Another crazy awesome English cover of “Wedding Dress”

Even if  the reaction to Tae Yang’s “Wedding Dress” was lackluster in Korea, but it’s obvious that the song is substantially popular in the international community.  Proof?  Listen  to yet another awesome cover of the song!  I have to say I’m very, very, very impressed with it.  Again it stays true to the original lyrics and the idea behind the song, but doesn’t sound strange when translated.  I love the remixing as well. 

Major props JDRelic!

This also proves that Tae Yang’s songs, though originally in Korean, written for the Korean language, could be sung in English.  Yeah baby, one step closer to world domination!


13 thoughts on “Another crazy awesome English cover of “Wedding Dress””

  1. wasn’t he the one who did the english covers of gd’s songs breathe and heartbreaker? i guess he just got the talent in these things. haha.

  2. Tofu I’m waiting with you on that one; world domination!
    This has got to be my favourite cover of WD~ amazing ^^

    I agree WD is doing so much better internationally than it did when it was released in Korea. I mean how many english covers of WD have we know heard? and all of them have been fantastic. It feels good that there are english covers of WD, makes international fans feel more connect with the song. A job well done; & I love the mix in the video 😀

  3. My ideal collabo would be like TY ft this guy and J Reyez cuz i think theirs are like the dopest covers. Am pretty sure by now TY is pretty much aware of all this intl interest in his tunes so here’s hoping YG hooks him up big time and Teddy produces one hella remix

  4. This is a great cover!! I love the lyrics and it’s true to the original. I’m loving all the love (haha, tongue twist) Wedding Dress is getting all over the world. I just hope YB sees it too! Then maybe we’re that little closer to world domination, no?


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