Taeyang cut from HaHa Mong Song w/ Eng subs

I posted the music video of Seungri & Daesung rapping about their hyungs a couple days ago, well here is a clip from the show where a little discussion on Taeyang’s dating status is going on. It’s really funny lol, gotta hand it to Daesung for turning the situation around and making it funny for Taeyang rather than another embarrassing and overly discussed moment.
Starts at 1:03

19 thoughts on “Taeyang cut from HaHa Mong Song w/ Eng subs”

  1. Haha,gosh i think the girls got it wrong,he’s just SHY people! he’s gettin’ over it,but like Seungri said he doesn’t have much experience on women,so im sure he wouldn’t know how to start hitting on ’em..right? Awwww Bebe,let him be already!♥

    LOL at Dae and Seungri,still have an akward relationship..freakin’ impossible xD

  2. OMG….our BaeBae is so shy! BUT!!! I can already imagine the day he gets over his shyness….the idol girls are going to be ALL over him! So for now, I’m grateful that he’s still shy around girls….better chance for everyone else you know 🙂

  3. I think its official after FO, DS has become the most popular of BB, but why av been fallin for uri maknae lately i cannot explain, perhaps its the ‘GD is the heartbreaker’ line, that just killed me! plus he said it TY is a rare find indeed…gotta luv him after that ; )

  4. In my opinion, I definitely think YB is getting over his shyness over girls. Judging from the videos recently he has improved from the years back. Lol I remember the days whenhe couldn’t look a girl in the eye and would just stare at the ground. He’s come a long way and he’s getting a lot more comfortable. They probably assume he’sshy for the simple fact he hasn’t dated before,and there are a lot of noonas and female artists who would like to go out with him. He’s just busy with his music, thats all. I’m pretty sure he’ll like to have a gf now. Oh Bae lol, he’s so sweet XD

  5. LOL when they said they thought Taeyang doesnt have interest in women……that came out a bit wrong….lmfao

  6. lol@Lil’Monster I thought the same thing.
    Leave it to these two for making this situation funny.LOL. TaeYang has come a long way but hey I kinda like shy TaeYang hard to find a guy that is hot as he is but shy around girls.

  7. no offense intended at all, but LOL @ narsha for thinking taeyang would look at her, granted yes, most guys probably would look at her, but she talks as if it’s imperative that taeyang would give her a couple looks.

    1. haha yeah i know. she kinda said that wrong. the trans was kinda off though. someone said that daesung said that the LED was the start of a convo he was trying to have with the girls.. but he didn’t know where to go from there. lol. hes so shy and adorable. gahhh.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA. Taeyang is so adorable ;D asking abotu the LED and later being so shy about it ❤

  9. Haha, Tae Yang is so cute, trying to start a conversation with LED…. Too cute, too cute.

    He’s still shy around girls, but I think he has really come a long way from his debut.

    He’s getting over it little by little, and it’s only a matter of time before all the fangirls and noonas go to him like moth to flame (that doesn’t sound right… but… anyway I think you guys know what I mean…;))

    I kind of like the shy YB though, it’s what attracts me the most. With that said however, I wouldn’t mind him dating someone… (but if the girl is just not good for him, I’ll be heartbroken… though I really have no power over who he loves really..XD)

    But I’d love to see how his music changes when he does meet that lovely woman. =)

  10. I thought it was so cute when Daesung “ah so this is how he made his mistake..”

    I love the shy Taeyang.

  11. i thought he is over it already.. LOL

    maybe he just don’t really know how to make a move… TOP should be able to give off tips.. he’s a lady killer. Hahah…

  12. Taeyang is not like other boys… why would he ogle her just because she’s a girl? It’s not as if YB is girl-deprived…

  13. is there any way to still watch this video? it says it won’t show due to copyright claims or whatever. :[

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