Canadian Singer “J.Reyez” covers Wedding Dress in Toronto Club – Fans are angry

J.Reyez at Frequency Nighclub

“Korean-Canadian singer “J.Reyez”, the artist who covered Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” cover version recently paid a visit to a Toronto club to perform where fans frowned upon the performance”. “It’s common for artists to cover other artists songs, and remixes and new arrangements are also popular, however the issue that angered Big Bang fans were the performance fees that were taken by J.Reyez for songs he did not take performance rights for”. “Fans are getting angrier and wants a formal protest from YG’s side because it may be a problem for Taeyang to enter the overseas market”
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Another article wrote:

Fans enjoyed the Korean singer and his songs however others were saying he looked “too similar to Taeyang” and what about “copyright issues?”

What do you guys think? This seems to explain the recent issues K-fans are having with Taeyang covers. Do you think it’s right for J.Reyez to perform Taeyang’s songs, even if they are his own versions/covers?  Do you think it may be a problem for Taeyang’s oversea debut?

Check out what J.Reyez had to say, under the cut
Here is a fancam of the performance:

And based on youtube comments, J.Reyez has released unofficial comments on youtube:

“WE DID NOT GET PAID FOR THIS PERFORMANCE. get your facts straight before assuming anything and I think you’re one of the very few in North America that would be upset about such a thing. Once again we are not claiming it’s our song. You must not no a thing about the music industry. Some of the big named artists you hear about today got big because of covers and remixes.”

Personally, I am really disappointed to see this because I know Taeyang would be hurt by it. It’s one thing to cover someone’s song and post it on youtube but its another to go and spread your name using someone else’s beats and sounds without permissions or copyright. I’m sure 75% of that club didn’t know that it was originally Taeyang’s song, what if tomorrow Taeyang wants to debut overseas with HIS OWN english version of Wedding Dress? He’s the one who will be blamed for the lack of originality and then have to go through the whole issue of clarifiying it was HIS SONG in the first place.

Maybe I’m not thinking straight so I’m being really biased. No hate for J.Reyez, maybe a shout out to Taeyang might have been showing ownership of the song?


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  1. hmm i nvr thot of it that way…i just simply enjoyed the fact that other ppl enjoy taeyangs music too n we get to hear a different but still good cover of it. but now that i start reading here n in ibigbang, it seems that it reallie WILL hurt taeyang especially the points u pointed out here r very valid arguments. but what do we know, i mean we’re not experts about the music industry. but at the very least, he should hv given credit to taeyang for it during the performance or something.

  2. These guys are just being silly. They aren’t selling the song on iTunes. They aren’t getting played on the radio. They aren’t getting paid for performing it. There’s no way they have the right amount or types of exposure to significantly impact taeyang if he were to decide to release wedding dress in America (which isn’t going to happen with YG in charge . . . 3 cheers for not allowing someone to reach their potential!)

    1. hmm.. i dont agree with you.. i ended up downloading an english version of wedding dress and this whole time i thought it was tae yang.
      i kept listening to it, it says j, reyez and tommy c in the beginning.

  3. hmmmm interesting. honestly, I’m not too bothered by it. True, he should’ve credited taeyang before the perfomance, but if you look at his youtube videos (which recieved the most views), he clearly states that it’s a cover of taeyang’s song. I was listening to taeyang’s where u at one day, and someone wrote in the comments section that he/she learned about taeyang after hearing J.Reyez’s covers. I guess it’s a little bit of give and take, since most of the ppl who viewed J.Reyez’s wedding dress and where u at covers are kpop/taeyang fans, esp b/c they got the most views, compared to all his other vids.
    Also, im pretty sure that the people in the club knew it was taeyang’s song since they were singing along only to the parts where he sings “wedding dress” “baby” and “lady” (wich is similar to the original) . LOL
    nonetheless, i agree that he should’ve said it was a cover of taeyang’s song before singing it live. i can see how fans can be frustrated

    1. “Also, im pretty sure that the people in the club knew it was taeyang’s song since they were singing along only to the parts where he sings “wedding dress” “baby” and “lady” (wich is similar to the original).”

      Some of them might have known and sang along. But what about the others that didn’t? For them, I’m sure they must’ve thought: Wow, he must be quite good since people actually seem to know HIS lyrics. With other words – still doesn’t help Taeyang in any way ..

