Tae Yang rocking the stage with one and only Brian Mcknight! (More fancams+PICS!)

*Download (2 versions)
Brian McKnight & Taeyang – My Kind of Girl (Audio) Ver.1

Brian McKnight & Taeyang – My Kind of Girl (Audio) Ver.2

The perfect picture! It was real. (Source: YBMania.com)

So how I can I tell you how super stoked I was for this.  Last night it finally hit me that Tae Yang was performing with the great Brian Mcknight, famous all over the world and one of YB’s inspirations, and I started to get nervous as I always do.  Was he ready?  Vocals in check?  Is he gonna get wardrobe malfunctions?  (Someone reminded me of last year’s vest and zipper incident on twitter)  Yes that’s the kind of fangirl I am!

Here we go! Under the cut, we will be posting pictures, audio, fancams, links, and articles as they appear on new sites and Korean fanboards.  Keep visiting ATY and this post often.  For those twitter-heads, check your twitter, we’ll be updating all this often.  If you have info, please feel free to post in the comment section for everyone and we’ll update the post when we get to it.


  • Duet with Brian Mcknight “My Kind of Girl”: What can I say?  PURE PERFECTION!!!! Both artists were amazing.  It wasn’t just Mr. Mcknight singing the majority of the song, but it was truly a duet.  They even harmonized.  I am very very impressed with Youngbae’s performance: his beautiful vocals, harmonization with Mr.McKnight, support him, and his ad-libs.  PERFECT.  I’m so proud of him!  This clip is gonna be on repeat for a long time.
  • Brian Mcknight saying “wow, that was awesome” at the end of the performance. Hell yes it was.
  • Here are some audio of Brian McKnight’s performances if anyone is interested: One Last Cry, Back At One


Aiiigooo. *Spazzes*  He looks so comfortable on stage doing his thang.  And the jeans! It makes me want to cry…lol.
And did you see the hand/fist shake at the end?  Buddies?

News Articles:

  • Newsen: Nothing new that we don’t know.  It says Tae Yang performed “Where U At,” “Wedding Dress” and a duet with Brian McKnight.  He was very well received by the audience.
  • OSEN: Same things, but Tae Yang mentioned something like “I worked hard to be better prepared.”  Of course you would

Pictures (Click to Enlarge):


89 thoughts on “Tae Yang rocking the stage with one and only Brian Mcknight! (More fancams+PICS!)”

  1. Thanks a million ATY. I’ll be sure to come on here every 1 hour lol for updates & check my twitter too. But at least my nerves have been put to rest; how Taeyang was going to cope & perform was on my mind all day, but this information makes me proud of him & happy too 😀

    Can’t wait to see the fancams ^^ *excited*

  2. omg I just heard the audio, absolutely beautiful. Taeyang done his best in my opinion; his vocals & the harmonies *melts* great, blended well with Brian’s voice. Plus he was very clear too. Just as I expected, Taeyang never fails to disappoint! Plus the audience reception was great; yeah !!!

  3. This was wonderful, just wonderful!!! Loved the duet. You could tell Taeyang really practiced this song a lot….his English was so much improved in it, he was pretty clear, I understood his every word. Their duet was amazing! Their voices went together perfectly. I will definitely be listening to that clip for a while. Are you guys going to put a download link for us for it? Hopefulu by the time I get hone from work the fancams will be up! *fingers crossed*

  4. waaa its my first time to in here …super thanks for this … did you hear that Yb said Im his kind of girl *delusional mode* …perfect duet indeed!!!!

  5. lol didn’t know that Brian played the guitar. Taeyang looks so good yet so small beside Brian lol. You can tell Taeyang was having such a great time on stage & yes he looks so comfortable. @ 2:27 gave me goosebumps!!!! wow~

    haha the ‘brotherly’ love handshake at the end 😀
    Awesome !!!

  6. Aaahhhhhh!!!! I need to stop checking ATY! I don’t get off of work for another 10 hours and having to watch the fancams on my phone is just not the same as watching it on the bigger, nt to mention clearer screen of the computer. I tell myself to not but I can’t stop myself from checking to see the newest info from the concert. Oh ATY, why are you doing this to me????

  7. ATY, will there hopefully be a DL for “My kind of girl”? can’t get enough of it…….replayed it over and over again. Although I wish they had increased the volume on Taeyang’s mic a little.

  8. Two things
    1) YB and Mr McKnight sound AMAZING. Oh YB you go getta! 😛 I’m so happy for him, I was praying for him like mad lol.

    2) on a sobering note, I remember Hyori during her Mnet’s Hyori’s off the rec reality show, was mentioning something along the lines (paraphrasing not verbatim) “I heard that some singers in the US have their very own [expensive tailor/custom made] microphones they always bring no matter where they do concerts” (then says something along the lines we don’t have that kind of thing here in SK)

    So on that note I say, YG overhaul your sound system!

