Se7en, Gummy, Big Bang & 2NE1 come back this year – it’s a “YG Blitz!”

YG’s recent announcement on various news portals indicates the man has YET AGAIN revealed new plans for his artist. Yeah, yeah, I know. How many times have we rolled our eyes at yet again ANOTHER announcement, only to find out months later they’d be changed~ lol seriously YG, you just set yourself up for mockery. Okay, enough of my ranting, I am stoked he spoke about Taeyang’s solo album though – FINALLY!

As YG said ” Big Bang did not release any albums this year, they will be releasing two mini albums – one in the summer and then at the end of the year” he also said, “before though, Big Bang’s Taeyang will release his solo album”

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Translations by ATY

We all know that YG is a master at changing plans, before TOP and Daesung were suppose to release solo albums this year, however I guess things have changed because now the plans look like Gummy will be releasing in May, followed by Se7en in June, 2NE1 will be coming back in the summer, somewhere in there we’ve got our boy Taeyang, then Big Bang all through the rest of the year – THAT is one crazy YG year. My only worry is, will Taeyang get the time he needs to do PROPER promotions for his album?

30 thoughts on “Se7en, Gummy, Big Bang & 2NE1 come back this year – it’s a “YG Blitz!””

  1. This doesn’t tell us anything new. I’m still not convinced nor am I going to place any hopes that his album will be released anytime soon. Still in waiting mode.

    I hope he has apt time to promote as well. Do full program of activities without anything else to get in the way (IE: BIG BANG).

    1. oh yes yes…lol hence my monologue at the beginning of this post….Until I don’t see promo pics or something, I won’t believe it…

      which reminds me…..YG better do some great promotions for Taeyang *preferably bring back Taeyang TV”

      1. AllKpop’s translation got it that YB’s album will come after Big Bang. IONO. Either way….still annoyed at the plans if not more.

        This is wishful thinking but I hope there’s a part in the plan (that would justify the wait) titled “WORLD DOMINATION.” Or something. lol.

        Gummy should have a full album. I miss that woman.

  2. So I guess I’m not the only one tired of these announcements? If you’re going to make an announcement, you should at least stick to it instead of giving false hopes.

    At least YG didn’t say it was a mini album.

    1. I agree, he hasn’t told us anything new. We have already heard eariler that Taeyang was due to release an album but not told specifically when. Glad that its not a mini album; yes !!! But it’s a crazy time schedule; I mean is there enough time to promote his album as well as getting ready for BB’s album~ its definitely crazy, but we’ll see!

      1. hold on; I read it wrong………BB’s album 1st & then Taeyang’s?????? *bad feeling*; I think YG is confused himself. Can’t really believe want comes out of his mouth anymore. I’ll just have to wait and see. Back & forth we keep on going with this situation.

  3. I’ve had it with YG.
    He’s all talk.
    I’m not gonna get excited until SOMETHING gets released.
    The only thing I don’t understand is why YG isn’t telling us whats delaying YB’s album.
    If he has all this time to “announce” stuff, why doesn’t he have the time to explain what the hell is going on?
    *sigh* For YB, i’m gonna be patient. But really pissed at YG.

    1. Something tells me it was Taeyang’s choice – to delay the album that is. Months of pondering over the reasons, I’ve come to the conclusion that either YG just did not like how WUA and WD turned out and put the album back on the drawing board OR Taeyang requested YG that he wanted to focus on other things/fix up the album more and YG complied…..

      However, reasons for WUA and WD did not work is not Taeyang’s fault entirely, yes the type of music is not mainstream so already Taeyang faces a hard battle (but it comes with great admiration for choosing something that’s not “easy”) but YG also barely did any promotions for the boy~ I blame YG for a lot of it..

      We’ve all discussed this endlessly on ATY so I won’t continue any further…

      1. But in an interview, didn’t TY express his frustrations with his album being delayed for BB activities in Japan?

      2. @Kay u took the words right out of my mouth! Am thinking one of them must have thot u know what this isnt gonna work back to the studio and do some ‘kpop friendly’ tracks which is a damn shame if u ask me. Methinks he should just release his album internationally then the kpop world can just watch and see how we appreciate quality stuff…they’d hang their heads in shame : (
        Dont stress YB we got ur back, luv from London!!

    2. For his own sake, I hope it was YB’s call. But I will have to disagree with Kay. I don’t think “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress” were the reasons why it was pushed back. On the contrary, it should be the reason to push the album forward.

      1. In YG’s eyes, neither did amazingly well on the charts ~ which is a big factor for someone who is making billions in the industry…..I honestly think YG has the best interest in mind for YB, he’s just an aloof man who doesn’t know HOW precisely to organize a handful of amazing artists he has in his nest…

        Papa YG needs some parenting lessons!