      1. This is going to cause Taeyang some problems for his possible debut overseas – especially the US. Most of the people here are so closed minded when it comes to Asian talents. It’s either Asians are copying the blacks “trying to be all hard and shit” or, they lack originality. I’m getting off topic, but because J.Reyez did a performance in a club, and it’s getting spread all over youtube, the English fans are going to become biased towards his performace v. Taeyang’s. It’s cool that Taeyang is getting popular, but not in a way he would prefer – if you get me. It’s like, J.Reyez is mooching off of Taeyang/s popularity.. but the audience is completely oblivious of Taeyang. And when Taeyang comes here, they are going to think Taeyang is mooching off of J.Reyez despite the fact that he was the original singer. Plus, cuz he is Korean, not native, they’re going to think that he is copying everyone – he isn’t original. No matter what, who ever touches the audience first, will have more influence – especially here. Cuz there was this huge deal about TY’s Only Look at Me performance with the piano.. they were saying that Asians just copy whatever Americans do – because Alicia Keys did that in her performance. And, with G-Dragons “plagraism” that adds more to the whole lack in originality. When I listen to their songs or whatever, i get a shitload of people always attacking Asians for copying everything. It pisses me off because for one, it’s hard to be original because a) we are all inspired by one thing b) imagination is based on what we sense.

        i dont know.

        if J.Reyez really respected TY’s music, he would have acknowledged TY in his performance. That’s the right thing to do.

        And as far as TY’s covers, the songs he covered are soo popular worldwide – it’s so difficult to NOT know who they are. I guess that’s the difference. TY is popular, but not like Ne-Yo, Beyonce, etc. For him to build that kind of popularity, he needs one big ass BANG with no interruptions.

        1. @justchaa: You’ve got a lot of solid points there. I didn’t know how bad this is going to turn out when I watched the video a few days ago. I actually thought that performing one of taeyang’s song was no big deal and will do no harm whatsoever. I thought it would be an awesome way to spread taeyang. but ppl seems to think that he own the song so…
          I love the cover to tell u honestly, but i wish he had the initiative to -like what u said,- “acknowledge taeyang in his performance”.

          How popular is Jreyez among the american audience who do not listen to Kpop? If he’s really well known, then I think most people(non-Kpoppers) would have believed that he own the song through that performance. So in a way, when Taeyang gets to perform his own song in the future he’s gonna be called unoriginal and a ripped off? Please no.

  4. Although I do think this might affect Tae Yang in the future (if and when YG finally decided to let him come to the US), I believe that some fans are blowing this out of proportion. J. Reyez did make a valid point….it’s not as if he was paid for the performance. Also every artist does covers of other singers. Tae Yang himself has done covers of other artists (example Cracks of a Broken Heart) and no one made a big deal out of that. I’m not saying that J. Reyez wasn’t in the wrong….he should have at least given a shoutout to TY and YG. But we should look at it this way….most people only do covers of artists they admire so I think it’s a good thing b/c knowing that TY is looked up to as an artist makes me happy.
    Sorry for the long post everyone!!!

  5. oh, and one more thing (sorry..long ass post, I know). rather than hindering or discrediting taeyang’s possible entry into the US market, I think this helps further his potential

  6. I don’t think he looks like YB at all. Just because he also wears caps?

    It would have been nice if he gave a shout out to YB. But I think people are overreacting. Big Bang have performed songs by other artists but I’ve never seen them give a shout out to them (e.g. YB’s concert – Frankie J’s Don’t wanna try).

    That’s just what I think.

  7. ouch………not a cool look at all. Out of all the differenet remixes I’ve heard of Wedding Dress, J.Reyez is the only one I see going around promoting WD as if its his song. All he had to do was give a shout out to Taeyang; thats not hard to do. I can understand why people are angry. Makes me feel like Taeyang is being cheated. If I was J.Reyez, I would just stick to making up my own tracks; although there was nothing wrong with him doing a cover of WD in the first place; but yeah he’s got to stop now. If he wishes to perform WD again then a shortout to the original singer is needed. Though I think this is the last time we’ll have J.Reyez doing WD; too much hype aleady to this issue. He should just back down, before fans back in Korea/K-pop get a hold of this~

    1. Plus at laest Taeyang’s name is getting around; trying not to throw away the idea of an international debut some time in the future~

  8. I said this before on ibigbang, but for me it’s not the fact that of getting paid. I’ve talked about this before with some people I know, that really like Taeyang and love Wedding Dress..and We aren’t very happy about it. It’s not money issues, because it’s true he’s not getting paid. Which he shouldn’t be. It’s the fact that he can only get popular by using other peoples beats and use his own lyrics.