    This coming album release and following concert should ROCK Big Bang’s (AND YB’s) VOCALS yah heard!

  9. @ J.J, seriously? oh thanks for the info. I didn’t know they did that with microphones. Nevertheless, Taeyang sang clearly, which is great~

  10. wah! that duet with McKnght ended so fast! lol Taeyang hella rocked his performance! he looks so good in simple clothes!!!

  11. lol, can’t get over the checkered shirts, Taeyang is looking FLY with those check long sleeves. ahhhh!! I can’t stop spazzing. sorry ^^ He would not let go of that belt buckle lol.

  12. Thank you Kay!!! I really love you now XD!

    I really miss him T.T I love how he stand on stage ,relax (? I’m not sure,LOL) and sang with all his heart!

    @J.J – You’re right!! YB and Mr McKnight sound AMAZING!!!!

  13. a fancam of WD! Yay! although he didn’t really dance and sang about half the song..
    he did seem a bit tense though, probably due to the nerves.
    and aw, his glasses fell

  14. in the Juckdo fancam of My kind of girl Thats definitely GD shouting Dong YoungBae @ 10 seconds can’t make out the other voice mebbe TOP

  15. he looks and sounds amazing though.. gah how adorable is he w/ one sleave up and one sleave down during the duet?

  16. @ darkasnight I agree, plus he had to keep on adjusting his mic & he did look tired; just like you said, nerves I guess.

  17. I am so late to this party. YB sounded wonderful and he looks hot in plaid. The best performance I’ve ever seen. Take that JT!

  18. *jaw opened *_*
    5th pic…………….. yup Kay I’m with u on that Greek God; oh yeah !!!! *only thing replaying over & over again in my mind are his muscles* >< I'm in heaven……

  19. the perf’s were good but can he catch a break when he opens for people

    Ear piece flew off in WUA lost some breath at the end there too

    Glasses flew off in Wedding dress

    Had to stand next to a Giant(average sized guy) for the duet

  20. Omo!!!!! I’m at school rite now so i can’t listen to the fancam but i can’t wait till i get home. omg still spazzing

  21. Loved WUA and the duet. Felt so bad for him during WD. Someone mentioned something about problems with his earpiece causing him to be behind the beat (and off pitch) – which is probably why he had to stop singing for a bit and left out most of the choreography.
    😦 I hate that these things keep on happening to him.

  22. So proud of Taeyang for getting so far in his career to be given the opportunity to stand on the same stage as brian mcknight.

  23. @ Sunshine – I studied a bit of sound engineering in HS and do basic stuff here and there for friends XD It’s not just mics but the way the voices are mixed. I would personally put more bass on YB’s (past) “concert” voice to make it sound LESS like a tin can…

    It annoys me to no end how YB always fiddles with his headset mic, whether it’s a mannerism or because it makes him uncomfortable. :sigh: My one wish is to see him have one of those streamlined head mics, the ones that you can hardly see so it doesn’t obstruct his face 😛

    @ Esther – They probably sound more amazing than usual because Mr. McKnight’s sound system is top of the line. Now if YG can shell out that cash for his “CASH CROP” (aka Big Bang) LOL

  24. Really, SK doesn’t have it? That’s strange… YG should be investing on personal mics for his artists, especially for Bigbang (who’s getting lots of international exposure). Yeah, it’s common for big time artists to really have their own personal mics. I remember one time when I was a planning for an event and was talking with the manager of one of the local artists, i was told i had to include in the cost the artists own sound system cos he doesn’t sing without his own sound system and personal mic.

    Am happy for YB, extremely happy for him.

  25. I’m so so proud!! He must have been so nervous yet excited. I love how much international exposure he’s been getting. It’s only a matter of time before….

  26. Ahhh!!! omg! Words can’t describe how freaking HAPPY I’m feeling right now! I’m so proud of Taeyang. He sounded way better than on ELT. First, he took his time even though you can totally tell he was nervous as hell probably because he was sharing a stage with Brian lol Secondly, we’re wearing the same thing! lol I mean I’m the girl version of him except I had sandals 🙂 he looked very cute with that outfit. I couldn’t help but noticed at how he would smile in between the duet! He sounded very good singing in english who knows maybe Brian can put some good words about Taeyang and puff next thing we know ” New Artist of the Year Taeyang” (faints) lol one can dream! I wonder how many pair of sunglasses Taeyang owns?? He’s always losing them on stage lol Loving the pictures!!

