GDYB at Rick Owen’s Flag Ship Store Open Party

Were you itching to get some GDYB lovin’ your way, well here it is. Although this happened some time ago, I’m going to post it now cause I miss GDYB like crazy~! Anyway, they recently attended Rick Owen’s party on April 22nd for his new store opening in Seoul. Check it out~~

I’m doing some crazy updating right now to make sure we’ve all got the recent Taeyang news out there 🙂 and remember ONE DAY LEFT for BIRTHDAY PROJECT!


6 thoughts on “GDYB at Rick Owen’s Flag Ship Store Open Party”

  1. I watched this vid.the day it happened,i BFF who LOVES GD sent it and she said !it happened today” or the day before something like that,gosh Bebe looked so fly and hawt as usual,GD is quite a cutie too and so fashionable both! all BB members are 😀

    Thanks Kay

  2. i used to be proud of his mohawk but now i wish he change his hairstyle already. =.= Just grow the sides and maintained the spikiness of your hair.. is it really that hard?

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