    We totally understand that, yes other artists use other artists songs to become famous. But they don’t use someone elses beat and make their own lyrics to it. J.Reyez can’t do anything more than use Teddy’s beats and also use the idea of Wedding Dress for his “own” cover. For me, I think this guy is whack. He thinks he’s the best, but if you’re going to show your talent…use it, don’t use half-ass it. I hope this makes sense..

  9. I didn’t know he was actually performing YB’s songs in clubs. I just thought they were covers for youtube. I do think it’s sketchy to perform a song by another fairly unknown singer and not even mention them. It’s not like YB covering Frankie J or Eric Benet. These are already established singers. I mean, Tae Yang isn’t exactly well-known in Canada or the US, but this J.Reyez guy is trying to make a name for himself by using YB’s songs. It’s a compliment to YB, yes, but he should make it clear that he is performing a cover.

  10. I have to agree with you Kay. Let’s face it, probably only a small amount of people in the club actually know of the original.He could have done a huge favor for TaeYang by giving a shout out. That would have shown respect toward the TaeYang. I’m hoping this is only a one-time thing because if he continues to do this especially if he gives no credit or shout-out prior the actual performance it will look bad on his part.
    To some degree fans have a right to be upset. One of my biggest worry is by promoting this song under his name, people easily forget that this is only a cover not an original composition. This version is good but, lets face it, it is not as great as TaeYang. All Reyez did was write some English lyrics and kept the original beats. I have no problem with doing a cover just for fun and posting it on youtube but singing it in public under your name is another thing. Then again, who knows this might actually help TaeYang in the long ran.
    I think its up to TaeYang’s fan and even Reyez, himself, to clearly reinforced that this is only a cover and encourage other people to check TaeYang’s music out.

  11. hell… we all know the original is way better than the one j reyez put up for both wedding dress and where you at so that dun even matter, as for taeyang going america, i doubt it not for a while, he still has yet to put out his second album in korea let alone america? like cmon yg what happened to his godamn album!! j reyez is just trying to branch out to different fans doing covers for songs, its not like hes gonna start promoting that song its just prlly becuz he got a good feedback off youtube and hes just paying bak the fans with a live performance. And in all honesty, i dun think j reyez will start promoting this song cuz he has a lot of other shit under his belt .. check that out.. and secondly the song cant even compare to the original version. What i’d like to see is taeyang feat j reyez wedding dress LOL that way j reyez can rap his rap and taeyang can sing and get american exposure LOl not that other dude that cant even compare to taeyangs voice

  12. Cover is a cover. The thing that bother us fans, is the way it’s presented, by recorded video. If there was no video, than no one would say shit. People do stuff like that at clubs, please.

  13. argh……well…….if taeyang does somehow do his activities here….and for some reason he gets “accused” of being unoriginal because of this guy……….then im sure that guy will step up and say that it’s not Taeyang who is unoriginal…..and that what he sang was just a cover of taeyang’s song……….
    however, if doesn’t do anything about if that ever happens…….thennnnnnnn things get fierce :S

  14. This is Stupid! J.Reyez did a cover for Tae Yang because he respect his music and no intention of copyright! >.<

  15. Yeah, i don’t think it’s that big of a deal. it’s only a cover w/ j. reyez’s own twist to it. even if you had no clue who taeyang was but was interested in j. reyez’s song, if you went to his youtube, you will find out really quick that it’s a cover song since he credits taeyang there.
    I don’t think it will hurt taeyang’s future if he ever promotes in North America. if anything this will give him more exposure as an artist.

    However, i do agree that he should have credited taeyang but it was someone else who introduced him and the song (yeah, i know.. that shouldn’t really be a excuse though)

  16. Hmmm this definatley a delicate issue. Once again copyright is an issue here. I for one don’t mind at all. It’s fairly normal for artists to cover other singer’s music and perform it as well. Taeyang performed Eric Benet’s and Chris Brown’s songs for his concert. It’s kind of like the same idea. And I don’t think this will compromise Tae Yang’s name because i’m almost certain Tae Yang/Big Bang is much more famous than JReyez. I’m sure most people know of “Wedding Dress” and that it is Tae Yang’s.