  27. @ J.J yeah, I agree. I think the headpiece irritates him from time to time, that he always has the urge to fiddle with it. The streamlined head mics would look so much better. Hopefully YG will work on that~


    I was SOOOOO surprised to see Bae in Plaid! I've never seen
    him Plaid BEFORE!! Or like a shirt-wise but ohmygaddd,,
    so freakin sexy! The collab sounds SOOOO GOOODD!!!! <333
    I wish there was DL links, stupid new Youtube !

  29. somebody tell me why av been tearing up for like the past….well for as long as av been logged on here! am like a proud mama hen, well done Bae Bae no matter what u do u could never disappoint me!

  30. omooo WUA he just killed it, he didnt perform this good even during Big Show its like he saved the best for last….i do believe Mr McKnight is the lucky one here and not the other way round ; )
    lotta lotta love from London YB!!!

  31. you guys seriously made my day! Thank you so much for uploading everything!! (and every one’s comments are making me l.o.l)

    I really need them to stop making him wear those pants and boots in WD/WUA -_- but other than that he was amazing!! i’m gonna have to join the ‘YB looks hot in plaid’ bandwagon lol and the way he kept fidgeting w/ the sleeves ❤

  32. OMG I’m so freaking proud of him!! Just woke up and then BAM!! This article is already giving me happiness of the day!! XDXDXDXDXD… Gonna watch the fancams now. Thanks guys for posting up the vids!

  33. This aint even a racial statement, but..
    I’m officially accepting Taeyang into the black community
    He can definitely chill!

  34. okay I’ve watched it and wow. SO SO SO MUCH BETTER than ELT and Big Show. Performance wise, vocal wise.. everything was perfect and he gave 110% to the crowd. This kinda makes me think that he performs better with a smaller crowd but then again during big show and ELT he was exhausted so maybe that theory can’t be used. Hahaha. I love every single performances and even though he did more adlibs in WD instead of singing more lines, he actually sounded fine and solid. So it was very satisfactory.^^ The duet with BM was awesome. His vocals were perfect like tofumon said and hello.. he looked good too dressing up casually like that!
    Overall, I love it. Kinda remind me of why I fell for his performances in the first place. and why was I so nervous for him?? He didn’t disappoint at all. but there were some distractions like his shades flew off, his earpiece got disconnected but oh well. i guess there has to be some wardrobe malfunction every time he performs. Hehehhehe.

    =gonna watch the videos again ^^=

  35. Another note:
    I’m pretty sure he dressed up low key because it isn’t his concert… it’s Mr. McKnights. But good on him though for LOOKING GOOD 😀

  36. those goddamn mics n all them extra wires n shieet… always messing YB up, thats that bullshit right there. I’m waiting for some other dumb malfunction to happen again while he’s performing and YB just to stop and be like “You know what? FUCK THIS” throw the mics to the ground and just sing w/o anything but his voice alone.. talking about projecting!
    Woop, he definitely knocked his shades off though lol..ALL GOOD.. we didn’t even notice YB 🙂

    @ Lise, haha u know it!

  37. The performances were awesome and so good! I am so happy for YB! He looks really comfortable and happy during the duet with Brian McKnight too! That duet was awesome… YB was fantastic in Where U At and Wedding Dress too. Though I do notice he keeps fiddling with the mic, like most of the others have said.

    Thanks so much for the updates and videos!!! I love you Tofu and Kay!! ^^

  38. I think those pants he wears in WUA and WD makes him uncomfortable and fidgety…heck even I feel uncomfortable watching him dance in those….*shivers*…I hope he’s got a new wardrobe when his album drops….i love love love plaid on him…..

  39. Finally!!! Home to watch his performances now my day is complete! So awesome!!! Have to agree with everyone…Taeyang should definitely wear plaid more often!

  40. OMG! Tae Yang really never fails to make me feel proud! he makes me fall in love with him even more! though i can’t say that his vocals in this duet is his best, coz i know in myself that if i did it would be so biased. but he did a really good job! he’s really good as always! i’m really happy for him.

  41. These are just close-ups of his performance…gotta say he is definitely rocking that stubble! Can’t decide if I like him better shaven or unshaven cuz either way he is still hot!!! 🙂

  42. Taeyang english is super fluent . I hope he has some eng songs in his upcoming album 😀 He’s duet with mcknight was a blast !

  43. thanks for the fancams & pics ^_^ lol @ some fanboys shouting his name.
    He did great. im so proud of him ❤

    oh and I FREAKING LOOOOOVE the backview picture of YB! eheheheh <33333

  44. yes the stubble OMG the stuble! i didnt know he could look any more manly then came that sexily delicious stubble plus the lil careless moves plus the swagga….oooohhhh…..faints!!!

