Inside YB Magazine Vol. 1~

Last time we revealed to you the crazy exciting news that ATY had the opportunity to be featured in YB Magazine Vol.1 with a 10 page spread! Well, YBmania recently posted up pictures of the rest of the magazine for everyone to see (it is amazing I tell ya) so check it out beneath the cut!

Click on the image to see it larger~!
I know most of us won’t be able to read/understand it but it’s exciting seeing ATY take part in something so exciting as this~~

37 thoughts on “Inside YB Magazine Vol. 1~”

      1. when i saw the title, i thought they were gonna come here..
        I thought I was goona see YB.. T^T
        uUuwaaaaAAaa.. !!

        (or was I just exaggerated?) 😀

        1. Yah, that was totally exaggerated.
          Mg hintay ka na lang para sa kanila…
          I’m here in NY waiting for them… X(

        2. you’re not the only one there.

          i was damned excited coz from what i heard they kinda turned down an offer to perform here coz of busy promotional activities in korea and japan.

        3. that’s some crazy s***.. T^T

          once I saw the title, I already thought of savin’ up
          my money.. haha

          how much do u think would a ticket cost
          if they’ll come here?…. =_=

  1. There’s a quiz, but a crossword puzzle?? WOw. Can i please read that magazine?? Damn!! I mean how are we supposed to benefit from it if the fans don’t get a copy of what’s inside?? How i wish i could read Korean now. The background, layout, pictures, contents.. everything in that magazine is impressive. I mean there’s so much to it. I don’t read fashion mags that much cuz i’ve always preferred something like this. YB has a lot of talented fans.. XD like him.

  2. DAM 😦 i wanna do that crossword puzzle T-T why don’t they sell this magazin like..OVERSEAS?! And i LUV that ‘Daily DB Mania’ part 😀 and i find it so awesome that there’s even a magazine FOR TaeYang ;D WOOOOOOO~

  3. oh my, this magazine is the real deal !!!!! God I want it so badly even though I won’t understand a single word written, but nevertheless, its definitely worth having. I just love how the pics are placed, the fact that there is a crossword, and the ‘ the dongrio world’ page is so cute & its great to see ATY’s page in the magazine. For a first volume, this is fantastic 😀

      1. oh,i would be so happy if they would only think at europe….this magazine is precious!!i would love to understand what’s there..maybe one generous korean would think of translating some pages for the foreign fans.we would be so so so happy if you do that and for sure we’ll going to appreciate your kindness:D

  4. Wow! So cool! I want the phone, lol. Is it real (w/ the star and signature)? Hehe, i’d get a iphone just for that.

  5. I love YB fans, they are full of surprises and complete dope! >w<

    The magazine just screams EFFORT and awesome.. There's just so much thought put into the whole work… It's amazing.

    It's great that ATY got to participate in something as wonderful as this!

    I wish fans could get a copy too, like many others I wanna try that crossword puzzle!!! Heheh!

  6. YB sure does have a lot of loving and talented fans! I’m completely blown at how awesome this project- I really hope YB gets a copy of this magazine and that he loves it!! ^^ and it was exciting to see ATY getting plenty of love and recognition in the magazine too! ^^

  7. Congratulation ATY for recognition! 😀
    THE IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Wonder if it sells in other countries?!)
    I wish this magazine would sell internationally! (Dreaming to high eh? HAHAHA.)
    ❤ it!

  8. this is freakin’ sweeettttt; I would love it if we could get a copy of this magazine but I think its only for YB or something? Is that what you guys said?
    : (

    looks very sweet though. : )

  9. wow!!!!!! it’s very coolzzz i try to find detail about How to buy it in YBmania but I can’t …haha can’t read Korea so I come here….hope u help me ~.~ juz wan to know tat ( may be incase of Korean want to buy cuz i hv friend in korea ) —- thx <3<3<3 ^_____^

  10. YBMania gave YB four magazines.
    Sorry to say, the magazines are all sold out. But they will be releasing the contents as a webzine on Internet soon. You can’t miss it! 🙂

  11. I hope they make an English version or someone here in the states gets permission to the same thing with the same name and all of that.

  12. Hope they make make an english version as well i would love to read tht it would be my favorite love to have one*keepwishing* its to bad they aren’t fore sale :(n he magazine looks awesome i would read this all day hehe if i could but i don’t understand it oh well but everyting in it is perfect and creative especially tht its about YoungBae^^

  13. maaaaaaaan how i wish i could get that magazine rite now!!!!!!! like everyone here (i think) i wanna read,and see all the photos live!!! i wanna touch it,and definetly wanna prove how much i know about YB whit that crossword lmao!♥

    thanks for the scans! i wonder if there’s a way to get it on ebay or something -_-

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