    Think of it this way: the fac that there are so many covers of Tae Yang’s music really demonstrates how famous he is. With all these plagarism accusations in Kpop, we should be happy that Taeyang’s music is being covered and remixed and it’s not the other way around. And Tae Yang did say that he wants to be a musician that inspires others…and I think this is just that!

    I don’t believe there is infringement here…They’re not trying to make money…they just found the song to be really good and covered it. It don’t even think Jreyez are trying to establish their names by riding YB’s wave…if they were, they should of picked a more famous song that’s more relevant to their Canadian audiences.

    K-fans are being very protective of Tae Yang…again. lol.

  17. I’m okay with people covering TaeYang’s songs. After all, it’s a huge compliment. BUT if Mr. Reyez is going around clubs trying to get his name known while ONLY singing TY’s songs, that’s a problem for me.

    I don’t know what his set was like or how often he does this so I can’t say.

    1. Honestly, I believe everyone is taking this way too far. My wife never knew who TaeYang was until she listened to J.Reyez’s cover. Now, she been following Tae Yang and listening to his music. This is like a cross-promotion for both artists. If you actually go to Jreyez cover on Youtube, you will see he does credit TaeYang. Honestly, I was at the club the night Jreyez performed and if you were there, you will see that he or the other singer had no chance to say anything. Someone else introduced them n they started singing. If people know about club performances, they are usually quick performances. The clubs doesn’t like any performances goes for long so as soon as they are done, they quickly will try to get them off. On another note, I don’t understand why people are getting so upset about this and getting mad at J.Reyez. If you really listened to the cover, he only does a small part which is rapping. He doesn’t sing like TaeYang. Anyways, with all this being said, I thank Jreyez for doing this cover and introducing me to a new artist that I never knew before and that is Mr. TaeYang himself.

  18. i watched this video in youtube coz i’m subscribed to j.reyez’s channel. i didn’t think of anything when i watched this video. but now, that all these controversies popped out, i agree that he should have said it’s a Taeyang cover although the crowd were singing along with the english words from the original.
    i don’t mind kpop fans being protective of Taeyang… they’ve always been like that with their idols… but i really hope this won’t give my bae problems in the future… that’s what just concerns me… i hope he doesn’t get hurt or something…

  19. I personally, don’t mind this at all.
    He wasn’t paid. And plus it said ‘TAEYANG – Wedding Dress Cover English Version’ in the original video so technically, he did credit Taeyang although he didn’t say it to the crowd, the latter of the crowd that liked the song would look for it on YT as most people do, find it, and realize that it was a cover.
    Plus Wedding Dress is a widely known song in Canada. Most of my friends who don’t know jackshit about kpop has heard of the song FROM J.Reyez and eventually looked up the original version and liked it. (they’re actually Taeyang fans now LOL)
    This is a delicate issue, I agree. I hope this doesn’t get TOO big, and noone gets hurt in the process.
    my two cents 🙂

  20. lol @ you guys he let it be known by releasing it first as a cover of TY’s song. True enough if a lot of people do it even dj’s at night clubs mixing songs of other artists and such. For the moment he has given the cret but if YG wants to pursue royalty rights they have all the power to do so, or he could hit them up to find out for performing rights. But yea, for now its just a english cover version. who knows if he has some performing rights for it or not honestly

  21. I agree with Tofu on this… and from the comments there are very polarised views around the issue.

    I’m not bothered about this at all, since J. Reyez is just doing a cover on Tae Yang’s song, and was not paid for the performance either. So there’s no copyright issues since he did credit Tae Yang in his Youtube video.

    Even if he didn’t give a shoutout in the club performance, any person that could’ve been there and liked it, would have probably searched up his name and “Wedding Dress” on Youtube and found that it was a cover by Tae Yang anyway.

    And like some people said, artists do covers of other artists’ songs all the time, and there wasn’t any problems with that, why should this be any different?

    So don’t take this too seriously guys, it’s not like J. Reyez is trying to become a singer by riding on Tae Yang’s song. He likes Tae Yang’s song, so he did a cover on it, and had the opportunity to sing it live in a club.

    To me, this is a great exposure for Tae Yang AND Big bang, even if plans in a US debut are in YG’s plans or not.

    And in answer to my qyestion “why should this be any different?”

    Because the person involved here is Tae Yang. I can understand why Korean fans are so worried and protective about him. He’s honest, humble, hard working, and very sweet, and they don’t want to see him being taken advantage of.

