Taeyang on SBS LOVE FM Radio Show Subbed!

Since we’re all been more than a little Taeyang deprived these days, ATY’s sub team has just finished up SBS’s LOVE FM radio show with Taeyang. The interview is loads of fun, with some stuff all Taeyang fans already know as well as some new things we get to learn about our idol…ENJOY!!

Download Here:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

30 thoughts on “Taeyang on SBS LOVE FM Radio Show Subbed!”

  1. OMG thank you so much. We’re not worthy, We’re not worthy. Just as I was going crazy due to the lack of YB news and how they seem to be trying to hide him in BB, case in point the the lollipop 2 commercial where he had no close-up while everyone else did and was in the back in the whole mv, you guys release this to save the day.

    I love the interview, YB seems so much comfortable than in the last one and I love the host, she kept it moving and was fun and such a fangirl. This interview was <3.

  2. Thanks for the uploads 🙂
    By the way, just in case people don’t catch it-
    Taeyang’s ideal woman’s appearance part:
    He said he wants a woman who is unique and has personality and dresses well, not someone who is “Quiet.” In fact, he didn’t say anything about a quiet woman, so i’m not sure what that’s about.

    Just so everyone knows what he actually said. =)

  3. i am just really curious abou the girl youngbae used to like, what was she like ? how did she look ? Maybe a celeb in yg ? makes me wonder alot xD

  4. Watched it all, once again ATY thanks a million for translating; I absoultely loved the interview & the host was great! The fangirl’s request were crazy, but you kinda expect that from them lol. But I wouldn’t mind having one of the “kissed autographed” albums hehe XD

    lol @ “Hip-Hop fairy”, kinda awkward but still cute. Its a shame that YB doesn’t often get a chance to do shows because watching this alone, you can see that YB has so much to give. My world just fell apart when he said then he prefers shorter women lol, poor ladies like me who are over 170m ><

    btw does anyone know what YB's older brother looks like, so curious since he said they look alike???

    It looks that YB feels our pain about his current album situation……..we feel frustrated, well put lol. But I know he'll surprise at the end; can't wait! I believe many of us feel exactly what the host said about the impact YB has on his fans; "YB has a charm that slowly intoxicates people……..they've already hopelessly fallen for you" My feelings exactly ^^

    Love the fact that he's such a fanboy of Alicia Keys & MJ; both fantastic artists & definitely 2 of my favorites RIP MJ xxxxx

    Glad I was able to learn more things about Taeyang that I didn't know before XD

    < 333333

  5. OMG! I loveeee you guysss! seriously, ive been soo…stressed b/c of the lack of YB , but y’all are so wonderful! made me realize once more how much i adore this man!! gonna go and finish watching it now 🙂

    oh and @arm143: i have EXACTLY THE SAME feelings as you!…its been irritating…to say the least. but this put a big fat smile on my face!
    thanks again guys! 🙂

  6. OMG!!! This is the reason why I love Taeyang! He’s so humble and adorable. Thanks Kay for posting this to keep me going while there’s not that much going on about his album. 🙂

    Man the day it’s revealed who Taeyang’s girlfriend is all of his fans are going to go through a deep depression- heartbroken, crying our eyes out, listening to depressing love songs, eating ice cream while watching love movies/drama, and going green with envy whenever news of him and his girl appear! 😦

    Oh the horror! but I’ll try to be happy for him and support him! 🙂 One of friend invited me to go to Korea during the summer who knows I might be lucky enough to see him or be that lucky lady! lol I kid 🙂 That would be awesome though! (Crossing my fingers)

  7. *drools all over keyboard at sight of Dong Brothers…holy crap that sounds so awkward* akhfoihetnjklfm htmwhfnalf fhqurhiq OMBae they’re so hot…thanks for the vids…i never knew y’all had a YT too, i subbed!

  8. are you seriouss!! They’re like TWINS!!!!!!
    I have a brother who is 4 and half years old then me and he looks like he from yemen or something.
    D: this is so creeply amazing!
    =S I would say they are twins if it wasnt for the long hair…

  9. i luv taeyang too he so cute dances and sing and rap and the most thing i likke bout him is he can sing and he the cutes guy i noe!!and I LUV BIGBANG! FIGHTING!

  10. To all the Taeyang experts here: i might be overanalyzing the small details here, but can you confirm YB’s bloodtype? i’ve always thought it was AB but then based on the interview i heard it was either RH-B or RH+B? Can anyone confirm? Thanks 🙂

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