Kanauru does Taeyang’s “Where U At” Remake

I’m sure a lot of you have seen Kanauru’s other remakes like “Prayer”, well here’s another great remake to add to the list. I loved how well the choreography was done *thumbs up to you Qui, you make a great Taeyang!~lol*

Prod/Dir. Richard Che

17 thoughts on “Kanauru does Taeyang’s “Where U At” Remake”

  1. Haha!!! You guys are funny as hell! Qui makes a great Tae Yang, I agree…=)

    That remake was dope~~~ Great job!! Waiting for Wedding Dress! Can’t wait to see it! >w<

  2. Wow that was probably the best version of Where U At from someone other than Taeyang himself. Big props to Qui and crew for an amazing job!!! Hope to see Wedding Dress soon!! Also, just wondering, was that Chrome Hearts Qui was wearing? Cuz wow….that stuff is really expensive!!!

  3. Love the bloopers… ^^ Funny…hahah… This is an honest opinion from me i hope u don’t mind. I thought the cover is the best so far. Gotta give them a big hand of applause since they did the whole choreography.

  4. lol… u guys are hilarious..
    I love it and u guys make it look great besides taeyang.
    Can’t wait for the wedding dress! 😀

  5. Qui, I really enjoyed your remake of WUD, *thumbs up*
    You make a great duplicate version of Taeyang, any chance you two could be related? lol; just joking. Can’t wait for WD 😀

  6. Awesome! Thanks Kay for posting it!

    @ygtaeyangbb uh huh its actual Chrome heart. I have the real one with the big cross on the back but it didn’t come in time…so i wore the other one ahahah

    Thanks for the love!
    Props to Richard / Teddy for the edits and shooting!

    uhhh Wedding Dress Black Teaser! I know you guys are gonna like it ahaha. Sit tight!

  7. Good job to qui but i gotta say sometimes i cringe when i watch this video … Im not hating or anything but anyways i still think its cool tho

  8. hahaha :] ! you guys are great the remake was just the same as taeyang did it . and the banana was really hilarious when it’s in the wedding part already . great dancing 🙂


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