What is Big Bang doing these days?

Apparently nothing too exciting ~lol. Recently Star New did an article to catch up VIPs with Big Bang’s activities since they’ve been missing from the scene for a while and according to this representative, the members are doing well.

“TOP is filming a movie Into the Gunfire at the moment. Daesung and Taeyang are exercising, learning foreign languages and working on solo songs. G-Dragon is making music whenever he has the time to. Maknae Seungri is attending college these days.”

Translations : allkpop
Originial article: here

Thanks Janelle for the tip


8 thoughts on “What is Big Bang doing these days?”

  1. At least we they’re all alive, well & kicking lol~ miss the group together as whole to be honest but thanks for the info regarding what they’re all currently doing; especially YB. Plus happy that’s he’s learning foreign languages; I wonder what else he’s learning apart from english & japanese; spanish maybe lol.

    I just have a good feeling that since he’s working on solo songs means he’s still working on the album which is a great thing; so yeah! ~ *hopefully* ^^

  2. I love the quote about SunDae working on their fitness together, planning to reveal new bods for their upcoming solos and group activities? In any event I’m glad all is well with the boys of Big Bang. It’s been so quiet lately. YB is also rehearsing for the upcoming Brian McKnight concert on the first of April…so fancams should be a plenty. I think it’s great that YB is keeping up with his English lessons. He’s getting so much better, and seems more comfortable when he speaks. I can’t wait for their comeback. Really looking forward to YB’s album dropping. And thanks for the shout out, Kay.

  3. yes .. this afternoon I have read … very pleased to hear Taeyang learn a foreign language : ) I’m sure he learned his English language … wow … maybe he and Daesung want to make their body look like SPARTA 300 : )

    by the way can Taeyang speak in Chinese? coz last night i read from soompi forum thread … that he can speak in Chinese too …

  4. Good to know they’re doing well!! SunDae working on their bodies and solo songs…. I cannot wait to see their results!!! LOL~~~

    From all the pictures at iBigBang, I know cute maknae’s attending college, he seems to be having a lot of fun! >w<

    TOP's busy too, with the filming of Into the Gunfire…

    GD as per usual, making music. I'd love to see what music he comes up with for BB's CD due in the summer…=v=+

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