Unseen Taeyang pictures from the younger years?

Don’t know how many of you have seen ALL of these, but there’s definitely some that I have never seen before. It’s like Taeyang was a different person in some of these pictures. It reminds me of the time GD and Taeyang were on Madam Salon B and GD had mentioned that when they were younger, their present personalities were the extreme opposites of the past. Interesting…..

58 thoughts on “Unseen Taeyang pictures from the younger years?”

  1. YB does seem more outgoing in these pics. He’s adorable. I can’t get over his hair. Thanks for posting, Kay.

  2. wooah & wow. Thanks for sharing these pictures; some I haven’t seen before. lol he sure loved the camera; his teenage years must have been fun & great. The 1st pic?? what was that all about lol. He’s really a goofball in most of these pics~ aw such a sweetheart~ 😀

  3. He does seem more outgoing in these pics and sooo cute. And I love the GDYB love in some of the photos – GDYB, the never ending story.

  4. omg !!!
    i cant believe he was soo cute wen he was younger…
    hes hot now..
    and i can see that him a GD was very close.. even though they are still close now.. but their pics prove that they are real close.. !!

  5. haha, yb does seem more outgoing and crazy here. gd did say that he was the quieter one when they were younger.

  6. lol he was so cute back then. His hair was also hot back then too. What is this I see TaeYang taking pics with girls? lol You know how shy he was around girls back then n still somewhat today.

  7. HOLY CHEESESTICKS. WOW. He DOES look like a totally different person! I can hardly believe that’s HIM.
    He looks soooo cute! And we can see alot of GDYB =P I love his hair in the 2nd, 16th, and 18th pic XD One thing that hasn’t changed is the way he does the peace sign (2nd pic)
    Thanks fo posting these pics! *goes to save pics*

    1. nose job?!? really. It looks the same to me. The only thing different is his hair and the fact that he lost his baby fat.

    2. NO he didn’t,a certain angle can make your features really different..his nose looks the same,like i said before he lost the baby fat on his face,and that includes his nose,it looks a bit finer now..but it’s the same.

        1. i used to be chubby and then lost alot of fat from my face.. my nose did not get as thin as how taeyangs is now. its totally a nose job

  8. OMOOO!!!!!!!!! he looks sooo very different in some of these! obviously younger,and his face,obviously he lost his baby fat xD,he was super cute then!!! and now he’s so manly and hot,omo! he’s just perfect in anyway,and he def seemed more outgoing,he even took pics whit girls xD

    the 1st pic got me drooling! yay thanks Kay!♥

  9. omg! I knew he looks hawt with longer hair! Esp in the 2nd and 18th! He looks like an actor in 18th pic !! I wish he would slowly grow hair like that back :).. Altho I do love his mohawk!

    And wow, it sure brings back the memories of Madam B Salon days. He looks really outgoing and happy here! 😀
    And ofcourse our GDYB!

    But please! Grow hair back again xD!

  10. LOL Taeyang was kinda buff in his younger years. He was a lil chunky though. My gosh he is sooooooo fineeeee now

  11. Wow….what a big difference!!! YB was such a chunky little cutie back then….now he’s a sexy beast! I wonder what caused him to change? He seemed so outgoing when he was younger, even taking pictures with girls! Although I do love the sweet, shy YB.

  12. i really wanna knw wht happend tht changed his personality soo much he use to be soo fun loving now he is soo quite n shy all the time, if someone knws plz tell me ????

    1. Perhaps there was something that happened to him or he simply just grew up in being a mature and serious man~ most people don’t radically change their personality when they’re 16 to his age now, so maybe it was that rigorous training and always having the hardest critics (ie. YG & Se7en) put him down that he was able to rise again….