  45. How could I forget the stubble? Too mesmerized by the plaid, perhaps? In any event YB needs to keep the stubble and work it for all its worth, because it suits him. Manly swagga indeed. 🙂

  46. So it’s been more than 24-hours and I have to say, this duet is still on repeat. I just DLed the audio and uploaded it onto my phone so I have everywhere now. LOL. I read some comments on other sites saying how this duet was “not that great” and I honestly (objectively too) don’t get why. I have to say I’m quite satistfied if not impressed at how the performance turned out. The song choice was perfect for their voices and they even harmonized!!! I think Tae Yang didn’t disappoint and held up his end nicely. His falsettos could have been louder but they did not detract from the performance. Overall quite happy with how things turned out for the duet.

    And I really love watching Youngbae during this duet. You can tell he wants to burst out into a giant smile half way through but held it back to be professional. You call tell Taeyang was having a special moment of sheer bliss and overwhelming joy. And I can help but be happy for him too!

    As for YB’s solos performances, “Where U At” was solid. I think this was his best performance of the song. Singing has gotten much better. Did anyone think he was super hyper and big with his moves? haha The energy was great.

    “Wedding Dress” was short of being almost disasterous. I’m not disappointed just cringing because something always goes wrong for Tae Yang. This time it’s the microphone. Half way through the video, I was so confused at what was dangling behind his butt. (A new tail? lol) It must have been so distracting and annoying for him to perfom like that. The beginning was shaky but he pulled it together by the second half of the song. Gotta give him so credit for that.

    And I second/third/etc all those complaints about the sound system. YG needs to invest in those microphones for Youngbae. Iono why he’s still using those massive microphones…there’s ones one there so much smaller.

    1. @ tofumon – I read somewhere that BB was making sales and their net worth was more than other YG members combined. I’m not sure how accurate this is, but if they’re pulling in so much money (for the company–not really themselves) it should only be right they upgraded. I’m grateful that YG spent cash on a new building, hopefully everything gets fitted properly.

      I inwardly cringe when I see them all recording together in one room–band, instruments, and singers and all.

      1. the one room band/singers recording is different than album recordings. That’s for practice on concerts and stuff and in a way I prefer that way over everyone separated, imo lets everyone get a better vibe of the music and flows well. Even on live concerts + live band instead of prerecorded backrounds they get together and work the music at the concert hall/studio (Watch MJ’s this is it) even the big stars do that. & the mic YB uses is a better mic then most of the small ones you see others use @ shows like inki. Sure I think they need a better way of strapping them ear pieces on but Mic quality is alright.

  47. Yeah abt WD i think av only watched it once cuz i just cringe for him and feel too sorry for him. But thats generally BB for u, something goes wrong they quickly compose themselves and get on with it like nothin ever happened! Loved how he handled that. Plus did y’all see how it was almost painful for him to slow down occasionally during WUA so as to catch his breath? U cud tell he was dying to just get on with the choreo rather than having his backups do all the moves ; ) u were right uri YB just cannot keep still he always has to move sth even if its just the hands and he does it following the rhythm too not just randomly!!!
    I predict this is gonna be the most commented on piece on ATY… especially if i dont stop posting comments every other hr lol

  48. I haven’t had the heart to watch YB’s WD or WUA performances. I tried to but something in me just wouldn’t let me. YB takes so much pride in putting on such amazing performances that when something unexpectedly happens to take away from that I can’t help feeling bad for him. His duet with Mr McKnight was perfection. There’s just something in the way YB sings he brings so much emotion to everything he does that I find myself enjoying his renditions more than the original artist (With You/Cracks of My Broken Heart/Don’t Wanna Try). No offense to JT but YB just brought something fresh to the duet. Their voices blended together perfectly. I can’t stop watching it. I had to download it to my desktop so I can watch it over and over again at my leisure.

    1. I feel the same about those three songs you mentioned,i actually enjoyed them more whit Taeyang than whit it’s original performers,not just because im a fan of his,he’s just got something that makes them sound so fresh and new to me everytime. Ohh♥

      Cracks of my broken heart just makes me wanna cry,it’s so beautiful!

  49. i truly appreciate what Taeyang is doing on stage day in day out.
    if it wasn’t for his hard work, I dont think I would be watching quality performances by him every single time.

    🙂 hopefully we’ll get to see him on a world stage. thanks taeyang for being my idol. 🙂

  50. i love taeyang but come one guys..he was realllyy messing up in wedding dress. he seemed to be starting all the singing parts too late! =[ at least in the beginning.

    loving his brian mcknight duet though!

  51. He was amazing! I can still see he’s a bit nervous in the duet but well he’s just the person who can’t sit still when performing on stage! =)

    I love it! =)

  52. OMO! the pics are just gaaaaaaaaah!!!! ♥♥ hott! 😀
    thank you,i actually don’t listen to Brian Mc knight but i enjoyed this performance a lot,i remember i thought it was a big achievement for Bebe and a chance to be taken more seriously by us fans and other people! way to go oppa!

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