    I had to hold myself back for a second and not get so caught up and worried when I first read this on iBigBang. 😛

    It’s great to see the love and care YB’s getting. ❤

    1. And LOL.. The Koreans are already way ahead of YG and thinking if maybe YB or BB is going to tackle the overseas market! They’re holding a lot of hope on them aren’t they! XD

    2. Yeah. I agree. I can understand why fans are protective of Tae Yang…they really have high hopes for the boy. They want to push him to higher levels in the domestic and international market. They just want to make sure that he gets the credit he deserves. But i really think he’s getting credit…its kind of flattering that so many up and coming artists like his music and are copying him….within legal constraints of course!

      1. Overall, I think it would have been a nice gesture for J.Reyez to shout out the original singer for the song.

        I think if he had done that, none of this would have happened cause no one is really angry he covered the song…more that it almost seems like he’s the one who created the song when in reality, he simply wrote english lyrics for a song that already had the beats and meaning – just in a different language.

        I totally see Koreans fans point of view….Taeyang is like an R&B treasure to music fans all over Korean, he is a rare find in the sea of pop idols….blown out of proportion? possibly…

  22. i know that his intentions werent to take over taeyang’s name, but at least but a disclaimer in the vid of the song somewhere!

  23. This is the point in fandoms when i become really ashamed…when things get blown out of proportion and not looked at with a clear thought process… I mean lets be many covers have you heard Taeyang himself sing? diss this guy for showing Taeyang some love is not only hypocritical but petty and pushing buttons that are not necessary..For fact, I have heard Taeyang sing covers on radio show, concerts, tv shows, in interviews..etc etc etc….Let’s enjoy the music and hopefully more people expressing their love for Taeyang through covers or whatnot wont be discouraged by this. Sory if I sound mean but are we seriously saying he may in some way hinder YB from releasing the song himself in the US? I’m seriously laughing at this….must not be any Taeyang topics to discuss, so why not pick on this poor guy. This is of course my opinion on it and I totally understand being a protective fan but there are limits to everything and this is one of those things that is just, for lack of better words, retarded! If i were J Reyes, I’d feel hurt by the accusations and flip the netizens the big middle finger and continue to do me!!

    1. Taeyang’s covers were OBVIOUSLY covers because he sang English lyrics. J.Reyez and his people are acting like they came up with the music for “Wedding Dress.”

  24. Hm..I agree with the points here that he is just doing a cover of YB’s Wedding Dress….I guess what really bothers me is that he HAS his own songs he can rap to. Why Wedding Dress? Does he have notso good beats and lyrics to the ones he has to go off and use YB’s cover. I’d be more impressed with J.Reyez if he just freestyled, because normally when a rapper just “appears” and not get paid at a performance he’d freestyle.

  25. actually, when i first saw the vid of his performance, the first thing that came to my mind was, “is he allowed to do that??” i don’t have anything against him, i don’t hate him too, his rendition of the song is really nice. but it seemed to me by the way he performed it and the way the crowd reacted when he was introduced with the song that he performs it like his “own”. i mean, as artists, they have that “own” thing, even if they are just doin a cover of another artists song, they have to make the version theirs.. urgh.. i know you get the point, but the way he “owns” it, it really gives the feeling that it’s his original.

    like i said, i don’t hate him, i subscribed to his channel, but.. something is not right about this..

    it might actually create a conflict on tae yang’s probable debut overseas..

  26. when i saw this gahh i was supaaa dooper angry. before hand i actually liked Jreyez. and thought his cover was pretty good. but COME ON he could at have at least mention that he was DOING A COVER. in stead of mis-leading the people ther GRRR~! i hope YG sues him ^^ lols

  27. The problem that Taeyang might face here is a similar problem many artists have had in the past, but is it really a copyright issue?

    Something very similar happens with all those songs that Wierd Al Yankovic performs or records. They are technically not a copyright violation because it’s HIS OWN VERSION of the song.

    Artist such as J. Reyez can easily claim that the song they do is their version and that way not pay any royalties to the composer(s); sorry to say that Taeyang actually doesn’t win anything when it comes to money in these issues since he a musician…. he’s like Elvis, he sings the songs but since he didn’t officially write them he doesn’t get any of the winning when it comes to using the song. He sung the song, he didn’t write the lyrics or music for the piece, there for he has no power over it.

