ATY 2nd Birthday Project! – CLOSED


The ATY team has been thinking of how to really show YB our international-ness for his birthday and we’ve come up with a project that combines both his love for music and our fans from around the world!

For this year, ATY will be making a “ATY-pod” for his birthday combined with a Scrapbook with your messages.
Read below the cut for more details!

Participation is simple – Email me a song you want Taeyang to listen to, along with the song, send a little message explaining why you chose it. It could be any song you want, in any language you want – the point is to show a little bit of your international music world to Taeyang just like how many of us international fans have embraced Korean music! All the music will then be loaded onto the music player (hopefully, an Ipod) and sent to Taeyang with a scrapbook of your message for the song and his birthday!

Deadline: Your chosen song with explanation MUST be in to KAY by MAY 5TH, 2010 (12:00 AM ET)
Email to
Guidelines: 1 song name (with a youtube link to the song) + message (500 words max)
Email heading – ATY Bday Project
Include Name/Blogger ID
Include Country
Song name & Who it’s by
Explain why you picked the song, what the song means and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

In order to accomplish this project, ATY will be requesting fans for donations to purchase the music player (preferably an Ipod) and will appreciate any amount given. We have a paypal account set up (which is 100% safe and secure) and you can donate by clicking the button below!

In order to donate, you’ll need a credit card~
*note, you do not need a paypal account in. Once you have entered your amount, click “continue” on your screen (bottom left), as I have indicated on this screen shot:

If you have any questions or concerns about this, email me!!

We hope through this project, we can give Taeyang a little international music base he can refer too, get inspiration from and simply enjoy discovering songs he may not have heard~

Let’s make this project a great success πŸ˜€


151 thoughts on “ATY 2nd Birthday Project! – CLOSED”

    1. Heheh aww,Bebe has the cutest way of saying birthday!!!! OMO!!!!! i feel like jumping up and down rite now but it’s midnight,so i can’t lmao..i will be DEFINETLY participating,i’ll start searching songs i think fit how i feel for bebe and try to pick the rite one! yay!!!!!!!!!! saranghae YB oppa!!β™₯β™₯

      Thank you girls!!

  1. omg I love this idea; really cool. I have always loved expressing myself; and this is one great way to do so especially since its for Taeyang. So excited; thanks ATY ^^

  2. ooo so creative! I love this idea as well!! It’s probably gonna take me forever to find the right song for him….better start soon. πŸ™‚
    btw, im guessing debit cards dont work for this, right? hmmmmmmmmm…..kay, can’t I send you a cheque then? you’re in toronto right?

  3. Yay!!! This is an awesome idea! This way TY can carry it around and listen it….with ATY and his int’l fans in his thoughts. Yup now I just have to go find a song!

    *also Kay….I was just wondering if you ever got confirmation that he got last year’s bday present. Or did I miss that announcement?*

  4. @dilaniw-I’m pretty sure debit cards work…is it from your checking account? B/c I know people whose paypal is set up to thee checking account….also the screenshot Kay put up says “Use your credit card or bank account”

  5. Oooo, I like this idea. And it helps that ATY got mentioned in YB Magazine, at least it gives us a slight edge lol. Anyways, I will try to donate after I link my debt card to my paypal account and paid for summer school. Now I have to go find a song* let the search begin*

  6. Just a thought what if more than one people choose the same song, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen but you never know.

  7. I’m in on this too! I wish I could donate, but I don’t have a credit card… so…=\

    The idea is really nice, now I just have to find a song….=v=

  8. I’m sooo excited for this and and I’m so glad you all are too! Aiiiigggooo. I can’t decide on which song to include.

    I can’t wait to listen to the music you all submit!!!

    Kay you’re pretty awesome for doing this.

  9. i would love to do something but i have no idea what to do. 😦 and i dont have time :X lol

    maybe i will tryto do it.

  10. This is a really fantastic Idea!! I’ll be thinking now about songs I reckon he’d like ^^
    thankyou for coming up with something as great as this! πŸ˜€

  11. This is so cool! I already picked a song, and I’ll be sending my message in the next couple of days. Hopefully I can send some donations as well.

