Taeyang hangs out with Queen Yuna

King of R&B & Queen of Figure Skating

I was absolutely fanatical seeing Taeyang and Yuna chilling out together because – as we all know – Taeyang is my love and Yuna is seriously the queen of my guilty pleasure (figure skating) lol…anyway, check out Taeyang & Daesung eagerly waiting for Yuna and some pictures from their practice for Hyundai’s “The Shouts of Red”….

13 thoughts on “Taeyang hangs out with Queen Yuna”

  1. As much as it pains me to say…..they would make such a cute couple!!! But wait for me Tae Yang….I’ll be in Korea eventually!!!! 😀

    1. Hehe ditto,oh well she was whit Bebe AND the rest of the bangs,so no worries lol

      thanks,i loved her sneakers xD

  2. lol when I first saw the picture; I was like awww…….wait a minute are they both shy or something that they’re not talking to each oher? hehe but yeah they look cute together there……..just chilling. lol Kay, I luv ur caption under the 1st photo; “The King of R&B and Queen of Figure Skating”~ you got that right.

    Its funny to see the boys as fanboys ^^

  3. I agree, if they were together I’d be all for it. Their both into dance (different styles..but dance) She’s very passionate about skating which is one of the things that YB likes in a girl, she seems very simple too. The only thing YB likes is a noona, haha which she isn’t. But she can be an exception hehe!

  4. TOP looks ashame and shy in the teaser ^^
    Aaaaaaw BaeBae will have is (”official”) first girlfriend maybe? 😀
    I’m a bit sad but hey! they would look cute together 😛

  5. LOL @ the bodyguards behind TOP, Dae, and Baebae. Even in the CF they have to have bodyguards!

    TOP is so cute here. Dae and Baebae are just too happy to see Kim Yuna.

    1. Yeah, ure right!…I hadnt noticed the bodyguards til u mentioned it…

      TOP is showing off his acting skills, i see…hehe adorable…

  6. Is it me or does the dance room look like it’s in the new building they all moved into?

    Just curious haha~

    I loved the CF teaser!! SunDae look so happy to see her, and are just acting so cute and fan!!! (if that made any sense, haha~)

    TOP is even too shy to look up…XD Too cute.

    I miss the adorkable Big Bang!!!!


  7. why are they sitting so far away?? Bebe didn’t dare to make a move? It’s Kim Yuna, he should take this opportunity to make more celebrity fans LOL.

  8. WHY is he so freakin gorgeous? even from far wit his hoodie over his cap and… arg it frustrates me tha i cant get closer to the man! lol.. thanks for the updates 🙂

  9. Tae Yang and Daesung look so cute!! and omg TOP ha ha that whole expression is too cute and funny!

  10. i love TOP he looks so cute and ashamed to actually be next to Daesung and Taeyang. So Cute! Daesung and Taeyang look so cute holding the sign and look with really big fans! (LOL at the bodyguards)

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