    In my opinion, I believe what the artist is doing is wrong, just because he’s doing his version doesn’t mean it’s OK. The only way I could allow this guy to sing it like this (if I were the one to decide) is if he gave the PROPER reference before he sang this song… besides, he’ might have changed the lyrics, but he is breaking copyright law by using those original audi tracks of the song, like the piano and beats… the audio he uses didn’t sound like something he “re-recorded”.

    The problem here is not the fact that the got paid or not as he said before, like I said, to use certain things you gotta pay, specially if you do it live

    And yes A LOT of people got famous for doing covers &/or remixes, but they did it the RIGHT way, they consulted the law and paid the people they were supposed to pay… AND THEY PAID THEIR RESPECTS, which is something that I DO NOT see here. I don’t see any thanks given to Taeyang (as he’s technically the representative of this song). If I were him I’d AT LEAST do that and this doesn’t have to do with copyrights, it’s simply common courtesy and acknowledging who your f***ing mentors/idols/influences are. PAY YOUR RESPECTS!!!

    Problems like this could escalate and fans could turn against him BIG TIME and make a promising act a failure. I am NOT posting a threat, I could care less about the guy, I’m just reminding people that there are fanatics out there that can make your life a living hell if you rub them the wrong way. Everyone aspiring to be good and making covers should do it the RIGHT WAY.

    1. I get what you’re saying… Some fans can really turn ugly if things go wrong.

      I guess I can see that since J.Reyez never re-recorded, but just used the background music with his own version of the lyrics, why some see that it can be an issue.

      And how it could mislead people.

      So I guess the problem is that he didn’t give credit where it’s due. (e.g. no shoutout)

      However, I still think what he did was within the law, it wasn’t really respectful of him or to Tae Yang, I admit it… But it was still a good YB exposure to the international fans out there.

      And just by seeing the protectiveness and worried fans… I feel that the boy is really loved and special in the eyes of his fans. ^^

      1. Yes, he seems to be doing everything within the law, the only thing where he might stray is the “sonic element”.

        He would have had to re-record the beats, piano, etc. for it to be ok. If he’s using the original track, he’s toast.

        that simple ^^U

    2. Hmmm I think you are misunderstanding the situation. For the most part you can cover another artists’ music as long as you give full credit and and do not make money off of it. Which Jreyez is doing. If he was to include this song on his album and sell it he would have to pay royalties to YG Entertainment. For example, when GD was charged with plagarism with his “heartbreak” TEASER, Flo-Rida’s company didn’t decided to sue him yet, (tho they recognize the similiarities) because it was just a TEASER and Gdragon wasn’t making money off of it.

      In addition, YB and YGE does have legal ownership over the song even if he didn’t write it. In this case Taeyang did write the song and the company that represents him does own the copyrights. Therefore they have full ownership over the song.

      I think is blown out of proportion because non-famous artist cover famous songs all the time. IE if I were to perform Taeyang’s “wedding dress” at a school performance, do you think i have to pay royalties? Nope.

      For the record, this is not his own version of the song. “Wedding dress” is clearly a cover while “Where u at ” is a remix. Not a sample either….an obvious cover. I think we have to be clear with the defninations.

  28. @ CrystalD
    “Artist such as J. Reyez can easily claim that the song they do is their version and that way not pay any royalties to the composer(s); sorry to say that Taeyang actually doesn’t win anything when it comes to money in these issues since he a musician…. he’s like Elvis, he sings the songs but since he didn’t officially write them he doesn’t get any of the winning when it comes to using the song. He sung the song, he didn’t write the lyrics or music for the piece, there for he has no power over it.”

    I’m quite sure Taeyang was involved in the making of Wedding Dress and Where U At. If I’m not mistaken, he said in an interview that he added melody lines to beats or tracks that Teddy already created. Doesn’t that mean he’s part of the team who actually create these songs?

    1. tae yang was in both songs co compser and writer if im not wrong so he also get money for every single wich is/will be sold and not only because hes the singer…so you are right^^

      1. that was actually one of my concerns with the preview album.
        If I recall correct, it was never written on any part that he was ACTUALLY one of the songwriters.

        If his name is REGISTERED on the copyright document stating that he was part of the creators of the song, he gets a piece of the cake when the profits come, otherwise he gets nothing. But it has to be there written on the document.

        Many people don’t get any royalties BECAUSE their name is not STATED on the document, it has to be legal and it has to be written down.

        In this particular case, again, if he’s name is in the document, he was part ownership of the song. It doesn’t matter if he helped and it’s not written down.

