YG’s last “From YG” letter, mentions Taeyang’s album

So, personally, I would have hoped for a little something more, considering this is the LAST “From YG” letter Mr.YG has decided he would be doing. He will not being doing these “statements/updates” anymore due to the misunderstandings that tend to arise with them (ie. promising Taeyang fans an album and then the massive delay that has followed). Anyway, here’s the snippet where YG speaks about Taeyang’s album…..

Plans for YG Singers’ Album Releases
As all you fans will know, we predict the album activity of YG singers to be busier this year than any other previous years, but for the last few months it is true that there has been a lot of delay due to the moving of company buildings.
Though I can’t give exact periods for album releases, in the first half of the year we plan to release the albums of Se7en, Taeyang, Gummy and 2NE1, while in the second half, from summer to the end of the year, Big Bang’s domestic activities as well as a new 2NE1 album and solo activities of TOP, Daesung and Seungri are to be expected.

You can read the full letter here

What do you guys think, is it fair Taeyang is going to be releasing with other YG artists and big comeback names in Kpop? Should Taeyang have released earlier as intended?

19 thoughts on “YG’s last “From YG” letter, mentions Taeyang’s album”

  1. Taeyang definitely should have released earlier as intended. Back then, the competition wasn’t so bad and there were a lot of newbies instead of big names making their comeback. His chances would have been bigger then. I kind of expected Taeyang’s album to be pushed back to the first half of 2010 as well as losing out (cold hard truth) what with Hyori, Rain, 2pm bla bla bla. Taeyang’s currrent popularity standing among idols in Korea isn’t helping either. I wonder what YG has on his mind. GD said YG always knows when to release an album at the right time but it seems like YG’s missing out on Taeyang again.

    But let’s look at the bright side shall we? Better an album released than none at all. Plus, his INTERNATIONAL FANS have been multiplying so it’s good… 🙂

  2. At the end of the day, I’m just glad that we finally have been given some news regarding the album. Its news that I have, actually we all have been waiting for. He states that the album will be released in the 1st half of the year, so I’ll take his word for it.

    As long as he doesn’t disappoint and the album comes out on its expected date, then all is well, but if it doesn’t come out when its supposed to, then he’ll have no other choice but to write another “FROM YG” letter and explain himself, making it not his last ~

    To be honest it is kinda a hectic time that they plan to release his album, just like ILOVEMYBAE said its close to Hyori, Rain, se7en..,,.etc comebacks so its a bit “risky” & and a disadvantage on Taeyang’s behalf, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Still, he will continue to receive love & support from us regardless, and people we AT LAST HAVE NEWS REGARDING THE ALBUM!!! yes!!!!

  3. I find it fair. Sure he may be up against some big names, but if he would have released earlier he’d be dead by now.big show prep then elt had them looking dead already doing his self promotions would have been rough. Just look at how daesung was on FO when they were goin to n from Japan during the summer. With the big names out now he’ll be able to put himself as a solo against them either coming out on top or most definitely leaving a good impression. Hopefully he releases his comeback single at the Brian concert. With Se7en n Gummy he may be able to go on some varieties also having them to make it a bit more comefortable…maybe. Anyways As long as the album is good I’m fine with the wait.

  4. Hmm, I don’t mind Taeyang going against other artists because this way we get to see how popular he is. Having competition is healthy and will only help YB in improving himself. I have faith in Taeyang and his fans so I believe that his album will do really well. If his album was released earlier (say Dec) then I believe that his album wouldn’t really get recognized as much since it’s at the end of the year and by the time the award shows come, people would have forgotten about him.

  5. god. i’m so happy that I’m crying.

    i just cant believe the day is finally approaching. now it seems concrete.

    fingers crossed the album drops on his birthday or maybe in mid April.

    PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I’m ecstatic! please join me in this moment as we jump and anticipate for “D-Day” of the album. 😀

  6. I couldn’t be happier about this news. I’m glad that YG’s cleared things up and we finally have a release time to look forward to. It looks like it’s going to be the year of YG Family. That makes me super happy. I can’t wait until YB’s album drops. I’m so excited for him. 2010 is shaping up to be a good year for him and the company.

