Baek Seung Hee talks about kissing Taeyang on SGB

We ALL know her.
Some of us clenched our fists during the music videos, while others cried bucks of tears as Ms. Seung Hee here had the pleasure of kissing Taeyang but I think I’m getting over it slowly, and she’s totally gushing over the whole thing..check it out =)

23 thoughts on “Baek Seung Hee talks about kissing Taeyang on SGB”

  1. We have two versions of the Wedding Dress mv and I might be in the minority when I say this but I really love the first version better. I really love the storyline and I didn’t mind the kiss so much. Baek Seung Hee talking about how many times she had to kiss Taeyang……so cute. I’d find any excuse to kiss YB up to 4-5 times as well. Lucky girl indeed.

  2. ><
    She's so lucky ^^

    4-5 times before they got it right lol; typical Taeyang. If it was me, I wouldn't care how many takes it would take hehe. Taeyang is love ^^

  3. Smart girl!!!! I’d messed up as much as I can on that scene so we can do it over and over and over and over and over again. LOL that is before they fire me..

    I think I can finally forgive her…, seriously.

  4. It wasnt like a serious kiss anyways.. i think his first kiss on his music video was more intimate than wedding dress.. well im OK with both.. it wasnt big deal at all..

  5. Lol@smile, i like the way u put it,”am ok with both”, like he needed ur permission or sth, trust me all fangirls feel the same

  6. Our shy boy!

    I wanna know How cute&adorable YB could be to make Beak Seung Hee-ssi feel like wanna bite his cheek. LOL~

    He might be really adorable!! >////<~

  7. I didn’t really hate or ‘dislike’ her for kissing YB.
    All I did was just say “AWW!” lol.
    Besides it was that sweet kiss that made the MV alittle more sad and adorable:)

  8. lol well at least she knows she’s lucky.
    lol people he works w/ always falls in love w/ him (not romantically but you know). sigh. i wish i can work w/ him.

  9. One kiss in the mv and she’s a fan!! Our boy must be a good kisser!!

    I’m so TY deprived these days (but thank goodness for CN Blue to keeping me company during this dry time). When will his album finally be out!!!???

  10. sighhhhhh. lucky girl.
    and she looked extremely different here than in wedding dress.
    i would have never guessed that that was her.

    TaeYang!! <33

  11. LOL Tae Yang’s still nervous~ Cute. >w<

    I can tell she's still blushing (though she's not) remembering it…XD

    The kiss isn't so bad, when I first saw the MV it was pretty awful (?) Ha~

    But now I don't mind =) The MV was really well done, now I have the urge to watch it again…XD

  12. @huez
    o em gee!!! i know, C.N. BLUE is awesome right? i’m a fan of them now too. i like talent (lol if you know what i mean).
    sigh…i wish i could go inside YG’s head. sometimes i think he’s completely forgotten someone…

  13. @Hayden- I agree with you. I didn’t recognize her at first too. She looks totally different.

    Lol I laughed when she said that he would get nervous during the kiss. I think we all want to bite his cheeks. Lol he’s just too good to be true sometimes.

  14. woah she looks a bit different here…

    aww.. kissing YB 4-5 times.. how i wish XD.. like everyone else.. i don’t really mind the kissing scene after watching the mv for the second time. it makes the mv more beautiful to me.

  15. dang i would keep on messing up as much as i can and then when i finally get it right it would last like 5 days at the least! lol

  16. OMG ! 4-5 times smack in the lips of taeyang !
    i am so jealous about it .
    what music video did they do the kiss ??

    if it was me that taeyang kiss ..
    after tthe kissed i would never wash my face ..
    hahaha . i would like it to remain !

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