Big Bang & Queen Yuna ‘Shouting Korea’ Filming~

I thought this interview was really cute, although I didn’t understand everything, I’m sure you guys will all laugh at the 1:11 mark – seriously Taeyang, you define adorkable! – anyone else a Taeyuna shipper?

Also check out this video to see Taeyang showing us the steps to the Shouting Korea dance.

10 thoughts on “Big Bang & Queen Yuna ‘Shouting Korea’ Filming~”

  1. You’re right Kay they do look good together. I can’t wait to see the finished MV, it looks like they all had fun working on this project. For anyone who wants to learn the ‘Shouting Korea’ dance here’s the video showing the steps.

  2. hahahah that was cute. As much it pains me to say this, TaeYang n Yuna do make a cute couple. Taeyuna for the win.

  3. I have been practicing the Shouting Dance all afternoon and now know it by heart. It’s fun. Everyone should try it!

  4. Hahah! I agree, the interview was so cute!

    Tae Yang really is the definition of adorkable (alongside my sociology lecturer, he is one too, hahaha)

    I’m only guessing, but was GD talking about Dae Sung not feeling comfortable enough to put his arms around Yuna or something? Awwww~~ Dae Dae~

  5. Taeyang was so dorky in the booth LOL..

    GD had Edward Cullen hair and i loved his headphone.

    seung ri is getting more handsome each time i see him.

    TOP’s expression is sooo cute!!

    Daesung is cute running away while covering his face from embarrassment.

  6. i’m soooo jealous!! but, ever since i found out BB was gonna work with Kim Yuna.. i instantly thought of how TY and her would make a GORGEOUS couple. it makes me sad.. =P

  7. yes its heartbreaking haha but i do gotta admit they make a reallie cute couple…plus virgo + taurus hv the highest compatibility! lol theyre also good height-wise hahaha plus they hv prettie good interaction from wt i c in the vids…$50 that they willgo out </3

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