Singer “J” gets added to the list of celebrity Taeyang fans

Korean R&B/Soul singer “J” was on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate recently, where she enlisted herself into the celebrity fan list of Taeyang fans~ What’s the count now? (lol). Check out the video…


11 thoughts on “Singer “J” gets added to the list of celebrity Taeyang fans”

  1. So great! It’s always amazing to see him have so many fans among the Korean music world….it would even be more amazing if you guys could make a list of all of Tae Yang’s celebrity fangirls and fanboys….I’ve always wondered just how many Korean celebrities love Tae Yang. Although I’m sure the list is super long!

    1. Lol there is a list somewhere in one of these posts….I’ll look for it…
      Tablo (of Epik High)
      Son Dambi
      Whale (of Whale & W)
      AJ (from BEAST)
      Lee Jun Ki (actor… see proof!)
      Kuch Chae Yi (inline speed skater for Korea)
      Seungri (We all know he’s a Taeyang fanboy)
      Beige (ballad singer)
      Choi Hyun Joon (of VOS)
      Sung Si Kyung (ballad singer)
      Yoo HeeYeol (singer/song writer, show host)
      Alex (from Clazziquai and We Got Married show)
      Gil Hak Mi (from Superstar K)
      J (R&B/Soul singer)

  2. And the list goes on….. Awesome, hopefully we’ll get a bunch of international celebrities added to the growing list too. Team Taeyang 🙂

        1. Yeah JYP! That short video of it was awesome…

          I think there’s also the Mnet MC Wally right?

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