[Picspam]Taeyang goes to Thailand

As always, this post is going to be heavily Taeyang biased (well duh!) ~lol. I LOVE his MJ shirt!!
Can anyone fill me in on what they’re promoting over there?

There’s tons more, I’m sure, so if I haven’t got em here, feel free to post links =)

Thank you SAISOL for the following pictures exclusively for ATY!!~~


48 thoughts on “[Picspam]Taeyang goes to Thailand”

  1. Haha I like how he looks irritated in the tenth picture. Seems like he would be thinking, “OMFG, Shut the hell up, Dae Sung, you’re not funny…”

  2. It’s good to see that youngbae is smiling
    sometimes I’m worried that he would get too stressed cuz we can see that he’s a perfectionist (according to many of his previous interviews)

  3. YB looks so cute and adorable! Glad he’s smiling and looking very relaxed. =)

    They’re also finding a girl for the CF just like Lollipop 2! Hahah~

  4. Thanks… nice to see YB so relaxed and looking happy… so are the rest of the boys… seems like they’ve had some rest…

  5. omo…Taeyang at the end of this fancam….he really wanted to capture some thai ladies hearts ~lol

    Lol in all the fancams the boy CANNOT stand still..he’s like the little impatient kid who keeps moving around…its so cute

  6. Hotness & cuteness overload πŸ˜€
    Lovin’ his MJ T-shirt !!!
    Read the interview, Taeyang was definitely wooing the hearts of Thai Vips~said all the right & sweetest things. But of course thats Taeyang for you~ yeah the 1st pic is a killer; too adorable.

  7. lol Kay, love that fancam~ the man was super excited lol, kinda scared that he was going to fall of the stage or something. I bet he feels on top of the world, after what happened during the week ^^

      1. I think what Sunshine is referring to is his performance with Brian McKnight earlier this week. Still up in the clouds i presume.

  8. Yee!!!! his smiling!! i don’t know why i get so hyper every time he smiles.. my friends say i blush a lot when i see a picture of him looking all handsome and smiley. Haiz… the effect that he has on people…
    Anyway, what are they doing in Thailand? Aren’t they supposed to be preparing for their album now?

  9. its for eversense spray or something.
    did anyone read the fanaccount where he says thai fans are SO HOT like the weather? LOL baby is not as innocent as he used to be.

  10. @xinwei-yup he does look like he’s gained some weight….which is good cuz I was worried for a while there cuz he was looking too skinny for a bit. Glad to see all the boys, especially Tae, having fun and relaxing for a change. They’ve been wayyyyyy too stressed out lately! Big Bang Taeyang fighting <33333

  11. omg!!! i was in that area when they were at siam paragon but extremely broken heart that i didn’t know they would be there!!!!!!!!!! T_T

  12. MC: Do you like Thai girls?
    YB: Beautiful!

    MC: Then how do you guys approach the girls,then?
    SR: I sing her a song (and then he sang!!)
    GD: If I meet her, I’ll wont let her go anywhere.
    T.O.P: I will check if we’ve got something in common or if we like the same things
    DS: I’ll look into her eyes til she finds out what I’m thinking about
    YB: I’ll hug her right there!

    MC: So, you guys have been absent from your Thailand activities for 2 yrs. How is it?
    GD: I’m so excited but I feel so good. Thanks for being here and I hope we’ll have a good time all together.
    YB: Is it TOO HOT in here? I mean, Thai VIPs are SO HOT and so is the weather. Thank you!

    MC: So what is BIGBANG doing here in Thailand?
    YB: We’re here for the CM (CF) shoot. I’m so nervous. It’s our 1st time doing it in Thailand.

    MC: What did Big Bang prepare for the shoot?
    T.O.P: No, nothing but I’m so excited. We know you are waiting for us!

    MC: There are so many girls in this contest. Do you have a word for them?
    DS: We’re so honored & thanks for supporting us!

    MC: What do think that make the CM (CF) worth the look?
    SR: It’s not just Big Bang, you know. There will also be Big Bang Girls in it!

    MC: So,what is Big Bang up to? Can you give us some updates?
    YB: T.O.P’s just finished filming Into the Gunfire. GD’s just released the solo album. Big Bang’s new album is at the end of the year

    MC: Last one. Please tell something to your fans.
    YB: We thanks u all for the support. So sorry that we can’t be here that often. Thanks very much! We’re so excited! Please support us^^
    T.O.P: Thank you. Thank you. We’ve just reached here yesterday. I didn’t expect that there would be so many VIPs come to greet us. Please watch us on the CM (CF)!

  13. TV Pool Thailand
    MC: What is it like to come to shoot the CM for the first time in Thailand?
    First off,we’ve been away for so long.I’m so glad to return to Thailand to shoot the CM.Thank you very much for selecting us as the endorsers.

    MC: I’ve heard that you’ve got the BIGBANG Girls on the CM.So,what is your type of the BIGBANG Girls?
    G-Dragon:The VIP is the right type of the BIGBANG Girls.You only have to have us on your mind and that’s enough!

    MC: There are many girls who submitted their clips for this contest.Can you give them a word?
    We thank you for your clips.We know that you do it because you want to be with us.We’ll work hard to give you our good look.Thank you again.

    MC: Do you know anything about Thai food?What Thai dish do you like and want to cook it by yourself at home in Korea?
    Arhan Thai Aroi Mak Mak Krub!! (Thai food is soooo yummy!!)

    MC: Everybody in BIGBANG looks so 100% fit!How do you do to keep yourselves phisically fit?What kind of exercises that you like?
    Everything!I can’t pick just one.Everybody loves all kinds of exercises.If we have time, we love weight lifting exercises and I think we’ll all get sunkissed here!

    MC: Is there anything in the show business that you want to take a part in it?
    Dragon: There’s a lots there that we want to do.But,we focused on the solo activities last year.We miss working together as BIGBANG.The new album will be out in this year. Please look forward to it!

    MC: Can you give any update on your new album?
    TaeYang: We won’t tell!We’re working very hard on it.I can’t tell you right now what kind of music style it is going to be.So,please look forward to it!

    MC: One last request,everybody please give a word to the TV Pool Channel audiences.
    G-Dragon: To all the TV Pool Channel audiences,thanks for inviting us to Thailand.We miss you all the same.Please support us and don’t forget BIGBANG!

    1. Thats what i’d like to know! its a wonder some krazy fangirl hasnt jumped him already…well that is besides the funny unnie in strong heart lol

  14. ahah wow Daesung at the last pic it looked like he was saying “why the hell am I accepting this”, lol great pics though

  15. OMG WHAAAAT!?! already? yeah they went to go shoot a commercial for that product & theres a contest in thailand, you have to make a video dancing to their song & the winner gets to be in the commercial with them! aww I totally thought it was gna be during the summer when i go): darn.

  16. I was there!! Pretty close actually ,so I took some pictures. Is there any way that I could share it with you guys??

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