Gummy ranks Taeyang #4 on her list of Charming men

We all know Taeyang is #1 in our hearts but recently Gummy ranked the YG men based on their charms and our little sunshine was #4. Check out the video and translations below!

What she said about Taeyang:
“4th place is.. Taeyang. Taeyang only likes music too much! He’s actually really fun, to tell the truth. You would think that he’s not as fun, because all the other members are so outgoing, but actually if you get to know him, he’s really hilarious.”


9 thoughts on “Gummy ranks Taeyang #4 on her list of Charming men”

  1. That’s a cute picture of him. He looks like I little sharpei(no idea how to spell it…) puppy.

  2. Gummy ^^
    Yeah, Taeyang is focused on his music a lot; that definitely comes first for him. I’m sure he’s a great person to be around even though most people would think he’s a little reserved; stays to himself since he’s not that outgoing etc. Thanks for the subs XD

  3. Lucky lady gets to hang with the cool crowd. 😛
    But I’m not liking the lighting on her… it makes her skin look weird.

  4. Aaaah,i don’t know why but i was thinking to myself this afternoon,that taeyang oppa must be really funny when he’s not on camera,or like doing radio interviews and the privacy of their home,i was thinking that and now it’s confirmed lol! Gummy looks a bit different,more girly i would say xD

    thanks for the subs! SOL♥♥♥

  5. Haha, Tae Yang is really focused on his music, aigoo~~

    But that’s what I like about him. He’s very focused on what matters the most… but in the Haha Mong show I’ll say something different than this…LOL~~~~

    I wish we could see that funny side of him, BB are adorkable.

    Every one of them are such dorks (how can they look so hot at the same time!? That’s too much for me!!!!)

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