ATY spread in YBmagazine!!

So, some of you may be wondering, what’s “YBmagazine” exactly?
Ybmagazine is a project by one of Korea’s biggest Taeyang fan groups – Ybmania. In it, they feature various articles, quotes, and interviews for Taeyang and YG to read and learn more about Taeyang’s fan base. It’s an amazing undertaking with lots of fan love attached. With that being said, I am happy to share ATY’s spread in YBmagazine’s first volume!
I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ybmania about ATY and Taeyang in the international world; it is a 10 page spread which includes captures of our site, fan messages (yes some of your messages in Korean!) and my interview! This is definitely very exciting for us, as it’s probably the first official stamp on our international site. The magazine itself has already been delivered to Taeyang & YG, so who knows, our next visitor on ATY may just be Taeyang himself ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you YBmania for giving us a chance to show ATY to Taeyang (esp the awesome Myokoon :))
Go under the cut for excerpts from my interview!

A few excerpts from my interview with YBmania:

>From how many nations do people visit ATY? And how many people a day?

The visitors on ATY come from around the world! It’s very exciting to see how many people are interested in Taeyang and his music. Places include – Canada, U.S, Australia, England, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Sweden, France, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Brazil- just name a few. Usually in a day we have about 5,000 hits on the website from everywhere. On the release of “Wedding Dress” we had 12,500 hits on the website.

>ATY’s visit count has been increasing. Are you realizing? Have you expected that?

Yes it is increasing! We recently reached 1 million views on the website. Actually, when the website first started we were not expecting much, we just wanted a place to share news about Taeyang, but now people are discovering him internationally.

>How’s the image of Korean fans?

Korean fans are simply amazing! The amount of time and dedication that Korean fans put into representing their idols is very impressive. I am lucky to have met some Korean fans from YB fan sites and its wonderful how welcoming they are and always willing to help us international fans out!

>Do you think Taeyang can succeed in the American market?

I think Taeyang has the best chance of succeeding in the American market. I don’t say this because I am his fan but from living here and seeing the artist styles and trends; Taeyang has a great chance of doing well. I think Taeyang would be more easily accepted because he doesn’t have to change who he is at all. Taeyang’s style – both music and fashion – is well known in America but he also adds his own signature to it. You can tell Taeyang is all natural and he would fit in very well with the current music scene. What would set him apart is not only his voice but his dancing. There aren’t any Asian artists in the American industry yet who can sing AND dance well and Taeyang excels at both in the Korean market, so America is not so far-fetched for him. Also, I have introduced him to many people who do not listen to Kpop, and they really appreciate and accept his style and music.

>Taeyang’s performances with girls like Sinner and My Girl could look a bit loud in Korea. How do you feel about them?

Over here, it’s not looked at loudly at all; in fact both performances were taken very well by international fans and had a lot of sensual appeal that most American artists tend to do over here already. It really depends on the culture of the countries. I think it was a more bold move for Taeyang to do performances like that, but I liked them because they showed a different to him as an artist and that he is capable of doing more bolder performances that are tasteful and artistic. He did it because the song lyrics and style of the song required him to do so, and to fit a performance to the level of the song – it needed to be done.

>Korean fans are not satisfied with the YG promotion. Then, we’re wondering how international fans and you think about Tae yang’s activities.

I cannot speak on behalf of all international fans, however, I will speak about some discussion that has been going on lately. Personally, I have been a little disappointed with YG. We were anticipating Taeyang’s 2nd solo album early 2010, however we now have no news about it. We were also astonished at how little promotion Taeyang got to do for “Wedding Dress” because we were excited to see him twice a week on music shows, however that never happened. Of course, we love YG and appreciate all he does for his artists but I think the problem is clarifying what is going on for fans as most of us are left wondering on our own and also, we want the best for Taeyang, so if he is happy with his activities, we are as well.

