Superstar K’s Gil Hak Mi is a fan of Taeyang

I think I may need to create a separate category on the blog – Taeyang’s celeb fans – cause damn, the boy has wayy too many πŸ™‚ Dubbed as the CL look-a-like, Gil Hak Mi recently released a new single “Super Soul” after appearing on the show Superstar K and being second runner up (winner of Superstar K Seo In Gook is also a huge Taeyang fanboy). She recently added Taeyang as one of her favorite artists on her profile page, adding her name to the growing list of artists who are Taeyang celeb fans.

Check out her music video under the cut.
I like her voice and the style of music she’s going with right now. I can’t help but thinking CL when I watch her, but she def gives off a different vibe.

7 thoughts on “Superstar K’s Gil Hak Mi is a fan of Taeyang”

  1. She has a real black vibe going on in her voice. I like it. I think it’s pretty cool. I could see her and Bebe doing a song together.

  2. wow thats great ^^
    YB has so many celeb fans *Q*
    thats so cool..

    but I’m already wait for his album >.< can't wait any longer,

  3. I agree when i heard her voice it sounds very unique like not generally heard in the kpop industry. More soulful, similar to how Taeyangs voice is very soulful and black for a korean artist. Wish she was part of YG

  4. hmm TBH..there’s something about her that just doesn’t do it for me. iono what though.

    she’s definately a more mature version of CL.

    but happy she’s a fan! so many junior singers are inspired by him!

  5. Oooo anothr fan of Tae XD
    It wud b cool if the did a song together
    She got a prety good voice, and im liking her song

    She’s really pretty too, but I dont think she looks like CL
    maybe from afar…and she haz a completely different thing goin on.

    I agree, that wud b cool if she waz part of YG

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