Big Bang Popularity Survey in Canada

WHY was I not informed about it!?!?!?! LOL, as a Canadian and Torontonian myself, I was pretty angry at not being in this video because I would have jumped around and scream Taeyang at the top of my lungs…but Oh wells…maybe I’ll do my own video and only show Taeyang’s picture ~lol.

I don’t think the survey is a fair representation of popularity because random people are shown a simple picture of the boys so it’s based on attractiveness more than talent or genuine liking of the member. Taeyang’s always got them serious poses in his pictures and us Canadians don’t do serious.. 😛

➡ Remember your messages for the birthday project and we’re in need of more donations, so please give any amount so Yb can get his Ipod filled with love!


14 thoughts on “Big Bang Popularity Survey in Canada”

  1. Lucky Canadians! Wish I was there to cast my vote; Taeyang for sure. But you’re right, it was mostly based on appearance rather tham talent. I’m sure if they knew more about BB, the votes would differ. I believe Taeyang and Daesung got the most votes. Everyone has their own favs, but I think Taeyang and Dae appeal more to international fans.

  2. I’m Canadian too and I would have loved to cast my vote. They should have come to Ottawa and Gatineau. I’m really happy that YB and Dae received so much love. It would have been cool if the woman asked were familiar with Big Bang’s music but you have to start somewhere, right?

  3. We all know how everyone at ATY would have vote. Its a no brainier. LMAO! I’m pretty if they had shown a shirtless pic of TaeYang the voting would have been much different and skewed in TaeYang’s favors. lol

  4. This such a weird and random survey/poll. This doesn’t really count does it? hahah

    At least Daesung won1 Wooot. I love Daesungie.

  5. @ alwayscindy The same thing could be said for Daesung. He doesn’t show off his bod as much as YB but he’s got a little something, something going on in that area as well. It would be a straight tie if the women were shown shirtless pics.

  6. Hahaa, I think all of us here would vote for lovely YB. Wish I could’ve gotten to vote as well~ Heh~ but i’m no Canadian…;P

    It’s great that Dae Sung gets so much love, but I agree with Kay on this… They’re just shown pictures of the boys, but with a camera, and asking random people, you have to get the most out of it…*shrug*

    It was still a great survey though! Hopefully BB sees it! XD

  7. a fun survey indeed. I wonder how Seungri would react if he sees this, he bested Top and GD… hahahahaha I’m glad to know that Daesung and YB’s appeal cut across ages. 😛

  8. Wow, I got surprised about that you guys are still in need of (more) donations. I didn’t even bother thinking of donating since I thought that was all taken cared of. A little tip since the deadline in coming closer. You guys should consider posting a budget, how much is covered, how much is missing, who donated and how much they donated. I think more people would be interested in donating that way.

      1. I’ll try to donate if my stupid PayPal would stop messing with me! It’s currently on lock-down because of this stupid compilation thingie. Driving me insane, cause I’m supposed to donate for BBVersary @ BBViP as well T_T

  9. Gah I wish I knew when this happend!!
    I live in Toronto, and if I knew there were people going around talking about Big Bang, I would have started spazzing like crazy about YB, lol.
    I see Eaton Centre!!!! Gah >.<
    From now on, i'm gonna be on the lookout for anything Big Bang related in Toronto…

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