Clips of Shaun & Lyle teaching WUA & WD

These are fantastic. Taeyang is a fabulous dancer but seeing Shaun and Lyle dancing the choreography they created is something else and check out  Aimee dancing Wedding Dress with DooBoo and Mandu (Taeyang’s other backup dancers)

More under the cut


14 thoughts on “Clips of Shaun & Lyle teaching WUA & WD”

  1. they’re awesome! all three of them; soo talented! so did taeyang’s back-up dancers fly all the way to the US for this?? if they did, waay cool.
    oo and I LOVE the new layout. so fresh! 😀

  2. This is so awesome! So many people went too~~~ I feel the love and support already!

    Wish I was there too~~~ I so wanna try the dance!!

  3. Sooo cool. I still cnt get over how ty , lyle and shaun and aimee collabed. All my favourites 😀 . Theyre so talented i wish i cud dance pike that. Thanks for postinggg:D

  4. Thanks for sharing ^^
    They’re sooooo talented; amazing! Total cool, wish I could move like Aimee *thumbs up* to all three.

  5. Incredible, Shaun is so amazing for choreographing such moves! You could tell the ease when he danced it, of course cause he created it 🙂 And the other dances were just as great!

  6. Gah. I never get tired of watching these guys dance!
    And Lyle, he is a beast. Watching him always blow my mind. His moves are so fast and sharp and so efortless. Like honestly, when I watch him I cant stop staring lol I think I have a crush on him or his dancing at least hahahahaha

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