        1. then we’ll have to ambush YG and make sure taeyang gets all the rights he deserved. ;p

  29. i dont really think this will hinder his overseas debut if he ever does and if he already said that he din take the performance fees, who are we to doubt that? he probably should have done a shout out for Bae since its rightfully HIS song but most people should know that it was a cover for Wedding Dress alr since its like.. because of TaeYang that J.Reyez’s version got popular. but… watever really ._. i dont think copyright issues are much included in here since it IS true that some big artists got their fame because of theri covers but they didn’t get into all the trouble of copyright issues. like that girl “Tiffany Jo Allen”. she’s just an example 🙂 i mean, she gets a few million views for every cover she releases and i doubt she paid the copyright stuff. she even performs at events and im not sure if she gets the performance fees but thing is, why is J.Reyez getting the heat up here and not her? everything here is MY OPINION and…yeah 🙂 i dont blame the netizens for getting angry over this but really, if you look at it from another angle, i dont think he did anything wrong in the first place.

  30. Personally, I don’t think Tae will ever debut stateside, but I still don’t like someone covering this song at a club where most of the people don’t realize that J.Reyez is not the original artist or songwriter. If Teddy and Tae (music and lyrics, right?) or YG sold the song, then it’d be OK.

  31. he is promoting himself with songs of others…thats the point…he should do that with his own songs and earn therefor the fame. its one thing to do covers on YT but another to promote in a club even if he dont get payed. you get fans and that is more important then money

    and he didnt say a thing about tae yang as he performed …somebody who didnt know about tae yang or him and was just there for fun would think “wow what a singer, thats a really good song” voila…he has a fan more an youngbae got nothing

  32. Sorry i’m YB bias…i don’t like Reyez singing YB’s song. Even if it is just a cover. I think when other artist do covers of other people songs its more obvious since the audience will know its not their song and just a cover. But since Taeyang is pretty much uknown in America, most people will just think its Reyez’s song and i don’t like that. Fair enough though if he mentioned it wasn’t his song.

    Finally in my opinion, most of the covers and remixes of Taeyangs songs I don’t like them. It kinda ruins the songs for me, only Taeyang can do his songs justice. However Boni’s only look at me was good

  33. @peacelovewar

    “then we’ll have to ambush YG and make sure taeyang gets all the rights he deserved. ;p”

    hahah XD
    I agree ^_~
    I think we should try to convince Teddy to ALWAYS put YB as one of the composers when they file the for the copyrights of his songs XP

  34. I don’t like it.. But I think it’s a topic that never will be cleared actually. Because k-pop artists also have covered english songs.
    – But I still personally think that this is too much. He have already maked a cover once, and that was fine.. but now also live? without even mention Taeyang? That’s not acceptable for me. I’m sure that there wasn’t many who knew that this was Taeyang’s song, and if J.Reyez gets all the success for a song which was made by Taeyang.. that’s not okay, of course! ..and that would be no matter which artist it was..
    ..But I don’t think YG or any others can do anything about it, because there is so many who are making covers here and there, so I think it is a topic that may just must be overlooked, even though I really think that it’s disrespectful ):


    he’s as popular as passion – i dont know if you know who that is. he isn’t big, but he’s popular. A few of my friends like his original songs – and they like his live performances. My friends tend to watch the live performance, and for some reason, they saw the one that Kay posted. They believed that’s his original song && convincing them that it is TY’s original was kind of hard. Seeing BB’s old videos and watching TY’s old videos didn’t make it easier. The whole plagiarism with Flo Rida (they are flo rida’s fans too) and G-Dragon made it hell of a lot worse too.

    Right now, my friends are fans of J.Reyez because of TY. They think TY is a knock off.

    1. No, i don’t know passion. LOL. Jreyez now has fans because of Wedding Dress? That, I can take, but when people thought that Jreyez own that song, it’s just wrong…. But if they watch his video on Youtube, wouldn’t they have read the description? Cuz jreyez clearly stated that it’s a cover.

      well, i guess you can always tell them that Taeyang released wedding dress like last year. and the cover that Jreyez did was made this year. So obviously, Taeyang is not the plagiarizer.

      1. passion is awesome. he’s very humble and sweet. he travels in the US for private gigs and stuff. you should listen to him.

        yeah, they didn’t see it on youtube. if you go on his tumblr there’s a chick who posted the audio and that’s where my friends found it. then they saw it on youtube, and thats where i had to convince them it was TY.