I thought the questions were rather interesting and different, I tried to remain “politically correct” with my responses however this is also a chance for me to express some of the blogger feelings and the international stance on some of the issues (ie. promotions), I tried to do my best to represent ๐Ÿ™‚


42 thoughts on “ATY spread in YBmagazine!!”

  1. omg wow; congrats ATY :D. You guys are featured in the first volume *round of applause* Very proud ^^ Don’t worry Kay, you did a great job in answering the questions; espcially the question about Taeyang and the international market.

    This is the beginning, & I hope ATY fanbase exceeds greater & a shout out to YB Mania for the cover.
    *fingers crossed of YB receiving the magazine; actually *prays*

    Love London, United Kindom xxxxx

  2. I started screaming as soon as I saw the post. Way to go Kay! What an amazing honor for you and the rest of the staff at ATY. There’s more that I want to say but I feel overwhelmed with the happy. It feels so good to be a fan of YB. Now he knows about us…… Congrats Kay. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. wow thats so cool
    very sophisticated and well answers
    i was looking at the first picture and it said where are taeyangs international fans from or something like that and i saw a green star on seattle and a blue star where i live!!!! hahahahahaha

  4. WOOOOOOOT GO ATY!!!!!! it’s sickkkkkk

    glad you guys are going up and up the….whatever that expression is……but you get what i mean loool

  5. Way to go ATY show em how its done!!
    This iz the first site i look at first thing i get home from work, feeds my YB addiction in ridiculous ways ; )
    Loads of love from ‘Tanzanian VIP in London’… We feelin u all the way down here!!!

  6. You did a good job Kay! No worries at all! >w<

    I'm so happy for ATY!!! This is an amazing opportunity for YB and YG to find out about us all! (Feels so exciting!!!)

    I'm guessing I'm the only VIP here that comes from Taiwan (but in Australia.. long story. :P)

    Anyway~ This is total dope~~~ Love it!!! Hopefully this is one more step closer for a world domination? Hahahahaha~~

  7. AMAAAAZING!!! ga-head ATY blog and Kay with that interview. you and the team do one hell of a job and we appreciate all your hard work!! FIGHTING โค

  8. This is AMAZING news for ATY! Congrats!!! It was all thanks to your much appreciated hard work. Now let’s hope that TY and YG get this so they can know just how much Taeyang is loved worldwide.

  9. wow!….WOW!!!! SERIOUSLY?? kay, you’ve been hiding this from us for so long!! lol. amaaazzinggg. i can’t believe how far you all have come. and you were very professional in your interview, and I think you represented the majority of YB fan’s feelings very well. i still can’t believe this. Omoooo too bad I can’t read korean…I wanna read all the messages (including mine:P). just wanted to say congratulations, and i definitely hope YB and YG reads this!! such exciting news.
    congrats once again! and thanks to YBMania! the most awesome fanbase ever!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. GO ATY! you guys are amazing. especially you Kay. continiue doing what u guys are doing.

    love from Malaysia. โค

  11. Congrats Kay. ATY definitely deserves the love. This site is amazing and has allowed so many people to get to know the awesomeness that is YB. On top of getting information, its a great place to meet other YB fans and have nice serious discussions. You were very professional in the interview and you know YB is gonna read every page of it because he values the gifts that he gets from fans. You and the rest of the ATY staff and bloggers are so lucky and deserving.

  12. weeeee! I’m so happy for you guys. this is the reward for all the hard work you guys do. Thanks a lot. I will always support this site. go ATY!!

  13. omg!!! ATY for the win!

    I was very impressed on how much thought you put in to your answers. you answered all the questions very professionally and it sounded like you really know taeyang base on his artistry.

    congratulations to the ATY and the fans who are really dedicated to be YB fans.

    i hope taeyang will receive that mag. just so he would know how many fans, living internationally, are touched by his creativity and passion for music.

    xxxx J I M xxxxx aloha from hawaii^___^:)

  14. Congrats! ATY is too legit to quit!! I think you did a great job in this interview. Especially one of the questions, i think you answered it well…I understand why it’s taking long to hear something about YB’s album, but I’m still a little frustated lol. Hm, now that this site is legit (it was anyway, imo), next we’ll get a personal visit from the man himself lol…Ah~ wishful thinking..Congrats again! 10 pages!! That’s crazyyyy!!

