Taeyang “Where U At” dance Cover on Chinese variety show~

Well this is an interesting cover and I am happy Taeyang is getting so much exposure in other Asian countries. Breaking into the Chinese market is hard enough, so it’s great to see this cover. I am not sure about the dancer’s name, but I believe his name is Wei Yu and I believe he’s done some other covers before…

Like it?


24 thoughts on “Taeyang “Where U At” dance Cover on Chinese variety show~”

  1. WHOA this is cool that other countries are taking interest in him. World domination!

    As for the cover, it kind of lacks that smoothness and naturalness that Taeyang has…well of course he’s the original! Thanks for sharing Kay!

  2. This is great for Taeyang, he’s getting more widely known for his talent and his passion. I agree with tofumon, it lacks YB’s style..well not only YB, but also Shaun and Lyle’s style too. I give them props for knowing how to do the choreo (it’s very complicated). Good find, Kay!

  3. i know this doesn’t deal with this vid, but can u post the link of that GDYB gif that u guys have up there? They look so cute. All I know is that it’s from their trip to Thailand

  4. Yes his name is Wei Yu. ^^ He’s currently part of a TW boyband called Choc 7. He’s done Heartbreaker in the programme before too. (Hurhur, I watch that show, or well, I used to.)

    I guess he wasn’t too bad and I think… at least he did a better job with Where U At than Heartbreaker. :X

  5. Hi Kay~

    This show’s from Taiwan, like Pearlx said.

    And yes, Wei Yu’s done one other cover before, and that’s GD’s Heartbreaker.

    I think he’s a great dancer and plus that Where U At has such complicated choreo, props to him!

    However, I think he was a bit sloppy and not as precise as YB does his…

    Heartbreaker was good too, but Wei Yu was having trouble getting his breath back after the performance. (There was a bit of freestyle in there too.)

    1. I think the dance WAS good… but I really can’t feel him… YB of course… is always better at this than Wei Yu is…

      and I could just go a bit off topic here….The thing with these boys and girls in these shows…. They are idols, they’ve released songs, as well as acted in dramas… Yet I don’t think they’re given a lot of practice or exercise (for dancing and vocals).

      I’m sorry to any who might be fans of them, I’m going to be harsh..

      They can’t sing. The girls.. Only a few can SING AND DANCE.

      Same with the guys… well, like Wei Yu, he can dance, real good too, but that’s only a noted few… I can’t comment on the singing because I never watched their music videos before…

      I don’t know which direction the producer is taking them, because he only seems to let them show their talents through these idols’ OWN TV SHOW… which sort of loses the point…

      I can go on and write an essay on the male and female idols under this show and the producer they have, but I think I’ll stop now…^^”

      1. i found this ystrday on youtube n watched it…n this is whut i commented: i think wei yu got the choreo right but the angles at which he put his arms/legs r kinda awkward i think its cuz hes too tall/skinny which is the complete opposite of YB, it makes the dance look awkward n he doesnt hv enuf swagger haha but great effort tho =)

        @chanting i agreee with u 100%! lol its sad cuz those r the types of ppl that r being put on the same show as wondergirls when they visit taiwan…n i dont want WG to think that those r the type of stuff we listen to cuz fact is, a majority of us dont listen to them!! >.< i dont know y they didnt put more mainsteam artists on the same show to hv a better impression at least!

  6. Wow I’m kinda impressed at Wei’s performance and the fact YB’s WUA is even been played in China since like you said Kay, it’s a difficult to even break into the Chinese Market. I’m not familiar with the Chinese Market; what genre of music dominates there but it’s great Taeyang’s music is being recognize. I’m so overwhelmed for him; the more exposure his music is getting, the better. Lol Tofu like the rest if us is still on this wold dominion route for him. It’s fair to say WUD and Wd have done extremely well internationally. Taeyang hopefully should be aware of this by now.

  7. i love the lipsynching, lol. not bad but i rather see my man YB do this…


    1. thanks for the link! i really love the GDYB gif in the homepage,i kept staring at it grinning lol its so cute! so i’ve been looking for where it came from =D
      btw is it just me or does YB look especially cute in that interview?

  8. I thought he did VERY well considering that he didn’t have Shaun or Lyle to teach him the choreo. Thus, he lacks the smoothness and swagger in his performance. You can only learn so much from watching a video.

    I miss YB 😦

  9. Everytime I’m watching YB covers, I realise how Taeyang, Lyle and Shaun are such GREAT dancers cause their choreos are just so hard to perform and they always do it so perfectly…

  10. yay!! about time taeyang’s being recognized in Taiwan!! 😀
    and like everyone said, obviously not as good as taeyang, but that goes for anyone.. lol

    (btw kay, could you change the title/description to Taiwan? cause there’s a pretty big difference 🙂

  11. LOOOL people should learn something from g-dragon and taeyang when they try to do dance covers……….he’s how you choose between doing a gd cover or a ty cover….

    SKINNY x GD COVER……. 😀

    lol Taeyang’s choreo is too awkward for this wei yu person……………….LOL but even the gd heartbreaker one………..mehhhh…….it’s too…….chaotic………the really beginning of the heartbreaker thing…..was really unlike gd’s style……….it kinda veered off into something different……really weird :S

  12. gotta give him props for getting the moves down, but it wasn’t as smooth as Taeyang’s. He was not that sharp and he didn’t really emphasize on some moves like how Taeyang or Lyle did it. His left backup dancers was really bad, no offense. overall, i’ll give him 6. It wasn’t that bad, but i was cringin’ at some parts. Again, he knew all the moves and learning just from a video is not easy. A little bit more practice, i think he’ll be so much better.

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