  36. lol off topic………but i found a remix of taeyang’s WUA with Justin bieber’s song……….IT WAS TERRIBLE……BIEBER RUINED IT………..just saying 😀

    1. OMG, really? I sound ignorant but I’ve never listened to his songs… I know he’s pretty popular right now…?

      With terrible… I don’t think I’d dare to listen…”XD

      But curious… Hmm~~

    2. Thats funny, I was on one of Taeyang’s videos on youtube (I think the one uploaded by YG Entertainment itself) and theres a whole big debate/arguement going on with JB and TY

  37. kay that`s bull . . . I love Tae Yang as much as the next girl but J. Reyez did a cover ! Get over it ! Many people do covers of songs he doesn`t claim the song . As someone said TY himself did and does alot of covers ( I know some people who think some of his covers are his songs =/ ) .

    If anything by gettin popular ( esp. youtube ones) north american artists to do covers of your song gives you alot of good exposure . . . that could potentially help TY in the future when he attempts to break the North American Market. I know alot of avid J Reyez fans who now know who tae yang is and actually went to listen to his songs . That`s a whole lot more than YG has done straight up .

    Both are talented menn who deserve alot more success, so all my fellow TY fans calm down . Mhmm also to the lady above you can not deny the fact that J.Reyez flow is sik, boy can rap, point blank . talent is talent, you may not like it but you gotta respect it .

    1. I totally agree with The Truth response above. Like I said before, my wife didn’t know who TY was until she listened to J.reyez cover. Now she is also a fan of TY. She is also telling her friends of TY and getting them to listen to his music. So, they way I look at it, its cover done by Jreyez and have help us North American discover TY.

  38. Listen, the only reason why people are redoing Taeyang’s songs is because Taeyang isn’t bringing out any new songs so when he does, then we’ll all be happy and we won’t need a reason to redo his songs. I hope Taeyang does an album in English and I hope people stop trying to translate his song. And, mixed feelings for J. Reyez. It’s cool he’s making translating Taeyang’s songs on YouTube, but let that be a guide for him to make his own music, not use Taeyang’s music. The other YouTube stars do covers but they also have their own original music. Personally, I don’t think anyone should copy Taeyang because it’s Taeyang–he’s O.G., plain and simple. =)

  39. who ever said that taeyang was going to debut overseas?
    who ever said that j.reyez was making money off of the covers?
    NO ONE.

    i’m was a big bang fan first, & then came along j.reyez (i discovered j.reyez bc of a “say ahh” remix that he did with other artists)
    i love big bang & j.reyez, both<3

    i support what j.reyez is doing.
    he's just trying to make it in the industry with covers.

  40. & it’s surprising to hear that j.reyez isn’t getting shit for his WHERE U AT remix …

    also, why is j.reyez taking all of this heat?
    … tommy c was just as much involved.

    i personally don’t see anything wrong with the both of them making a cover to taeyang’s songs & performing them.

    1. true fans maybe but how many are there?. but he did gain new fans from that performance of wedding dress and what some people disagree is that he didn’t give a shout out to Taeyang or anything before the performance. People in the club who were unfamiliar with Kpop thought it was his song. People who watched the videos anywhere else other than Youtube thought the song was his. He should have at least acknowledge Taeyang since it was practically unknown song it the united states.

  41. I don’t think it’s wrong to preform others song, but when YB sings other peoples song he does not go to clubs and sings the Korean version of it and put it on youtube. What J is doing is promtoing himself with YBs song to make it seem like he wrote it, that’s the problem here.

  42. I don’t think it’s wrong at all. They’re not claiming it as theirs and they weren’t paid to do it. It’s the same as doing it at a talent show. There is nothing wrong with it. Besides, it said it was a cover, not the actual song so I see nothing wrong with doing it.

  43. Wtf, everyone there knew it was Taeyang’s song. & WHO SAID J.REYEZ WAS MAKING MONEY OFF OF THE COVERS? Really. -_- . And wth, I’m sure everyone there knew it was a cover so they knew it was made from someone else and if they really wanted to know who it was, they would’ve asked.

  44. J reyez isnt wrong for what he did. Its part of being an artist, he dropped his own lyrics with a lil bit of a twist. It’s copying if J. Reyez was to sing the exact words as Tae yangs version. But it was a cover. People need to seriously calm down, that is how artists become artists, which is thru covers and their own music. I dont care what ya think but J.Reyez is a great artist & so is Tae Yang.

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