        1. Yes. Multitasking is not YGE’s forte.

          IONO Why we’re still so worked up by this. Should be expected.

  4. TBH im not realy worried about the promotions because to me there is only so much you
    can do with your performance thats similar everytime you see it I mean like seeing
    idols artists perform in like every single music show it gets kinda bland. Best way to promote
    would be like in radio shows concert events university events I think those in itself are much
    better ways to promote your self and your album because it makes you want to include
    everyone instead of those who are just watching on TV keke. Hmmm YG’s statements are
    his true downfall nonetheless but as long as the end product is good im happy keke. Anyway
    even if its delayed it would fit the season so pretty coo hopefully but ehh who knows haha.

  5. Although this is excellent news….I won’t believe anything until I see all these albums for myself. YG, as much as I love you….it has been my (and everyone else’s) experience that these types of announcements cannot be taken at face value. But hopefully YG plans to stick by his words b/c I am so tired of waiting for YG artists to blow all other the other idols out the water!

  6. lol well surprise, surprise ! another delay in the release of YB’s album, who didn’t see that coming ?! lol, excuse my distasteful sarcasm, i’m just kinda in a YG hating mood right now.

    first thing that popped into my head reading this was ‘i expected as much, seeing as though it’s already been long passed ‘the beginning of the year”
    second thing that popped into my head, ‘wait, summer in korea is like the end of the year’.
    third ‘*sighs* the timing is going to make it hard for YB to be nominated for any award ceremonies … DAMN, he may not be given solid recognition for his album’.
    fourth, ‘damn YG, you screwed se7en over with the release of his album, releasing it during worldcup time. how is he supposed to promote ?!’
    fifth, ‘2ne1 mini album ? eh?!’.
    sixth ‘so a HQ copy of TOP’s bomb ass song won’t be released any time soon i guess?!’.

    lol at my thoughts, anyways i won’t be expecting anything until i’m given a precise date of the album’s release. if anything, this is just shaping up to be exactly the same as the ‘wait’ YG put us through for taeyang’s first mini album, delay by 1+ years, which if you think about it will be the same since the album was promised october/november last year and probably won’t be coming out around that time this year. zzz.

    1. Good point about YB not being able to make it for any awards~~~ ugh, yes now I’m really not liking this end of the year release….

    2. yeah, and if his album does come out late, not only does he have to promote his album that but nov/dec is a busy month since bb will have to prepare and practice for the award/end of the year shows. he’ll be exhausted.
      plus in january bb will have to prep for big show which also mean, little to no solo promotions or he’ll be really tired/exhausted
      ugh, i realllly hope yg knows what he’s doing

  7. I’m actually getting tired of waiting… 😦 It already has been 6 months and this is so far the only news we have regrading his album. Guess I’ll just go back to his old videos/songs lol

  8. I’m excited about this news, but the wording is so confusing in the announcement. When is YB releasing?

  9. ah I’m no more excited. This is getting old. How many times did he announced that Taeyang is going to release the album? We want the results not just endless waiting. I can’t be excited unless I see the track list at this site. He’s just all talk sometimes but oh well he is a business man after all and WD did badly. I blame a part of it on YB too since it was his idea to release two singles first than later on the album.

    whatever it is, let’s just hope that the album is really worth all the wait and fuss over. Ha!

    1. ya know what, when i was in the shower, i thought about this: maybe YG decided to release TY’s album after BB’s (please let it be after the summer album, not the year-end album) is because he wants to bring back the hype. I meant, since WD didn’t work out, Taeyang’s popularity in Korea also dropped so maybe the album will not fare well. So with releasing BB’s album first, the fans will be able to get all excited again, since it’s gonna be BB domination all over again, TY will probably have more fans again and then BAM! his album gets released, more attention and interests and at last his album will have a chance to reach the 100 000+ mark. Like his best friend.

      Hahahah just my two cents. peace.

  10. Honestly i think either if he is releasing his album before or after Big Bangs 1st mini album for this year, i have this feelings its gonna be rushed. I mean with Se7en, Gummy, 2NE1 and Big Bang x2 all this year…i just think that promotions for YB won’t be the best. Not to mention…i presume during his promotions he would also have to participate in the recording on Big Bang 2nd mini album for 2010.

    @ Kay: i agree WUA and WD probably were not a major success financially and popularity wise. It kind makes me wonder what was the point of releasing those 2 singles. He barely promoted them and if it was meant to hype/preview for the album well its been like 4 months now, so the hype has pretty much died down. However in my opinion i thought WD was amazing song it just had so much more feeling, sad he didnt promote it as much. All these awards and stuff….sure i would love for him to get the recognition he deserves…but these days i get the feeling the industry is about what popular and whats in the trend rather than good music. Even at award shows theres the rule that if the artist doesn’t turn up they dont get the award. So in my opinion those awards arent that significant anymore

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