly in the music video. Just so my type.
    Daesung’s voice is heavenly, i have to keep waiting for his part. Seungri wasn’t bad either.
    TOP was smoking hot, but he could be burning pass the thermometer if the rap was better.
    Last but not least, my Taeyangie.. how hot you are to be gripping the sand like that. the whole vest thing? you look the best in it. ❀

    the song is just as good as the music video, and i prefer this better than Let me hear you voice. i'll give 5 out of 5 for this release, Big Bang.


    i think this is the BEST VIDEO from BIGBANG so far…. and its so GREAT

    i like everything in this music video concept… coz this so vintage and gangsta…
    a lil bit looks like PUBLIC ENEMY movie and BACKSTREET BOYS
    but I do not understand the storyline a bit
    and second DAESUNG must immediately change his haircut

    TOP why your hair there is a little red … because I think so a little less nice hehehe …

    by the way who directed this music video ?

    TAEYANG you are definitely AWESOME… you are the best
    I’ve become fans of you since 2 years ago and you are totally my role model TAEYANG : )


  26. i almost forget to say… this Music Video location kinda looks like in US dessert : ) but i think this is really cool

  27. Once again I am so late to this party. What can I say that hasn’t already been said. I’m just speechless. I love everything about this MV. No other artists in Kpop do angst quite like Big Bang. It’s such a beautiful video to look at. All the guys looked fantastic, and YB there are no words…..

  28. EEEEE!!! (<- me squealing!) I'm so happy they came back out with another video! I've missed them so much (TT_TT). This song is so lovely and the video is so beautiful. I love the brown tint the video has. Makes me miss the fall season lol. Love this mafia look.. Big Bang 5 Mafia! LOL

  29. omgosh i was so happy when i saw the headline for this on allkpop i was like YES THEY ARE BACK! love Tae’s part in the sand,what an awesome piece of acting, he portrayed the emotions so well, actually all the boys did a damn good job in MV!

  30. D: i was so confussed when i saw this on someone’s chan on youtube,i thought,what? uploaded yesterday! YAAAAY THEY’RE BACK! it’s amazing,and it took me by total surprise! i have to watch this! i can’t rite now,but it’ll be my chore of the day! Thanks,yay those caps look smexy,Taebebe!β™₯
    BB Fighting!

  31. WOW ^_^
    I’m not crazy about the song, but the MV was awesome! They look so grown up! I loved it.

  32. at first i thought it was just another music vid to keep us entertained…..but WHOA…..they improved alot………and lol Top’s part is awesomeeee…..Taeyang as usual :D:D:D

  33. Their new Japanese stuff blows their old Japanese stuff outta the water. I’m really liking it.

  34. if the plan is world domination a country at a time, I’d say Japan is pretty much in the bag as are many other Asian countries, time to move to other sides please (am thinking England maybe? lol)
    TOP’s bit just killed me, his flow was just ridiculous plus the intense stare at the end(faints!), GD should keep that hairstyle, he looks too good with it, DS u know am a mad fan, SR ever since u acknowledged TY as a rare find i cannot fault u, and finalement Tae yang…perfection (who’s biased me? lol)

  35. As much as i love Big Bang , Tae yang realld holds this group together. The whole video is so wonderful and refreshing because of his vocals and emotions. LOVE YB πŸ™‚

  36. idk if any of u has seen the MV whit eng subs,here it is though,i apologize if this was posted before somewhere on ATY,xoxox,enjooy! *still drooling over Bebe in the desert/playing piano) lol xD

  37. 1) I don’t really think it’s Victorian, I get the 1920’s feel, especially with the car. But it’s alright, because 1920’s was the golden age of modern romanticism. πŸ˜€ I love the blue flapper dress the lady has on.
    2) TOP cigar…then the PRIEST at Seungri’s confessional. LOL a) the grey hair didn’t look that bad with that red (bad boy) streak. b) it sort of fits that it’s the OLDER SEUNHYUN is the priest and the YOUNGER SEUNGHYUN is confessing. XP
    3) Daesung’s voice should NEVER HAVE AUTO-TUNE! >_< I heard his duet with Hyori and was reduced to tears.
    4) Seungri in a vest i believe is more fitting than YB in a vest…and his hairstyle i ❀
    5) GD+SUIT= LOVE @_@
    6) totally unrelated to this MV but DID ANYONE NOTICE IN THE SHOUTING KOREA CLIPS (namely the 2nd one) THAT YB CALLED GD HYUNG? Gd's younger….
    7) YB should always be in a 3 piece suit…and less in vests… but :sigh: never wants to be constricted in his movements -_-…
    8) YB ON A PIANO is L.O.V.E! ❀

  38. this is just awsome, icant stop replyin it lolxx
    it trully touched my soul, its beautiful
    i love BB n this song πŸ˜€

  39. I don’t see why this MV is being looked at whit such fine toothcomb……’s bigbang people! they’re back and that’s all that matters….i really loved their outfits,vests or not..gray,blue,red hair or whatever,and the song is so powerful,everything seems perfect to me.

  40. I absolutely love this MV. But don’t really get the story lol. T.O.P looks so fineeeee with that hair. I super love it. BTW, i think daesung’s voice is better now. Very nice job! big bang

  41. God when I found out about this video (week & a half ago) it took me forever to finally get around to watching it (last night). I would hear the song everywhere and just put it on mute because I was so busy I didn’t wana ruin it. And can I say I mentally slapped myself over it lol. The video was so amazing I countinued to watch it litearlly OVER & OVER again. In fact the song is stuck on replay on my laptop right now.

    The guys looked so sexy! It’s true they do look more mature, suits do that for you :). LoL topless Taeyang would be a god send :D! But if we can’t have’em topless I’d much rather have him in a suit. I love me a man in a suit, it makes them look *sighs* idk too damn good lol. And may I say how wrong I was about TOP’s hair. When I saw a picture of it before the video I thought it didn’t look right, but after watching the video, I just loved it. To me I don’t really think of Daesung and Seungri when I think about Big Bang, up until yesterday I could hardly even remember their names half the time. But wow this video has really taken care of changing that. I love all the members equally and think they are just awesome lol :D! WOW aha looong message!

  42. Does anyone know the brand of the suit Taeyang is wearing? Its really nice. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  43. Can anyone tell me what the exact storyline is? It’s too hard to see it with those gorgeous looking guys on ma screen :3 G-Dragonm soaking wet aha ;p

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