  15. OH MY GODDDD!!!!!! So friggin cool!!!! I’m really happy for u and the rest of the administrators and also *ehem*.. kinda feel proud at myself that I’m one of the regulars around here.. hehehe… You did great on the interview, nice and i have to say you did represent all of us here (and i hope you will always do).

    btw, i have one question.. do u answer in Korean? hehe just curious. Can’t wait to read the rest of it!!

  16. @dilani: that’s really awesome. they gave YB so many gifts which also include foods. I’m impressed at all the hard work for this. Thanks for sharing the pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Howโ€™s the image of Korean fans?

    Korean fans are simply amazing! The amount of time and dedication that Korean fans put into representing their idols is very impressive. I am lucky to have met some Korean fans from YB fan sites and its wonderful how welcoming they are and always willing to help us international fans out!

    Kay… You lied a bit or at least left out some. You knew we have a love hate relationship with them. Sometimes they can do some great things other times they can go to some extremes that aren’t necessary unless thats just me then uh.. my bad. we still cool though meet u n tofu at da taco spot

  18. Yeah. You’ve done your best and that’s exactly what I want to say, too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you so so so much for every efforts you’ve made for ATY ! x)
    I feel grateful everytime I open your page and also happy to have many YB’s fan – just like me – around *hug* *hug*

  19. @J – that’s a little harsh to say that I “lied”, I didn’t lie as I said before, this is my opinion, and I think Korean “YB” fans are amazing – you are confusing my opinion on general Korean fans with Korean-YB fans….Korean-YB fans have been nothing but amazing in their support for YB, they’ve always helped me out and given me an opportunity to show Taeyang what ATY is all about. The question was in context of Korean-YB fans, I can see why you would have been confused.

    Anyway, thank you to everyone for leaving such sweet comments, it’s really appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. @ dilani, omg thanks for the link. I don’t even know what to say~ Amazing !!!! & yeah how do they wrap the goodies so well lol ^^ YB Mania is too awesome ~

  21. OMG, this is so cool. I’m so happy for ATY. OH YEAAAHHH, ATY is legit now baby. ^_^ Kay, I think you answer were great. They were neutral while still remaining true to your beliefs and the ideals of this website. Now I’m just curious who comments/message made it into the magazine. kekekekeke *still spazzing*

  22. Congratulations ATY! =) So glad the korean fans had taken an interest in this site. I love the feeling of this being honored as an international taeyang fansite. ^^

    And thanks Kay for the interview. I think you probably have said most of our sentiments and opinions for our man =)

  23. awwww YAY ATY!!! I’m so happy the site was featured in their magazine!! And Kay I think your answers were great! Congratulations!! A little off topic, but I miss talking to you guys (TT_TT).

  24. How exciting to see ATY being featured in this magazine! That definitely brought all of us one step closer to Taeyang. And well done on that interview Kay!! Congrats!!

  25. AWESOME , now people could read about taeyang more and they could learn also about taeyang’s life . it’s pretty amazing how fans could do to their idols and i’m proud that i’m one of his biggest fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Omg! this is amazing! you guys are amazing!
    Congratulations! Thinking about YB knows about ATY made me feel so happy~ I feel proud like I own this site. haha.
    you rock!

  27. wow Congrat~! may u always shine and u really made us happy and feel great and kay u were great and i hope the best for u guys and for our bebe ….*hope he get one*

  28. woooooooooooow this is awesome ^^
    you did it so well, you represented the international fans good ^^
    i love this blog, you have great infos, when i need something about taeyang. and congrats for this ^^

    lovely greetings from germany โค

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