Tae Yang at the “Electric Love Tour”

I know these video clips are posted almost everywhere but for those who haven’t seen them watched them yet here a couple fantastic performances from the concert.

Of course first up is “Wedding Dress.”  Like some of you in the chat box said, his vocals were divine in this performance. I definitely miss seeing him.   I’m not complaining, but why does he always has the urge to take off some article of clothing in his performances?

More under cut

This a clip of both “A Good Man” and “Stay” which is T0fu-biased because I love these two songs.   Tae Yang (and Big Bang too) sounded fantastic.  SunDae (TY+DS) totally killed “Stay.”  I’m looking forward to both of their albums.  Duet please!

For those interested, check out candelstinepain’s channel for the entire concert.


40 thoughts on “Tae Yang at the “Electric Love Tour””

  1. I’ve got to admit, I really enjoyed the ELT; amazing!!! Watching it makes me wish I was there. lol Tofu, maybe he was hot & decided to toss his jacket to one side or show us how hard he’s been working in the gym lately 😀

    I’ve missed him a lot, so it was great watching WD all over again. His vocals have definitely improved in my opinion, and he looks a lot more confident & comfortable on stage~ he’s definitely growing more as an artist. So proud ^^

    I luv “stay” too YB & Dae< 3333 ^^

  2. In WD I think he seemed a bit sad, or maybe it’s just me.

    TY and T.O.Ps’ voices sound really good together, I think I enjoyed their blend better than TY and DS.

    The ending of stay when TY did that high “thingee” was most defiantly a win!

  3. I finished watching this concert at 5 in the morning….and when I woke at noon I watched it again. I’ve seen many Big Bang performances but this is the first time that I’ve seen one of their concerts in its entirety. Big Bang are incredible. They always give their all when they perform. YB is amazing on stage. he just comes alive. I think the reason why he’s always taking something off is because clothing can be so constricting….and his guns need to breathe 🙂 Didn’t he also take off his jacket during Stylish? And Kay I think that move that your referring to during How Gee is called the pelvic thrust. YB better not do that move anywhere near me….because if he did security would be on me so fast….. YB rocks! ❤

  4. I think I’ll be the only one here but is it just me or Taeyang has been reallly lazy singing lately..? It bothers when he doesn’t sing his part completely instead he’ll just do a lot of ad-lib. . I thought the vocals in WD was shaky and he sounded tired (try listening with headphones).

    Stay was… I thought he did better at Big Show 2010. IMO A Good Man was the best out of the three videos, where his vocals sounded fine, steady and he sang most of his lines. Other than that, the stage looked awesome! I’d say it’s better than Big Show 2009.

  5. OMG ! the wedding dress performance was so HOT .
    and i really envy the girl backup dancer that he danced with .
    i wish i have watched this concert . aaaww !

  6. @ILOVEMYBAE – A little bit, not exactly “lazy” but rather, he’s lacking the power or energy maybe? Yeh, alot of adlib thrown in there too….I guess with a stage performance and dance, he can’t sing the entire thing……

    I wish he’d do an acapella version of Wedding Dress of WUA just sitting (preferably on a bar stool, serenading me)

  7. it sound like tae is a little bit sick or i cant remeber that he has such a husky voice specially to the beginning…
    orrrr i hear things that i shouldnt hear x’D

  8. It kinda sounded like he was sick or hoarse and had to try to force his voice. He seemed to be singing lower than usual and his voice lacked the usual vibrancy that I’ve come to associate with it. He didn’t even adlib as much since I think he was finding it hard to even talk. He did pretty good considering, and pulled it off like a pro inspite of it.

  9. @Kay: still, i can’t help it. Actually he didn’t dance as much as his normal performances of WD. this time he jst dance at the beginning and then started running around the stage…. I wasn’t kidding when i said lazy either. okay maybe it’s not the best word to describe it but if u watch his performances early 2007-2008 he sang really well no matter how hard is the choreography. Wasn’t breathy like how he used to now. If it’s WUA, i’ll understand but WD.. it has just been too many times.

    You know, i’ll just assume that he’s sick.

  10. @ILOVEMYBAE – yea I understand and no doubt performances early on in his debut consisted of more singing…yeah I’m going to go with him being sick (more likely extreme fatigue)…cause right before this they just finished their crazy concert schedule in Korea…its likely that is the case

  11. Yeah I was noticing that earlier. He didn’t seem to put as much energy into singing that he usually does, although I still think that his performances still rocked. But yeah I’m just going to assume he’s sick or really tired cuz we all know how much he prides himself on givng his all during his music performances.

  12. @tofu: because it’s hot on stage, especially after singing and dancing. Baebae has to cool off somehow y’know 😉

    I love “A Good Man” and “Stay”! I froze when TOP sang. yeah I can feel he really wants to sing. Nice blending with Baebae too. =) Seungri sounded much better with Stay. He really sounds better singing in Japanese than in Korean. hehehe.

    Gaad I miss Baebae and Big bang. can’t wait for their albums and promotions!!!

  13. @ ILOVEMYBAE: Hmm i agree, in wedding dress he does miss alot of the lines especially during the chorus. But he’s always done that on the music core, inkigayo performances as well. But i think its a hard to sing the song in its fullness, because the lines sometimes overlap, so its kinda impossible.
    Also yeah i have noticed since WUA and WD he does sound more out of breath. I mean during Only look at me, that was pretty much full choreography yet he sang the song flawlessly.

