Boni’s Full cover of 나만 바라봐 (Look Only At Me)

So all I can say is “Hell yes. Finally.”  Boni promised us the full cover of Tae Yang’s famous song and here it is.

Make sure you check out her new website: for a free download of the song and Twitter @Boni_10.  Talk to her, be nice to her, show her some love.   She’s like one of the sweetest people ever.


12 thoughts on “Boni’s Full cover of 나만 바라봐 (Look Only At Me)”

  1. Amazing; her voice is so refreshing. I just love the tone to her voice. She did a great job; the ending just did it for me; just beautiful. The background instrumental for the song is great too; just so mellow XD

  2. awesome cover. did anyone download the song? for me under the download area, it says “No documents for download”?

  3. Awesome cover of the song. Its definitely a different cover of the song. She brought her own thing to the song.

  4. yep she definitely made it her own song! brought her own flavor into it! I love it! this girl! damn! and I think it’s also the power of the song “Look Only at Me” too…this song no matter how many times YB or someone else sang it I never get tire of it! OMG


    Kush did help make “look only at me” right? correct me if I’m wrong please…thank you…

  5. I love this version! so unique and fresh
    Boni always delivers, she seriously needs to be promoted more. I can’t wait to hear more from her

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