Lollipop 2 Photoshoot, oh my.

Taeyang is definately NOT Mr.ShyGuy anymore! I had to post this up because I almost screamed at the model Taeyang was hugging in this video clip. Yes, hugging. Don’t believe it!

I find it amusing how all the youtube comments are just YB fangirls going on about the hug. Gotta love Yb fans πŸ˜€

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38 thoughts on “Lollipop 2 Photoshoot, oh my.”

  1. I don’t know how these girls were able to stay so calm. If it was me in their place I would be freaking out. The hug with YB was too quick. I’d be holding on for dear life. I wouldn’t let go. πŸ™‚

  2. Lol at “Our boy is growing up, he’s hugging girls now!”
    Awe my Tae baby is not so shy around girls anymore. I want to some more interaction between him and girls outside of the YG family. Btw, Big Bang is looking hot and I’m not only saying that because I’ve been Big Bang deprived. lol

  3. haha he’s no longer shy, don’t know if thats a good or bad thing lol. At least it wasn’t a long hug, if that were me I wouldn’t let go !!! Been missing him & BB a lot so this video is a bonus ^^

  4. I just love how the other members were taking pics with the girls……but YB was taking a pic with Dae. Too cute!

  5. He hugged them like I hug my grandma lol. Definitely still shy around the ladies. But he’s definitely made some progress. I think he’s like me when it comes to girls and shyness we have our up and down moments. Like some days im really introverted and kept to myself and others im really outgoing and a topic starter.

  6. :takes out her psychology jargon:

    I love how progressive he’s being–maturing into his own skin, and leaving old notions behind. However, I’d like to point out that it was still a feat for him to hug her, because he hesitated a bit, and his body language indicated a bit of awkwardness. It wasn’t like “i really like you hug” but a “you’re cool” hug, INSERT PATS ON THE BACK. (which he did btw).

    YB, CHEERS! I think this hug fulfills his new years resolution πŸ˜›

    On another note, Daesung and YB taking pics with each other? Literally, L.O.L!

    1. Haha! I like your analysis, it looks to me like he’s progressing too. πŸ˜€

      To me that hug was a “great job, guys”, and still a bit awkward… Since it was nothing like the hug he gave the little girl with…XDDD (so much for a comparison LOL)

      But that’s a different case πŸ˜›

      Three cheers for YB though!!! We’ll be at your back always~ πŸ˜‰

      P.S. YB, picture with Dae Sung? Really? I mean… really!? LMAO~~~

    2. First of all, LOL!!! I agree with your analysis he wasn’t even that close to her.

      Lol sunny d-lite are just adorable together! like how it sorta stop and turn gray when they showed them taking pics.

      Damn this semester has been rough! Kay I will send you my song/message before the due date 5th? when I get a chance.

        1. Great name πŸ˜›
          I used to live in a neighborhood called “Sunnyside” XD my mom used to crack all “sunnyside…up?” jokes XP

  7. I think he gave all of them hugs! because at the very very end you can see him hugging the last girl (i’m pretty sure he hugged the middle girl lol). So the first girl we see isn’t the only one. (Yay!!)

  8. OMG. When i saw that Kay wrote “I started screaming at the model taeyang was hugging..” i was preparing myself for such a hug that i’d be super jealous of.. like an intense long hug – or him having his arm around chicks for awhile. gee, that wasn’t even two seconds. he’s still a shy boy to me. soo cute (=. or maybe i’m used to american actors who are wayyy to open LOL.

  9. When I first saw it I got really jealous.
    Damn Lucky fangirls. They must have save the nation in their past lives.

    Then I kicked the fangirl in me on her head. hehehe.
    He really is grown up. =)

    I believe though that he really isn’t too shy. At first he is but throughout the years he lost it. His perfs prove to be so. =)

  10. YB checkin’ the girls out at 0:17 XD

    He hugs and I’m not jealous for the first time!! Probably because they are not Aimee… LOL.. weird reason but yeah.. Actually I’m glad he’s coming out of his shell but let’s just keep it at that ok? no need more skinship. Hahahah

  11. What I love the most about this clip is something that I’m not used to seeing in my own life. The manners and formal attitude they displayed when the ladies first come into the dressing room. They stand up and bow to address them. Daesung and Seungri looked so cute clapping happily in the background. This is the aspect I love most about Korean culture.

  12. That was adorbs XD

    *DYB opens arms*

    *girl approaches*


    and he was totally goofing around during the shoot. XD

      1. at first I’ll be really? and then I’ll smile like crazy and then and then and then………………..dies even before I get to hug him….lmao

        nah just kidding I’ll act cool and calm and be like yea ok lets hug but inside I’ll be screaming with happiness!!! oh to have my arms wrap around that hard smooth back with those nice hard abs and chest press against me and those thick arms wrapped around me! oh man it’ll be a dream come true plus that handsome as face near my cheeks! OMG! I wouldn’t know what to do!

        1. LOLLLLLL. ahahahahhaahaa I love it! I totally pictured that in my head….except he was shirtless πŸ˜›

  13. like I said before…this boy aint so innocent anymore….kekeke…you can tell that he was fasinated but the girls. kekeke I can tell he was a little shy…kekeke…Youngbae so cute! I couldn’t help but notice that the girls were taller than him…lol but they were in heels though!

    did you guys notice the little GDYB moment there?

    1. you mean when GDYB were like comparing notes like saying “dude, i like the one in red…” hahahaha

      he’s growing up indeed… little bit more comfortable around women now.

      one question tho, does YB have any other hairstyle?

      1. lol, Taeyang’s the kinda guy who likes to stick to one hairstyle for a VERY long time… the past, he’s had two others…..when he debuted he had cornrows and then he went shaved head and then the fauxhawk – which I believe he’s had for over a year…

  14. I’m so jealous right now…this reminds me of what my friend translated to me today that was on the HaHa Mong show

    SNSD: When we met TY he did not seem interested in us, he just talked about the led in the computer/t.v.

    Dae: ahh you just took it that way


    Dae: when He came back the said…
    TY: ahh what’s wrong with me, all i could talk about was the LED in the t.v/computer, i could not say anything

    ok so it did not go like that but you get the idea

    ahahah TY is sooo cute, imagine him being all embarrassed and cute~

  15. D: OMO!!!! i can’t watch it now,i feel a jealousy attack comin’ my way hahaha,but it’s good Bebe is starting to come out his shell…i guess xD,better if it happens when i go see him in Korean lol! he’s so freakin’ CUTE and SEXY,both at the same time,gosh gotta agree whit Seungri,he’s a rare find! (L)

    thanks Kay πŸ™‚

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