    Anyways i thought Stay was beautiful, no fancy choreography or anything just pure vocals. Haha i swear Bae loves doing the high pitch ad-libs now…sometimes i think he over does it

  14. @Kay: I watched the vid…OMG!!! I saw another side of him from that clip. hehehe. =) And I effin’ love it! He’s getting lose. =)

    And at the end Baebae has to strip again…to the luck of the fan who got his shirt!!! huhu. what a souvenir. ^^

  15. the way he smacked the dancer’s butt and saying “Ooohhh ur so fine”

    I just died from there…

    yea I have notice that he doesn’t sing fully in WD but during the gayo daejun performance or w/e it was where he perform OLAM and WD together he sung more of OLAM than WD…so yea…I’ll never get over how good OLAM is…

    the clip up there of the performance of Number 1 during the ELT concert had me concluding that Taeyang is not a virgin anymore….LMAO!!!! RANDOM!!!! YES I KNOW!!!!!!!!! disregard the comment if it makes u comfortable…sorry i just had to say it somewhere and decided to say it here….sounded perverted.,.yea I know…but I couldn’t help it…he looked so hot!

    ok so I’ll end this long comment with this…

    have you guys notice that Taeyang has not been taking off that damn wife beater/ tanktop or whatever it’s call off???!!! and I’m frustrated because I was hoping we’ll get to see it! LMAO



  16. I’m not going to speculate on the above comment. I think YB is just getting ‘comfortable’ with the choreography 🙂 Not that I was shocked by the performance because I love Number 1 but it was so random. Bae’s never……smacked the dancer that hard before. At one point I thought it was the wind…because it happened so fast…blink and you miss it. But I did melt when he said “Oooohhh your so fine”. I’m a puddle on the floor.

    I have noticed that he isn’t taking off the wife beater that much anymore, but you know what I don’t mind all that much. The songs that he sang during ELT don’t really warrant full on abs. Maybe he’s getting tired of always showing off his body….. Just my take. Don’t hate me. 🙂

  17. What did you guys think of the medley?

    I thought Dae and Seungri killed it but it felt weird because I’m so used to YB being up there with them, just to hear their two voices and Bae’s backing vocals just felt off. The best part of Fool’s Only Tears/Candle is when the guys try to out sing each other at the end. Or as I like to call “Let’s see who can sing, hold the highest note.” I think Dae took this one. Seungri thought he had him beat. But when Dae hit that high note….he had to be thinking “Whoa dude…breath.” I was missing Bae’s vocals during Foolish Love and Remember. YB, Seungri and Dae are a force when they sing together…so without YB it’s just not the same.

  18. That was a pretty cringe-worthy performance. Taeyang struggled with the song throughout the performance. His dancing was still spot-on but he couldn’t muster to sing a note properly or stay on pitch. He’s obviously overworked and exhausted. In fact, all of the members looked exhausted and miserable during the concert.

    From seeing his recent interviews, this boy needs to get laid. NOW. He seems desperately lonely. YG needs to call up a good escort service…or get him another puppy.

  19. I think they were all really tired, especially cuz during Stylish they were significantly less energetic than usual…even GD was kinda mellowed out and TOP seemed overly tired too :/

    Rotfl!! @ loonylollipop’s comment…for the sake of all the fangirls let’s go w/ getting him another puppy lol

  20. wow…I never noticed any of those parts…haha, I thought it was great – I mean not the BEST of performances, but hey, they are singing like 20 songs in a row so I was impressed at how good they sounded 🙂

  21. Ha.. Number 1.. I like it for some reason…. Hahahahaha………..XD I saw the girl’s butt wobble(?) okay how the hell do u say this… I mean… her butt/skin was shakin after the hit.. It must have been hard and really on spot. With Aimee it wasn’t that low I think… Oh my mama I’m a pervert… no he is. Hahahahaha

    “Also yeah i have noticed since WUA and WD he does sound more out of breath. I mean during Only look at me, that was pretty much full choreography yet he sang the song flawlessly.”
    @vipwong: Yes, exactly.

    The medley was lacking for me somehow just because YB is not singing but DS(wow) and SR did a really good job.
    Did YB slip at 4:27?

  22. Is it me or YB’s gotten even buffer? >ww<

    One can keep fingers crossed…:P Hope too.

    But yes, like some people noted in the comments, they all look exhausted… Fatigue seems to be written all over their faces…=((

    I can't blame them, their Korean concert just ended. Then they were swift on to the plane to Japan to go on a CONCERT TOUR…. For 5-6 days I think.. if my memory serves me well…

    If that doesn't take the stamina out of someone, I don't know who does.

    I guess taking off the jacket is just the heat that you get from the concert (so many CO2 produced from fans and themselves alike), and from dancing. Of course, it's not like I'm complaining, gotta love the guns that seem to have gotten even yummier….

    YB should take off the tank top!!! I miss those abs!!! XD

    Seungri's so cute in the medley (the beginning that is), he's been soaring in list of fav. BB members… (though there's not much point since there's only five of them…LOL)

    Is Seungri OK though? He sounds like he's sick…. Though some would say his voice is already a bit nasal… His voice is a bit different from the usual in certain songs…

  23. I agree, DaeRi medley was good, but they sang all the songs where i wanted to hear Bae’s voice.. Everytime i heard him from the bkgd vocals, i kinda smiled… its usually the three of them. it felt weird for SR to sing his parts. i really miss him singing those kinda songs. but nonetheless, daeri did good.
    And now that they are working on the comeback album, and bae with his solo as well, i want him to rest. he actually all of them looked so exhausted, no surprise with those amounts of concerts. but wishing them all the best and looking forward for their comeback. rest well!

  24. i don’t know how many times a rewinded the ‘ohh,you’re so fine’ part of number 1.
    so sexyy.just imagine him whispering those words to you.aigoo.

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