  12. nice idea.. πŸ˜€

    anyways, please someone help me.. 😦

    i’ve been searchin’ the web for this..
    I’ve been looking for the song that TOP sang
    in the final episode of the Big Bang Documentary (episode 11).. he was singing this song and TY was being cute and silly. πŸ˜€

    I hope you can help me, though it’s just slightly related to TY.. pls pls 😦

    –desperately yours,
    Saint** πŸ˜€

  13. i must say.. this is really an awesome idea.. i’m gonna send my song i wrote for Taeyang… and hope he could listen to it!!! i was thinking of ways how to let him know about the song i wrote for him… and thanks to you… finally found that way…

  14. @ Saint the song that TOP was singing is called “I’m Tryna” and it’s by Omarion. YB sang a version of this song during the third ep of the documentary.

    1. ah… !!! really?!? 😦

      i saw that episode.. but I guess I didn’t catch the
      “feelin’ on your booty/ find another ghetto cutie..” part..

      my bad~ πŸ˜₯

  15. What an awesome idea….i’m gonna go through my ipod and see what i think Taeyang would like…i’ll gladly help/donate! I love ATY even if I just lurk alot^^

  16. hey… just like to ask if it’s okay to send a song i wrote for Youngbae… i sang it but it’s in acapella… i’m not a composer so i couldn’t find a right beat for it.. please! please! i really like YB to hear this…

    1. Sorry, Kay, i didn’t understand -what language we should write in? 500 words – message? Are you going to translate it to Korean? and a little message explaining why i chose the song including in 500- message?
      And if someone already chose the song i picked – how we do with this?
      Thank you very much for your project. And sorry for so many questions. I really appreaciate what you going to do.

      1. hey, that’s alright….I’ll clarify

        The song can be in any language you want, however the message that you will be sending explaining your song should be in English – if we have the time to translate, it will be easy for our translators to translate from English to Korean hence why it must be in English…..and yes, the message is to be a max of 500 words…

        Also, if it happens that you have chosen a song someone else has chosen, given you are the second person, I will let you know and you can have the option of changing it…however its highly unlikely people will have the same song considering the amount of songs out there

  17. Sorry, one more question – maybe can we choose 2 songs, for example, one in native language where do u live and second in English?
    Thak you.

  18. This idea is brilliant, beyond brilliant…

    I’ve already got a song…just need to compose my 500- word message…

    So exciting! ATY is JJANG!

  19. GREAT IDEA!!

    You’re in Toronto too? Let me know if you need any help with this project before I leave for Japan and Hong Kong on the 29th …

  20. Hey!!! im new here at ATY and im soooo excited that i found this site right now cuz i really wanted to send Tae yang something special for his birthday. Thank you do much ATY for giving me this chance.

  21. can i just share that i’m becoming frustated because i already have a song, composed by myself only for Taeyang, but it’s in acapella.. i wanted to put a background music to it but i don’t have flstudio or any other music maker software so i’m browsing all the instrumental songs in youtube but all i found would change the whole melody of the song…

    1. Aw~!
      Are you looking for piano background scores? If so check out Yiruma, he’s got a TON of piano melodies you might be able to add lyrics too….

  22. This is an awesome idea! I already have a song picked out, but I have just one question. Just to clarify, is the 500-word message adressed TO Tae, and are we basically just explaining to him what the song means, why we picked it and wishing him a happy birthday? I’m kinda confused. ^^;;

    1. Yes, its for him so he can have almost a directory to each song, find out who and where it came from and what it means to you as a fan to dedicate that song to him~

  23. Hi Kay, I have a question. You said to email you the Youtube link of the song. Does it mean u’re gonna be putting the videos of the songs into the iPod? Or u also need us to send u the mp3? Thanks in advance.

    1. Haha, omg… now that you say it, I wrote my pretty off-handish…XD

      I was writing the message the way I would tell to a person (in this case, Kay…:P)

      So it was short…Though I love YB, the message didn’t show a lot of love (In my opinion.. but if the message’s gotten through to him.. that’s all that matters to me…=))

  24. i’d like to donate too but my mom is still holding my finances… she confiscated my atm card and suspended my credit card… i also don’t hav paypal account… what to do?

  25. More songs!
    More messages!
    More donations!!!

    ATY Birthday Project *aja aja FIGHTING*

    (i’ll be doing these random cheers for ya’ll last minuters)

    1. LOL. im sending you the money tmrw, let me know when u get it pls πŸ™‚
      as for the song and message…that’ll take a little while longer (im soo busy >.<)

    We need more donations so if you can, please donate any amount feasible and it will be much appreciated!! (we are only taking donations through PayPal)
    Right now, we don’t have quite enough for the Ipod but we believe it’s possible with your help so even if it’s a small amount, consider the smile you’ll be putting on Taeyang’s face when he listens to your song on his new Ipod!~

    Big thanks to all those who have donated already!

