WHAT, WHAT?!? Tae Yang/SOL the Choreographer?

As some of you may know Big  Bang just recently won the best Choreography Award at the Space Shower Music Video Awards.  This is old news, but it just came to my attention that besides the great Shaun Evaristo, our lovely Tae Yang or SOL was also credited as a choreographer.  WHAAAAATTTTTT?  When did Tae Yang choreograph?  I was pleasantly surprised myself.  Take a look yourself!

It’s also posted on Big Bang’s Japanese fansite as well:

「BIG BANG/ガラガラGO!!
Dir: Hyun-Seung Seo Choreographer: Shaun Evaristo/SOL
This isn’t “news” but I thought you YB-fans would appreciate a reminder of how awesome Tae Yang is.  I hope we get to see his own personal touch in his upcoming works.  Sooooonnnn!
Thanks hikarime for the tip!

12 thoughts on “WHAT, WHAT?!? Tae Yang/SOL the Choreographer?”

  1. When I read the original post about the nomination I noticed YB’s name there. I think it’s great that he’s branching out as an artist. The choreography is really fun to do.

  2. now it make sense…i alwaysnotice taeyang seems like heknow the dance move too perfect…and plus he always tend to elad in the middle with dance steps.

  3. At first I didn’t even know that Taeyang choreographed gara gara go with Shaun. A job well done to Taeyang & of course props to Shaun. Taeyang as we know is one extremely talented dude; so I’m not surprised. So proud of him; and yes the choreography looked fun to do ^^

  4. Awesome and freakin modest too! While the rest are listing what ‘other’ activities they’ve been involved in during their time apart all u get from him is….’i just hung out in the studio with Teddy hyung’ aawww come on YB if u got it flaunt it ; )

  5. yaay for both shaun and YB!!!
    and yes, im realy excited to see what else taeyang has underneath his sleeve. taeyang come back nowww! …..please?…. 🙂

  6. i still think that Shaun choreograph most of it with YB helping him… but it’s still cool nevertheless. I hope he choreographs more in the future… yay!!!

  7. It’s good to know YB is using his creative side now~ both in music by helping Teddy and in dancing with Shaun….I really hope YB contributes more and continues to find happiness in it =)

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