Updates on the ATY Birthday Project~ CLOSED


Hey everyone~
So there is approximately ONE WEEK left before your SONG & PERSONAL MESSAGE is due in to me (MAY 5th) so it can be put on our spectacular Ipod for Taeyang! I have been getting a lot of questions regarding donations so here are some more details.
We want to get Taeyang an Ipod and are hoping to raise around $150 for it – that’s the basic Ipod. We didn’t specify any amounts because this is completely voluntary and don’t want to make anyone feel obligated to donate. At this point, however, we need approximately $50 more to reach our target. If we get over that target, we may be able to get him a better Ipod or maybe one with more space. If we can’t meet the next target price range, the additional donation amount will be contributed to the scrapbook and shipping to Korea. And if we are under our target of $150, we will opt for another mp3 player instead of the Ipod (but we hope it doesn’t come to this).

So donate any amount you feel comfortable with, we are getting closer to the target but still need some help πŸ™‚
Thank you to all those who have already donated~~!!

P.S As Tofu mentioned, we have also decided to add on some remixes/covers on the Ipod. This is on the side, and if you have any good covers/remixes you’ve found, email or tweet it to us and we’ll consider it for the Ipod…we are only asking for help with this side project incase we’ve missed some great remixes/covers. YOU ARE STILL IN THE PROJECT EVEN IF YOU DO NOT SEND IN ANY REMIXES/COVERS – as long as you have sent ME your SONG+PERSONAL MESSAGE by MAY 5th. (and if ‘your’ song was a remix/cover then don’t worry – it will still remain your choice, we will not add it again on the Ipod)


50 thoughts on “Updates on the ATY Birthday Project~ CLOSED”

      1. i have a paypal account. it says something about being a negative but then it said it did a successful transfer from my bank account. i’m so confused. how does it work??

    1. alright I made the post more clear since I think people are confused…

      NO, the remix/covers have nothing to do with the main project…we’re only asking for any help regarding remixes/covers TOFU AND I are adding into the IPOD. The MAIN PROJECT is YOUR song with YOUR message.

      if you do not submit any remixes/covers – that’s OKAY – you are still apart of the project and in the scrapbook, given you have submitted a song+message TO ME.

  1. yay!! thats good. (=. if something goes wrong, just let me know. i never knew paypal can take donations!! i’m sending my song to you tonight. thanks!! (=

  2. Hi, I’ve tried to donated it, but the Paypal thingy is giving me a hard time. I gave all the information correctly but its still give me this:

    Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.

    * City, State, ZIP Code: Please enter a valid combination of City, State, and ZIP Code.
    * City: Please enter a valid City.
    * State: Please enter a valid State.
    * ZIP Code: Please enter a valid ZIP Code.

  3. hey! so i wanted to submit some DANCE covers is that something you guys are lookin for or should we just stick to like piano covers or acapella, etc? i think the dance covers are great bc it also shows the inspiration he has on dancers/nondancers! also, mv remakes and such things???

    well ill submit them to Tofu anyways and then we’ll see if they make the cut, lol.


    1. Send anything you got to me. We’re having a couple thoughts running through the staff so we’ll decide on something eventually.

    1. Yup, we know =)
      He has the ability to buy what he wants actually so anything we could have gotten him would be insufficient, the point is not to get him something he doesn’t have but to creatively show him our love through the one thing that connects us all and has no language boundaries…and that’s music………

  4. I have a quastion :3
    In case that the youtube link I chose suddenly don’t work, (you know, sometimes Youtube just delete videos out of the blue) will you then let me know so I can give you a new link you can download the song from, or will my song choice just be cancelled? :3

      1. hey, for the scrapbook you guys are potentially doing.. would it be possible if we could submit handwritten stuff? i can scan it and email it to you.

  5. Hello, I have just donated $20 USD. I really hope Bae receives the Ipod. He really deserves it & we can make his birthday even more special πŸ™‚

  6. OMG!!! hahaha,it’s true,poor Bebe there’s so many of us who would do that and more..but it has to be kept respectful right?

  7. This is nothing related to the topic, but guys just watch this video. It’s the first time I seeing TY making a tiny lil bit of mistake on Where U At choreo. Skip to 1:32

  8. OKAY So I have a question! (This may seem like a stupid question or it’s probably been asked lol) Now do we write the message as if were writing it to him or to you guys?

  9. Hi Kai, I have now donated and sent my email. I hope you have received it! ^^,
    I’m sorry that I couldn’t donate that much ): I’m a poor girl. heh’ hope we will reach the target!

  10. YAY! success! i was able to donate a small amount,is not much but im confident it’ll help you out a bit! xoxox

  11. I just sent an email, but can you ignore that one and use the ATY Bday Project 2, please and thank you!

  12. Just curious…will you be taking posting pics of the “final product” before u send to YGE? I’m excited to see how the scrapbook, etc, looks like…:)

    btw, I cannot say this enuff, you guys are uber cool!

  13. Hey everyone, thanks so much for your support – we have achieved the target donation and some more, its amazing how much everyone is helping out here~

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    Make sure to get your song+message in to me ASAP! Only 3 days left!

  14. What a great idea. I donated. Just want to show you how much i appreciate this fan site and what you guys mean to me as a portal to Taeyang. Keep up the good work.

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