      I want to say – and this is strictly my opinion and how I feel – but I always felt that GD had it a little easier than him….GD has an instant magnetism that pulls you in and I’m sure he had that going on for him as a child, being a music writer and everything, I’m sure YG saw his potential early on and like most parents that dote on their favored child – I feel GD was doted on by YG and the likes when he was younger. And here you have YB, who was (and maybe still is) a diamond in the rough, a pearl in the clam – that after proding and scraping away the roughness emerges something spectacular. If any of you have experienced this, but favouritism is a VERY hard thing to watch, to continually be thought “less of” compared to someone else must have been very difficult for him, and maybe this is what resulted in him becoming more mature and determined to succeed…perhaps YG scolded Taeyang for not being serious enough for the business and so here we have Taeyang today.

      This is just my opinion, views and feelings…no offense to GD fans..

      1. Yeah, Kay, I think you’re right… Just watching Se7en talking about GD and YB’s performances, and the two being scolded by YG… Those parts out of the documentary were the hardest to watch for me…. YB~~~ ='(

        Plus YB wanted to get into YG, but went there himself after not hearing back for a month was it?

        But GD was recruited personally by YG….

        I was thinking YB became more determined to succeed because of his grandfather… He died on the day? Or was it a few days before? YB debuted on TV… His grandfather was really looking forward to it…. and the YB soompi thread said something about him working hard for his grandfather…. (Thinking about the scenes from the documentary still breaks my heart! ='()

        But yes, I also thinking favouritism could also be the case…

        I really want to like GD, because he is very talented and hardworking (don’t all the BB? XD)… but sometimes I can’t help feel that GD just gets all the love without doing much… People love him just like *that* I think… While YB works hard for it…. So I always feel very happy if YB gets praised or loved by other artists or celebrities… =P

        No offense to GD fans out there….

        1. just re-watched the documentary episode on YB today and felt super sad and hurt at the criticisms he got. it must have been really hard to be compared to GD so blatantly like that and to have someone he looked up to sing praises to GD while all he got were harsh criticisms. i know that’s the way the industry works and all, and they were probably just being brutally honest so that he can improve, but couldnt help but feel that that must have hit him pretty hard and must be partly why he is the way he is now.

          all in all, i think we can see from the present YB that his journey and experiences only fueled his passion and strong desire to always push himself further. i couldnt be more proud of how far he has come from the documentary days 🙂

      2. I totally agree that he was like a pearl in a clam. He couldn’t really shine fully yet. Maybe that is why he named himself Sol/Taeyang, which means Sun. I guess he WANTS to shine more. He’s yearning for change, a better side that he could show.

        Taeyang Hwaiting!

      3. I totally agree:)) Maybe TAEYANG was talented from the very beginning but just didn’t have the courage to explore the things he can do because he was less-favored or not at all. All his solo success was part of YG’s plan for feeling guilt towards him. However, YB has proven more than what everybody else expected so what we can do as fans is support him all throughout his journey. May it be tough or easy.

  13. woah!!!! Youngbae is really different from these pics to now.. i’m like is this him back then??? is this really him??? ah… he grown up so matured and looking very hot!!! i don’t think his nose changed… it’s still looks the same for me.. only that his face lost a LOT of baby fats…
    i somehow agree to Kay… i can’t imagine how bae grew up in a lot of criticisms… and did his parents agree to his decision to become a singer? he was handling YG criticisms and his parents disagreement all at the same time… it must have been hard for him that’s why he became this totally different person..
    this is why i love seeing pictures of him going out, having real fun time or anything that brings the child back in him…

  14. I got into talking about the change in YB that I forgot to talk about the pics…. He is so cute here!!! Such a cute kid! >w<


    I agree with those that said he lost A LOT of baby fat…. And look at him now, walking definition of HOT…XD

  15. talking about all these Youngbae’s hardships and all… i thought I should have send the song ‘PYRAMID’ by Charice on the ATY 2ND Bday project.. the lyrics goes like… *”we took it from the bottom up… Earthquakes can’t shake us, cyclones can’t break us… Even when the wind is blowing, we’ll never fall, just keep on going.. just like a pyramid…” here’s the link for those who haven’t heard of the song… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGPG91x5eMY&feature=fvst

  16. So great! He looks very different when he was teenage.
    He has a bigger eyes, and look baby fat and strong! So YGE have do a lot to turn him up~ But GD just looks the same~
    YB is more active in the pics, but GD have said before” When he see YB first time, he is active and he is a fighter in school, GD was a shy boy~ But don’t know why their character has been exchange!”

