Shaun & Lyle to teach WD & WUA Choreo

All you lucky Taeyang fans in Cali, you have the chance to meet Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo at TM Dance Studio where they’ll be teaching “Wedding Dress” and “Where U At” !
Makes me wanna hop on a plane and fly down there, not for the dance because I’ve got two left feet, but because I’ve got a little crush on Lyle *blush* and I bow down to Shaun *bows* haha. I’d just wanna stare at them for being so close to Taeyang. Anyway, check em out!


Thank you jeannuxu for the tip~

15 thoughts on “Shaun & Lyle to teach WD & WUA Choreo”

  1. I’d love to learn from both Lyle and Shaun. They are awesome dancers. I haven’t taken a class in years, not since College but it would be so cool to get back there. Much of the dancing I’ve done has been through watching others, like in music videos and things like that.
    My dream is to learn dance from the best and these two guys are amazing. They are super talented.

  2. Omg kay!! me tooo lol. Lyle is SEXAAY!! ahahhahaa ive been crushing on him for a while now 😛 and shaun, of course is wonderful. i would wanna go too! ive been praticing the choreo for wedding dress, but where u at is just another level for mee. i would go just to stare at the two 😛
    anyways, I hope there are alot of vids..i wanna see everything! 🙂

  3. i saw this on kanauru’s fb sweet
    Just picture a surprise appearance by ‘u know who’ ….chix would go mental, i predict a riot ha ha

  4. haha I wish I could go, but theres no time !!! ~ Lyle 0.0 I got my eyes on you, well after Taeyang of course. lol @ their Korean at the end; cute ^^

  5. This is so dope! I am so THERE!!! I finally get to learn the dance, the right way! I wonder if they allow people to record stuff….cause Richard would record the whole thing if he could ahahaha

  6. wooow i thought i was the only one with a crush on Lyle!!
    So super sexy, anyways i wish i was there, even just to meet them. But i currently can’t move my body sooo…

  7. Hahaha!! Love the two! Wish I could be there!!!! >< I want to learn the dance too!

    Y'all who are going have to enjoy it for those who can't!!! Have fun!!!

  8. This is so cool! i wish i was there too but i’m pretty much uncoordinated when it comes to dancing. So all i do is imagine that i was there doing those moves haha. Lyle and shaun is awesome.. i wonder if they have the practice video with taeyang?…

  9. OHMYGOD! one of the reasons why i loveee taeyang so much aside from his talent and passion for music and his hotness lol, is his DANCING! i’m crazy about dancing esp hip hop dance and shaun + lyle are my IDOL. i so so so hope they come to australia someday! i already have my own version of the wedding dress dance 😛 but i would TOTALLY want to learn from the creators themselves!

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