  7. So I’m thinking it’s kind of a hoping for the best but expecting the worst type situation.
    I’m a little worried since there are a lot of major comebacks from solo artists and groups as well (both idol and non-idol) in a short time period. In 2008, YG didn’t have as many artists to manage at the same time plus since this is YB’s second time out , there is less VIP/YG Fam anticipation for his comeback as compared to that of Se7en’s, Big Bang’s and Top and Dae’s first solo albums. YB has always concentrated on putting on the best performances and has always chosen to let those speak for itself rather than to promote using other means (no me2day, no variety shows, no fashion spreads etc.) But with all these artists trying to out hype each other (and they definitely will — Hyori vs Dambi, Rain vs Se7en, Wondergirls back in Korea etc.) I’m scared that YB might get lost in the shuffle.

    It’s not like he can promote for a long time either since he has the Big Bang album and promo to handle as well. Not to mention that there is also the nagging possibility that he has to fly to Japan every now and then as part of Big Bang’s obligations.

    YB’s fans are also not as crazy – ahem – as other idols fans who are willing to create all sorts of attention getting gimmicks to market him and will blindly buy the album all in the first 2 weeks. (As he said before, we’re too much like him.) And while there is growing interest from International fans, we will probably be only a small fraction of the CD buying market that will count towards actual sales. (Since we can’t buy digitally yet, and not many are willing to shell out for shipping.) So my expectations are modest – I don’t think we’re looking at a chart topper here.

    On the bright side though, I hope YB will get the chance to do things the way he wants and deliver the kind of performances he wants to do in the short time given to him. Particularly since he’s his own worst critic. And I hope somehow, he realizes how much he and his music matters to those who have managed to take notice.

  8. @bluemaid – I really agree with what you have said and very well put…..I am afraid, like you, of YB getting lost in the shuffle…yes YB is his own man, with his own music and yes he doesn’t care about fame (HOWEVER, if we’re anything alike, deep down inside I know he cares)…..I am just worried that his music won’t be appreciated by others than his fans…..I know his fans love him and will always love him – DUH! “Always” Taeyang isn’t named that without reason! – but I also hope he’s given a chance to show others who haven’t really looked at him as an artist to try his music and enjoy him as an artist and I’m just worried about that…..

  9. I’m very scared that YB getting lost.
    Lost in the whole star comebacks, but he will never lost me.Since 2006 I am a fan of TaeYang and nothing has change.
    But when he wins the competition against rain and seven, then its great. I really want that YB improve himself. I know he’s the best and he can wins against everybody. He is amazing and everybody should know that ^^
    can’t wait any longer.

  10. Omg this such a lame letter coming from mrYG. All he’s saying is that “we will release it.” UHHH yeah we already know that. Palmface YG, palmface.

    I’m to so worried about him going up against other artists, but it is a bad marketing strategy nonetheless. It’s gonna divide up the market though Tae Yang only sorta/kinda shares the market with these artists. Pitting all your solo artists against each other? WTF?

    Still happy that’s it’s coming out.

  11. i think it’s fair. YB would be stoked he could work w/ his fellow YG artists at the same time. yeah there’s a disadvantage that he’ll get fewer attention but it’s alright, i guess this is his time to prove what he’s really made of. yeah i would rather YG release YB’s album next year instead of this year, but i guess we just have to make the best out of everything. i’m just hoping that it woiuldn’t be half assed at least. i have a feeling it’s gonna drop anytime soon. I don’t think YG is putting his artists againsts each other, it’s more of like a friendly competition. i wouldn’t care if YB doesn’t get as much attention as he did on his first mini album tho, i don’t think he would either. he’s uber talented and everyone knows it. HWAITING YB!!! and congrats to YG getting married! XD haha you tease! he IS a romantic at heart.

  12. I don’t think the timing is that significant…i’m just glad he is releasing the album it feels like ages now. Like WD and WUA were a preview and then nothing for like 3 months.

    I agree yeah it may be more tough with the summer competition, but at the end of the day, if he releases a quality album with music he loves…thats all i want. Obviously it would be nice if he won a few awards but these days Kpop industry is all about idols and popularity anyway, and not so much the music.