  17. i like the second picture. he looks good with spiky-ish hair. maybe he can grow out his side hair now? i mean that mohawk is two years old. change change change!
    he definitely looked like he had so much more fun during those teenager days. now’s he’s more mature and serious. i hope he still have that playful personality in him though and i wish to see it.

  18. he seemed soooo full of life, you know? like a basic teenager.. but yeah, it seemed like GD was like a prodigy – and TY was a hidden gem. A hidden gem that hasn’t been able to FULLY shine yet.

    He has soo much in store for all of us – he doesn’t even know himself!! lol.

    but considering favoritism – especially if it’s your best friend.. i could understand how so many years of that can drastically change your perception towards life and love (for his career). poor thing. it seems like he is soo under-rated. it’s soo sad )=

    it’s good to see though.. that they are best friends still – also, that he has such a kind, good heart. i’m surprised he isn’t an asshole and didn’t leave the group.


    i think he still does – but maybe, because of all that criticism, he blocked new people off only letting his true friends see the real him. it could be cuz he’s afraid of someone thinking he’s not enough, or something like that. but for the mohawk, i love it so much that i’m hoping it doesnt go LOL. but if it does, he’s still beautiful hehehehehe.

    1. I agree, he has so many expressions in those pictures… You’ve basically took what I wanted to say! There’s just so much he can give but he doesn’t think he does, poor thing…=(

      But I guess after years and years of feeling under his best friend… it sort of gets to your confidence and how you look at your skills and talents…

      I mean, he always says that he should talk more in radio shows… but I think he’s always been good on them….

      He is really under rated… He totally deserves to shine…*sigh*

      But like you said, I’m still glad they’re best friends. He really does have a big heart~ Sweet sweet YB!!! (loves him even more now)

      If I was in his position I would’ve walked out and just felt bad for being constantly compared to GD…. or kept behind whilst in BB.


      I actually don’t mind his mohawk look at all. If he thinks it’s practical then whatever flows his boat!

      Plus the Mohawk makes him look really manly… *blush*

      I’ve only known YB in this hairstyle the most.. so I’m not sure if I’ll like/get used to a new one if he changes…

      1. I think he was treated a little harsher at YG than GD was cuz I remember YG saying that one of the reasons he let YB have his solo first was because he felt bad about how harsh he was to him when he was growing up.

        I also remember when BB was on a radio show and GD had to pick the member who he wanted to thank and he picked YB, he said that YB had a harder time during their 6+ years of training than him and how he was really thankful for his support, then GD started crying (aw). I think a combo of his grandfather’s illness and death and the harsh critique during training made him a quieter person. But he seems to be coming out of his shell lately.

        1. Uhm… I think exactly the same…
          “A combo of his grandfather’s illness and death and the harsh critique during training made him a quieter person”

          He seems to have been through a lot. Look like only work that makes him feel comfortable, confident and happy.I don’t say that he doesn’t have talent, but in comparison with other artist (and with GD), it’s just not enough. 6+ years, he has pour all his heart and mind into singing and dancing, and being a celebrity. It’s so hard and tired…

          But he never gives up.He turns out to be so adoreable and he has every good side that makes me…most of time…so surprise. I respect him, rather than just love him as an idol.

          Even though I truly want to see him more in variety show like other member, but honestly, I don’t think variety show is smt for him…He isn’t a type of person who will do anything & everything to make others laugh or to catch attention. I love his smile but don’t want to see a have-to-smile 🙂

  19. oh wow. taeyang w/ baby fat. haha cutee!
    and now he’s a hottie! 😀
    his skin is so much better now.
    so the differences (for me) between the younger ty and the ty now are hair, skin and uhm fats!

