14 thoughts on “Clips of Shaun & Lyle teaching WUA & WD”

  1. they’re awesome! all three of them; soo talented! so did taeyang’s back-up dancers fly all the way to the US for this?? if they did, waay cool.
    oo and I LOVE the new layout. so fresh! 😀

  2. This is so awesome! So many people went too~~~ I feel the love and support already!

    Wish I was there too~~~ I so wanna try the dance!!

  3. Sooo cool. I still cnt get over how ty , lyle and shaun and aimee collabed. All my favourites 😀 . Theyre so talented i wish i cud dance pike that. Thanks for postinggg:D

  4. Thanks for sharing ^^
    They’re sooooo talented; amazing! Total cool, wish I could move like Aimee *thumbs up* to all three.

  5. Incredible, Shaun is so amazing for choreographing such moves! You could tell the ease when he danced it, of course cause he created it 🙂 And the other dances were just as great!

  6. wow!!!!!
    im so amazed and proud!
    taeyang is sweeping across the globe!
    slowly but surely!!!!
    i can feel the tears.

  7. Gah. I never get tired of watching these guys dance!
    And Lyle, he is a beast. Watching him always blow my mind. His moves are so fast and sharp and so efortless. Like honestly, when I watch him I cant stop staring lol I think I have a crush on him or his dancing at least hahahahaha

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