Current girl crush: Boni (보니)


I think many of you might have heard of her already: “the female Tae Yang.”  I think it’s a nickname that compliments both singers because she’s awesome as well.  More so she’s even joined that masses of artists who are fans of Tae Yang.   I think Taeyang lovers out there will appreciate her unique vocals and highly tailored R&B beats.  Boni just released her first mini-album in January titled “Nu One.”  I have to say this album is a winner: her album has been on repeat for the last few days.  It reminds me of a lot of Tae Yang’s album: an exploration of R&B that successfully and tastefully represents the genre.  You really just have to listen it.  It comes highly recommended. 

But first watch Boni sing a snippet of Tae Yang’s “Look Only At Me.”  I think this song is now a classic song sung by all new and old R&B artists.

Thanks stardaisy212 for tweeting this!

More of her music under the cut!

“ResQ Me” this the title song off her new album.

And this is my personal favorite song off the album. “너를 보내도”

27 thoughts on “Current girl crush: Boni (보니)”

  1. Thanks for sharing ^^
    When I 1st heard about a female version of Taeyang, I was like really???, I was curious to find out how her voice was like.

    Definitely not disappointed; love her already! The tone to her is lovely & yes I can see why people call her the female Taeyang. Hope she goes as far as Taeyang. Liked her cover of LOAM; wish it was longer. It is fair to say that LOAM is a true R&B classic; definitely a favourite among other artists. Plus thanks for the YT links to her songs 😀

    Got to have more R&B artists like them !!!!!

    1. wow the 2nd song “Go around” (I think thats what its called) is amazing; love it 10/10 !!!! Hopefully they’ll be a boni & Taeyang duet to look forward too in the future ^^

  2. yaaaay! you did a post on Boni 🙂
    LOVE this girl. she’s so beautiful and incredibly talented, not mention nice! for those who have twitter, follow her! (Boni_10)
    I’ve seriously been listening to these two songs everyday. Her voice is so smooth and not overbearing. I really, really hope big things happen to her. its a shame she’s not able to share her voice w/ all of korea, since she’s not mainstream, but I have a feeling she’s gonna make it big 😀

  3. I loved her from the moment I heard sing for the first time. She is really talented. I hope she can go far in the industry, she deserve a lot of recognition and attention.
    You guys should check out her covers of English songs.
    Here are the one on YouTube so far:
    My favorite of hers.

  4. hmmm…me likeee!!! it’s just too bad r&b isn’t more popular in Korea b/c I know she, as well as Taeyang, would be killing it out there! But hopefully she’ll be like TY and have lots of int’l fans….starting with us!

    1. hahaha I agree. But not being defensive or anything, she doesn’t do all that dancing that Tae Yang does. But she does have a better control. lol.

      I have to say thought the one that that gets me is always the “soul” (for a lack of a better) She definately feels the music. There’s certain inflections in her singing/vocals that (like Youngbae) is every emotional. (?) I’m thinking specifically about “Go Around” at the end. And I also appreicate how she sticks R&B but really adds “Korean flavor” to it. It’s R&B but i don’t think a foreign artist could pull it off. IONO if you all get me. LOL.

      I so glad every likes her! I really think she and the album is really worthy of of much more attention. It is a shame that non-pop music doesn’t get much love from the masses.

  5. SHE GOT ME AT MERCY!!! damnnn. Xtina Aguilera and her have almost identical voices!! amazing!! her voice, though, is stronger than Taeyangs.. or their voice are different. Like hers is more rooted in R&B. does that make sense? God, i LOVEEE her. ❤

  6. on some real sh*t this girl can SING man, I mean DAMN.
    I just started listening to her a couple days ago and her album is on point, srsly.
    She has a great R&B voice for an asian singer
    I’m impressed, no doubt about it.
    Its too bad, Korea isnt a big fan of R&B like us though
    Haha female taeyang? Idk about donning her alla dat, but this girl aint sounding too far from it
    For those comparing her voice to Taeyang u gotta remember
    First, Taeyang is a guy, male & female voices have different pitches and ranges, but at the end of the day, these two could sing alike, but not exactly sound the same, get me?

    2nd, Taeyang dances, this girl stands and delivers, if u have ever heard Taeyang sing while he is standing or sittiing, his voice is clearer and 10x better than it is when he is dancing and singing..

    A duet between these two could be ridiculous….

  7. No disrespect to anyone but my opinion is ‘i’ve heard it all b4’ so i think we r being overly complimentary to this ‘agashi’ by comparing her to TY. True TY does R&B which we’ve all heard b4 but whats different and unique is that he puts his own TY spin on it, adds a bit (ok a lot!) of his swagga and its like woah!! Whaaaat?? R u for real??!!! So yeah joesonghamnida geunde… anio. am not with u on this one guys!

  8. I will def. give her props. She has a very strong voice and that is a weakness of mine when I come across singers. So yes, I think I have a crush on her now too =]

    1. LOL omg whattt she actually posted about us~!!!

      *Kay sheds tears* —- ATY has come a LONG way

      Hey Boni, if you read this, your welcome to drop by here anytime and say hello~!

  9. I went to her cyworld to check out her message but I forgot that cyworld is a Korean site I couldn’t understand one bit but for those of you who do understand what did she say?

  10. shes very talented. when I heard she was the female taeyang I checked her out and now I see on here!! thats so neat~! shes very talented
    i love all her songs : ) Go around in korean and english is hella good : )
    I hope to see her perf some day on music bank and etc.

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