Lets go shopping with Tae Yang!

Some fan was lucky enough to spot Mr. Dong Youngbae out walking around shopping with his friends in Korea.   There are two things we can get from these photographs and video 1)The boy is oozing with swagga.  Those Timberland boots (I believe) makes me want to cry from happiness.  2)He’s a brave one.  I’m surprised Tae Yang isn’t surrounded by bodyguards, but rather with just two of his friends.  NOW if I were there, Youngbae would be on the ground and I’ll be….*Earth to Tofu.  Come in.  Earth to Tofu*  Ohhhh yeaaaah. Enjoy everyone.  Just pretend you’re like in Seoul and 5-feet from Youngbae and this is what you’ll be seeing.

Usually I won’t post something like this, but since we haven’t seen the boy for such a long time: Desperate times calls for desperate measures. 

Source: Big Bang Updates

Pictures are under the cut…but before you go there:

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22 thoughts on “Lets go shopping with Tae Yang!”

  1. haha you know what makes me most happiest, that Taeyang’s not afraid to just go out with a couple friends and shop … boy needs new underwear? he doesn’t need his mama to get em, he goes and buys those John Galliano’s himself!

    *Kay’s brain has official been fried by exams…..*

    1. LOL… if your brain were fried, mine just flew away mercilessly. exams huh? yeah well me too. for a whole of two weeks, 10 subjects, around 15-20 sets of papers… right… sorry bout that…now i gotta get off and study.

      @tofu: thank u for this video.. i needed this..XD. He didn’t seem to mind the girls and the camera following him…

  2. Gah, he’s so freakin’ adorable, even if he’s just casually strolling down the street with his buds. T-T I agree with Kay! I’m glad that he’s not afraid to just be himself even if he’s uberly famous. 🙂 TAEYANG, COME TO CALIFORNIA…xP

  3. It’s crazy that the fan got that close, but I’m not that brave. I’d probably trail behind YB at a far enough distance to take pictures. Being that close girl could smell his cologne. 🙂

  4. LoL…if i was famous…….i’d stop and just chat with the fans…cuz usually…i’d have nothing else to do lol..and i dont like shopping anyways…lmfao :D:D

  5. That’s pretty cool. If he came here, oh boy, I stop him (politely) and ask for a picture lol! But that fan didn’t, that’s pretty cool. She just let him do his business. Also his friends have about the same kind of fashion as him. He seems so….normal though. That’s what is so great!

    1. You know, it reminds me of a time when I read a fan account of YB going to a restaurant to eat and his fans just watched from afar…either people are too scared to ask him or YB fans are just super respectful of YB’s personal time/space….

      I’d like to think the latter 🙂

    2. Ohhh I agree. That’s the sense I get with the majority of YB fans – quite respectful and mature. For the most part we don’t flip out when he gets dissed or anything. I think we’re all comfortable with our fandom.

      I remember in his GQ interview Taeyang was asked what kind of fans are Taeyang fans and he said “first of all they’re music fans.” I think that pretty much sums it all up. TY fans like and respect the art he produces (a fangirl fantasy once in a while) but it’s all about the music….nothing else.

      I love his normal look. I love the fact that he’s so normal…yet so not all at the same time. Down-to-earth is the word.

      1. they said it’s a crime or something for fans to ask for a photograph with a star. nichkhun said that in an interview. also, the management forbids that due to possible rumors being spread or something. btw, at the end of the video, did his friend hit the camera?? anyways, i’m glad there’s a video of him. i’m so deprived!!! )=

        1. yeah you’re right I know in japan you can never get close to them, they’ll get in trouble. Maybe its the same in korea. & yehhh his homie swung his arm back to stop them but he did’t hit it. but srsly. I wouldve screamed & ran up to him & took a buncha pictures (: he’s so cute (: I wna go shopping with him (: & omg was there a girl with him too? :O

  6. Its great to see him shopping; miss him a lot. Lucky fan, glad that they respected his space and left him alone to shop in peace. If that was me I would just be following Young-bae, catching every glimpse of him. He looks causal yet so fly, especially rocking those timbaland boots. Would love to shop with my darling.

  7. It is SO GOOD see him! I’ve been deprived of ANY YB goodness, AT ALL…. these days.

    Plus the fact that that it’s the that time of the semester again, where all the assignments are due and the exams follow up after that…. Dear lord… help me…

    No actually, change that to YB! XD

    I love how he’s so down to earth, no idol swagga about him. Just him and his besties going out shopping.

    I also like the fact that the girl (I think it is… heard female voices) didn’t scream like she’s having orgasm, or is just too excited during the video. =)

    YB rock in those hoodie and boots…. ❤

  8. wow! yb has friends outside YG!!! lol!!!! am happy for him. really!!!! ^^ but yeah, he looks HAWT even if all i can see is his back… and agree tofumon— down to earth is the right word.. he’s sooo normal… omagadddd!!!!! ^^

  9. Weee a fan cam of him shopping, I love it! =) He really looks so normal. I remember a photo of him walking boss too. He also looked so normal in there. =)

    Thanks for posting this tofu. You’re right, it’s been so long since we last seen him, and desperate times calls for desperate measures!

  10. aaaah i’ve missed him! (‘: can’t wait for the man’s comeback! i’m sure all YB fans are superduper excited!

    mm black hoodie. i want. D;

    THANKS FOR POSTING THISSSS. lets me realize that YoungBae exists in the same world as we do XD

  11. oh GAWD! made me fall dead!
    ahhhhhh!!! the boy is like brave!!
    if i was there i would be like, “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY KIDDOOOOSSS!!!!” then BANG! on the ground! saying “OPPA! OPPA! OPPA! OPPPPPPPAAAA!!!” O_O

  12. AH, TaeYang can’t do no wrong. He is looking really fine, so swaggalious. lol He does look any normal guy out and about. *sigh* I wonder when I will the luck to be in the same area as TaeYang. The girl stayed so calm, I really don’t know what I do if I would in the same situation. Probably still secretly hyperventilating to realize what was happening. Rofl.

  13. im glad he’s able to spend time on his own walking n shopping. with friends.

    i love the way he dresses. i could recognize him miles away even if i dont his face.

  14. OMG I seriously screamed of happiness! damn he is just too cute!! How can those girls stay so freaking calm?? I would had freaking fainted from seeing him so close! Is it still cold in Seoul? I’m freaking dying of the heat here in Miami…. ^_^

    @tofumon- for a moment there I thought you wrote pretend you are 5 ft like taeyang I was like WHAT! then I reread it lol my bad…. >_<

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