    I just hope YG really promote YB, even the WD performances i thought they were a bit bare…and the comeback stages there was nothing special. And i doubt Se7en, Gummy and Taeyang would all release albums at the same time. They should save the best till last though xD

  13. “is it fair Taeyang is going to be releasing with other YG artists and big comeback names in Kpop? ”
    Huh got such things? As long as his music is good, nobody can ignore..
    I have one question for those YB lovers…
    Do you all want YB to be truely solo? I keep on hearing a lot of complaints from this site…things like busy with BB, not enough time to promote, Bae has been ignore, not enough show time and etc….
    I really like Bae music esp LOAM. The time I dun even know BB much yet.
    Out of all BB solos, his solo is my favourite and his music is the most i will listen to…
    But no matter where he is(BB or solo) I will still look forward to…
    And YB do care about popularity. If the showman doesnt care about being known, what is the point of showing. Although they are musician, they still are performers.

  14. When YB is doing his solo work I feel like I’m getting to the heart of who he is as a musician. As a member of Big Bang I feel like he’s sorta stuck in the background. The music that he enjoys and wants to do is so far removed from what he does in Big Bang. He’s a different artist when he’s solo. I noticed it right away when I watched ‘Where U At’ for the first time. He has a swagger about him when he’s doing his own stuff versus when he’s with Big Bang. He brings a different vibe to the Korean music scene which is refreshing. It’s a style of music that he does very well. I would just like to see him have the opportunity to show what he can do musically.

  15. @Kay – I want his album to do really well mostly so that it will give him more freedom in the future to do more of what he wants. (Especially since he already has Big Bang for his more popular work, his solo work is where he can be himself.) We can’t escape the fact that artists with commercial appeal get more freedom and leeway with their labels. YG may love him like a son, but its still a business after all. I’m hoping that the album gets good critical reviews (heck I want raves!) and sells well enough to be considered a good sophomore effort.

    I think both YG and YB are grounded enough in their expectations – his music isn’t trendy and is coming in during a time of intense competition in the relatively small Korean music market. I just hope the fans and the media don’t label it a flop simply because it doesn’t make #1 or even measure up to HOT’s sales since that just puts more pressure on him to be more commercial next time. I mean, this is just one more step in his journey as an artist and I want more chances in the future for him to explore his full potential.

    It’s great that all the comments so far express full confidence in that fact that the album will be good – I believe this myself. But we all know that good doesn’t always equal successful in the music business.

    Then again, I could be over-thinking and worrying too much. After all, YG and YB might pull a rabbit out of the hat and the album could be a huge success. (: By the way, ATY might want to put in a link to yesasia or some other site when the album does drop to encourage everyone to put in their orders.

    (Sorry about the essays. I get carried away…)

  16. lol i meant “i’m not worried” lol.
    but i agree tae yang does bring something that is not present in the kpop scene. Swagga, but also this maturity (cuz he’s shy) in his music.

    I just hope that YG doesn’t half-ass promotions. YGE is not very good at multitasking lol!

    to @_@
    *raises hands* I do! I want him to go solo entirely…but I know that’s not gonna happen unless Big Bang breaks up. LOL.

  17. My my, we’re all turning into market strategists!

    Any album out is a gamble, and since we know YB doesn’t do it for the money, then it’s alright. He’s got a steady fanbase, so we’re assured that it won’t break him; chances are his album sales will remain the same if not rise only a little because of new popularity/interest. But having his album out with the heavy hitters can mean several things:
    – His opening for Brian McKnight will put him on the spot for great sales and international recognition. (Lets hope he’s all calm this time around and not fan-boying like he did with Alicia!)
    – Being up against the heavy hitters gauges his current and future prospects as a solo artist. If he can have steady sales when Hyori has her grand album, then thats great. It would be okay if he looses out to her, it’s fine, we’re not comparing apples and oranges. If his sales are steady then R&B in Korea is gaining popularity, that’s good for the long run.
    – YG comes out of left field and opts for digital album sales opened to international fans, which means more sales, more popularity, and better future prospects.
    – and of course, he might miraculously rise above and contend WITH his sunbae’s. I’d love to see Hyori get a run for her money @_@!!! Clarify: If YB’s R&B following contends with Hyori’s Kpop following it’ll be amazing.

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