Too many “Wedding Dresses”

Remember when we thought this song wasn’t going to be popular?  My response to that now is:  AIIIIISSSSSSH.

First off is Johnnyphlo.  Some of you might already know this Korean-American rapper.  Check out his great remix and take on “Wedding Dress”

Free download here!

More Under the cut.

This video just warms my heart and makes me die from laughing all at the same time.  This acapella version is sooo awesome.  This group gets mad props for attempting the choreography and sporting the outfit and all.

Tae Yang needs to release a unplugged, rap, acapella remix of this song!  As a matter of fact, release anything.  We’re dying here.

Sources: omgkpop and thanks to 0619 for sharing the video.

37 thoughts on “Too many “Wedding Dresses””

  1. aww the second group was adorable (not to mention really good) lol were they @ church??

    “Tae Yang needs to release a unplugged, rap, acapella remix of this song! As a matter of fact, release anything. We’re dying here.” —AGREED!!!

  2. love that second video and yes, i’m close to give up any hope on anything about the new album. Too tired of waiting.

  3. Damn man i know its like a taeyang el niño …. Ive been watching the elt on youtube and damn i kind of miss him and big bang. When i was watching wedding dress i was yelling take ur shirt off! Hahahahaa lol jokes. But they definitely need together and make song like a good man or just ty by himself cos im dying here.

    1. mee too! i spent all last night watching a whole bunch of videos. i pretty much watched the entire hot concert and more.

      lets not lose hope just yet. i know the album will come out, it’s just a matter of time. like you all i”m pretty impatient…more for Youngbae’s sake. I know he was pretty frustrated with how things were handled before and bet it’s worst now. a little part of me is hoping that mrYG has HUGE plans for Youngbae that would justify this extremely long wait. It’s been TWO years since he released his first album. And it was just a mini album too. With only 6 (+2) he made his mark on the music industry in Korea and abroad. I hope this means something to YG and the company.

      1. I agree, YG better have something AMAZING (yes in caps locks) planned for Taeyang…..cause I’m sitting patiently without uttering a single word, if YG doesn’t do anything about what he’s doing to us Taeyang fans, I’m gonna hunt him down in Korea……

        CL won’t be the only baddest female in Korea….

  4. OMFG!!!! I cannot get over how sizzling hot taeyang looks in that gif you guys have up there!!!! where is it from???!!!

    1. if its the one on top far right corner its him performing ‘always remix’ during one of his hot concerts. very nice indeed, boy looks too fynee ; )

  5. soon they gonna start doing covers in other languages besides english, if only i wasnt rubbish at composing i’d do a Swahili(my native language) rendition, come on guys if u got the talent dont be shy to flaunt it and lets give TY the bestest exposure he could ever dream of! (do i hear a ‘Latina’ version lol)

  6. It seems like the international audience absolutely loved this song but the Korean one’s response was lukewarm. R&B isn’t their thing, I suppose.

  7. am i like the only one waiting for a japanese cover of wedding dress if there isn’t one out? *goes back to search YT* damn, it’s like maybe YG should’ve waited til like NOW to release it since it is “wedding dress” season??

  8. Ohh I want to do a cover in Twi(my native language)…hmmm to shy maybe
    @Lise if you do a cover in Swahili I’ll do it in Twi

    1. I did a lil research… if u speak Twi ur ghanaian then?? Well well i was beginning to feel a bit lonely out here and it turns out there’s a sister right in the hood…good stuff, 주애 ; )

    2. both you ladies, do it !! (then let us know so we can post it up!!) LOL…… gosh if I even tried to do a cover, I would pity the poor souls who listen~

  9. omg second one………… sounds so……..Godly…….LMFAO like angels singing………LMFAO HAHAHA MADE ME LMFAO SO HARD

    but it’s reallllllllllly good………the rap version…..SO PUTTING THAT IN MY IPOD!

  10. wow the second one put some real good effort into the dancing and all. im so impressed. wow haha.
    im downloading the first one! cant wait to listen to it (Y)

  11. @ Wedding Dress in African languages people
    In all the excitement I forgot something big…I can’t write in Twi, it will take me a while to do this, yes I know it’s weird that I can’t write in my own language(i fail at life!)

  12. nice the remix was good . but its focused is in the rap part not taeyang’s part , i hope the chorus was all of taeyang’s lyrics instead the chorus was kinda rap also .

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