Like Big Bang MV, Seungri pokes fun at Taeyang

Hey guys, sorry we’re been a bit behind on the updates here because of the project. We’ll get right back on track soon enough. Remember to send in your birthday messages if you haven’t already!
I found this music video hilarious enough and had to post because of Seungri and his dating dilema (don’t blame Taeyang!)~~ If you haven’t seen it, check it out….

17 thoughts on “Like Big Bang MV, Seungri pokes fun at Taeyang”

  1. Seungri and Daesung, the gag men of Big Bang. Those two together are a force. This vid is so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. I feel for them because in the funny is the real truth of their situation as idols….but what a way to throw YB under the bus, Seungri.

    “Taeyang hyung, every weekend, just goes to church and prays. Never even went on a date. You’re really a rare/historical find.”

    One of the many reasons why I admire you so, YB. Always stay true to who you are. You’re the bomb, baby. And to Seungri all I have to say is……jealous much.

  2. lol I loved every single minute of this show; definitely did not disappoint. oh my gosh lol Seungri’s dig at Taeyang; ‘Taeyang hyung, every weekend, Just goes to church and prays. Never even went on a date, you’re really a rare/historical find’~ thats why he’s one in a million Seungri !!!!!

  3. Hahaha xD oooh whaat,poor Bebe oppa xD a rare historical find,lmao he sure is! i’ve never seen someone as HOT as him single haha,envy envy seungri lool,him and Dae are so funny,and the song is catchy lmao xD

  4. LOL! I couldn’t help but laugh so much! Daesung and seungri are so funny! I totally agree with the girl that said something about taeyang smiling eyes! (o^_^o) I go to church every sunday too…maybe taeyang and I can praise and worship together lol

  5. i don’t really like the song, but the funny lyrics and the old antics of the two gag men in Big Bang makes up for it… XD

  6. random … but i actually wanna see taeyang and TOP attend a variety show, i remember hearing somewhere taeyang is a bit of a prankster who likes to scare TOP and well TOP is just the original comic behind closed doors of big bang.

  7. LOL @ the vid!!! It is really catchy! hahaha! =)

    Even with all the bashing on their hyungs, we all know they’re just saying that because their hyungs get the girls. ^^

    Baebae is a rare find Baby Ri. Of course we know that. ^^

  8. did anyone hear the comment made by sooyoung about taeyang going to their concert, and saying hi. Was that already public info?

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