  20. ohmahgawd!!! I wanted more~
    ahhhhhh~ ksjfoeihjrfaisdhfks~
    the baby fats really looked cute to me~ =D
    kekeke~ him before and him now, still kyuptaaaaa~ ^^

  21. اوبا انت الافضل
    وجميع الصور جميله ولطيفه
    اتمنى ان تسعد بحياتك
    وان تبتسم لأن الابتسامه مصدر السعاده
    .^____^. سرانق هي يو

  22. Wanted to post that because it is filled with pre-debut pics of GD and YB together (and there are a lot). It really shows how strong and long lasting their friendship is.

  23. hi!!! does anyone have facebook? i want to be friends with more taeyang fans!!! add me Michelle Honey Atienza Co …

  24. he does look more outgoing in these photos..
    its really sad. after reading all of your comments,
    I agree with all of you guys, i believe it was a combo
    of everything from harsh criticisms to other hardships
    he had to endure during his training days.
    poor Bae. <3.

    he was sucha …idk what to call him but.. back than. do you see those earrings?
    and he had an eyebrow piercing.
    HAHAH his style has change DRAMATICALLY!!

    1. I kinda disagreed, I dont think taeyang would change because of harsh criticism i think he just matured a little. Taeyang is still the goofball he was before because I have seen more current video where he slapped Seungri butt lmao.

  25. youngbae is really looked outgoing with those pictures and enjoying his teenage life,,,but due to all harsh criticisms,and the death of his grandpa,,he really did matured,,,,,anyways,,youngbae is sooo cuteee even when he is still chubby,love you always youngbae..fighting”tomorrow is his birthday,,i really want to send a gift..but..,i don’t have an idea yet,i have so many thoughts in mind but i cant decide,,,i think it will be a late gift….:(..but i will still send it.,,kekeke,,,luv u always youngbae..:))fighting—-:)

  26. I couldn’t help but smile sadly… 😦 Taeyang sure has changed a lot. He was young and carefree now he’s mature and conservative which I don’t mind but to me it seems he had to move on from being carefree/childish to make what he loves music. Makes me respect him more because he missed out on a lot of things he won’t get to experience.

    1. I kinda disagreed, I dont think taeyang would change because of harsh criticism i think he just matured a little. He also hasnt matured that much,Taeyang is still the goofball he was before because I have seen more current videos where he slapped Seungri butt lmao.

  27. weee baby fat cheeks! I miss those on Bae. =)

    I love the first pic, he really has great body ever since.

    During that age you really can’t get enough of taking selca pics don’t you? I love it! =) especially those with GD. so cute cute!

    I wish he’ll make those expressions again when the opportunity presents itself. He should not be afraid to open himself again because we all know he’s hardworking and down-to-earth.

    Looks like though he maximized his youth to get where he is now. Awww…

  28. YB and GD, they’re like YG’s kids and Teddy’s little bros. hehehehe I like YB’s lips. hehehehehe I wish he can be more carefree as he used to be. 🙂

  29. Dong Young Bae! xD he still looks the same just got really IDK people already said it “HOT” LOL he DID NOT GET a nose job! It still looks the same. Besides his face matured the nose is just more defined now.

    1. a good nose job makes the nose a lot more appealing without making it entirely noticeable. while it is hard to tell, his chubbiness to how he is now is not a result of at thinner nose. hell if that were the case, my nose should look great but it still looks the same. its a nose job that thinned his nose width a bit

      1. Taeyang doesn’t look a nosejob kind of person. Maturation is awesome, I cannot wait a few more years from now. An even more refined Bae…

  30. oh my gosh !! is that really taeyang ??
    he so ugly when he was young .. XD
    but now so handsome !!! wooooOOh !!!
    saranghae taeyang ! mwaa .. ❤

    –im a big fan too of bigbang .. .
    and specially taeyang !!
    go go go !!!

  31. I kinda disagreed, I dont think taeyang would change because of harsh criticism i think he just matured a little. Taeyang is still the goofball he was before because I have seen more current videos where he slapped Seungri butt lmao.

  32. alot of people dont know

    that taeyang uses make up now like a female everyday

    and uses make up on his eyes and nose

    thats why he looks different

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