    And if you haven’t sent in your song+message, do so soon, let’s see if we can fill his Ipod!

    1. Hey kay im new 2 your site and im happy i found it;D its awesome i don’t forget 2 check everyday ALL MY SUPPORT AND LOVE HEHE great idea were can we seend you the song and the message??and when is the dead line??^^

  27. @ Kay

    today, in the music room, my juniors ( a bunch of excited 16 year olds) surprised me with a piano-drums-saxophone-clarinet cover of Wedding Dress. I was like “WTH??? How did you guys found out about Taeyang and Wedding Dress??” but that’s because I used to be the only Taeyang fan in my school (it was always GD and TOP).

    Anyway, to cut things short, I thought of taking a video of it and send it to Taeyang along with the ipod+scrapbook project…

    How long can u stretch the time? but if it really troubles you, then i’ll just post it up here or Youtube for everyone to see.. -if they are interested… πŸ™‚

    1. Kay, i think i sent u the email but i’m not sure… will u reply in anyway or just an empty email or whatever.. cuz i need to know if i did it right.

        1. thought so too… well i’d probable be able to do it around 16-18th of May… I’m not that sure… πŸ™‚

  28. This idea is so cool :)!
    I’m totally gonna take a “mini” break off my revision to browse through my iTunes haha πŸ˜€

  29. @ Kay

    i’m just wondering if i can do a cover(foreign song) or a compilation with 2 songs?it’s that allowed? thanks kay for this wonderful idea and for the initiative. i love ATY!

    1. Hey, sure! Anything you want, but remember to give the name of the original singer if its a cover or if its a compilation then the names of the songs/artists used would be good~

  30. Just out of curiosity but what kind of songs have you’ve been receiving for this project? i’m guessing a lot of sappy love songs? lol

    1. Lol….I haven’t listened to them all, I will eventually but there are quite a few them from different countries around the world…songs in German, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese and the list goes on~ lol yes some “love songs” but hey, I guess this is your chance to serenade your idol and really show your love~~ =P

      Maybe I’ll make a list of all the songs once the project is complete….

      1. oh thats really cool and interesting!
        hahaha i guess you have a point there

        but yea thatd be a really good idea
        i really wanna see what other people submitted and also listen to some of their own songs i heard they were gonna put in the ipod

  31. Kay I will email a song this week, before May 1st. If it is already submitted by someone else though, just tell me so that I can change it. =)

  32. Hey Kay or anyone! What do you mean by Include Blogger ID? And are we dedicating a song to him or are we just sharing a song with him? Thanks

    1. Blogger ID is the ID you use to post here….you can use your NAME or your BLOGGER ID or give BOTH.

      It can be a dedication if you want…but in the end you will be sharing the song with him…just explain it in the message

  33. Oh Kay or anyone,i just have a question,the msg to Bebe has to be included as an email right? not via video or anything? call me a retard haha,but i got a bit confused by that

      1. Okey dokey ;),oh btw Kay i’ll join the site also,i wanna be a part of ATY when we send this to Bebe Oppaβ™₯

        Thanks again ^__^

  34. Kay, I sent you an email about my donation. Don’t know if you received it, but if you did, please let me know the address. Thanks πŸ™‚

  35. OK, i’ve just submitted mine…hopefully Kay received it…so excited! but then again…we’re so unsure whether YB will like it or not…cos there wont be any form of response/acknowledgment from him…just like the YB magazine…it was such a great project…but we’ll never know how much he liked it…i guess this boils down to the phrase…”you gotta have faith…” I’m sure he’ll love our present too…ATY, fighting!

  36. Ok,so i sent my msg Kay i hope everything is fine and forgive any typos,it’s 1am so i might have thrown some into the final message hehe.


    1. Try and not to choose a song like that however Taeyang is an adult now and I’m pretty sure he’s heard the words before…..even still, from our end, we’d prefer not to have songs that contain words like that

      1. looooool sry….but i really like the song……
        i have another question

        can we plz send two songs?…..cuz im killing myself here trying to choose between the two :S

  37. hi … i love this project and i LOVE this site .. i never been much of a fan girl but with TY i just can’t help it , i will be sending you my song today , but i just wanted to say it’s awsome what you guys do in here πŸ˜€

  38. The support for this project is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I can’t thank the ATY bloggers enough and can’t wait to share the final product….

    Remember this is your last day to send in your song and message!

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