J.Reyez &Tommy C of IBU’s rendition “Where U At”

We all heard their version of “Wedding Dress” and now they’re back with another cover of Taeyang’s music.  Check out their rendition of “Where U At.”


Speaking of covers, we can up with the brilliant idea to be included in Tae Yang’s birthday gift. (deadline is May 5th) Since ATY’s gift is representing the international community why not show Tae Yang how the international fanbase has embraced his music?  So the mini-project is to include as many awesome covers/remixes/mash-ups of Tae Yang’s music as possible on the ATY-pod.  Since this was just recently materialized, we need your help!  Please post or email me (iiilovethesun@live.com) or Tweet @alwaystaeyang your favorite covers/remixes/mash-up.  We’ll judge which one will be put onto the Ipod, but we’ll still appreciate all your effort.  Thank you!

13 thoughts on “J.Reyez &Tommy C of IBU’s rendition “Where U At””

  1. IMO props for coming out with this video. The singer is very talented. This cover sucks though. The rapper can rap, but I didn’t feel it with this song. The guy in the red sweat shirt trying to dance, was hard to watch.

  2. Great idea ! Taeyang really needs to hear these different international covers of WUA. l liked this rendition of WUA but mostly J.Reyez’s rap. @roger_wilco lol I’m not even going to comment on the dancing, but these two definitely came hard on this one. *thumbs up* p.s I’ll e-mail you my personal fav cover ^^

  3. Awesome! I love J. Reyez….especially when he covers Taeyang. Hopefully he’ll do all his songs!

    @Kay-so does that mean you want us to send you our personal song for Taeyang and a remix/cover we find? Also…is there any way you guys can tell us how much as been donated to the Ipod? And how much more you guys need? Just so people can know b/c I want to donate but I want to know how much you guys need b/c I don’t want to donate to little if you guys need more.

    1. The remix/cover songs are something on the side, not all the suggestions given will be put on the ipod and these do not require messages of any sort…we’re adding them on for Taeyang. If your personal song choice was a remix/cover then that’s fine~ we won’t be adding doubles of the songs so no need to change your song choice…..

      As for donations, there will be a post up very soon.

  4. The singing parts are good, but I can’t feel the rap….=\ and the random dancing was on the “huh” side for me…

    It’s still pretty good to listen to though…=)

  5. Dude, I’m sorry.
    This guy is wack
    And ol’ boy trying to sound like Trey Songz in the beginning ..?
    Get out …
    I watched the cover of Wedding Dress and that was just ok to me
    But this?
    I’m sorry, really, something about this guy, just screams “No, get off the stage, matter of fact never touch a mic again”
    Lol, may sound harsh, but this is my opinion
    His rhymes are mediocre and the lack of expressions in the video make it worse
    He’s had premature “beef” with some YouTube rappers
    Posting responses and what not and I’m just like …
    That’s it? Who were u even attacking anyway? Oh, a nobody on YouTube, lol ok
    He’s just … umm … how do i put it… Corny?
    Lack of a better word, anyway I’m not feeling it
    Just my opinion
    Taeyang, u still rock bb.

  6. I’m really feeling this cover. The chorus lyrics wasn’t the best, therefore I’m not a fan. Plus I’ve notice J.Reyez doesn’t have much climax when he raps, it just seems the same all the time. Anyways, good effort to the both of them.

  7. the cover was so-so for me. tommy c practically saved the song from being just ‘eh’. i’ve never really been into j.reyez’ raps, more so this time around, his execution could have been way way better, flat best describes his flow in this cover.

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