SNSD’s Soo Young imagines a duet with Taeyang

I’m personally not a fan of SNSD’s music, however, I do know the members and I’m glad Soo Young is a Taeyang fan (another one to add to the list!) because she’s also my fav member of the band. I love her spunky attitude, she’s cool *thumbs up*. Anyway, here it is with translation =)

10 thoughts on “SNSD’s Soo Young imagines a duet with Taeyang”

  1. I agree with you Kay, I’m not a fan either but its a good look her working with Taeyang.

    Our boy is finally gaining more attention, more duets with the ladies lol.

    Thanks for the video and subs.

  2. Not a fan of sNSD either No. 3~ XD

    Aww, she blushed when talking about YB… I doubt there’s anyone that doesn’t blush when talking about him (or fangirl). For girls that is…:P

    YB’s getting more attention, and anymore duets with other artists is always good – guys or ladies. (I’d probably contradict myself if it’s not an artist I like, but depending how good the song….) We’ll see! =D

  3. Uhm…I don’t like SNSD.
    But surprisingly, among all of them, I think I like her most xD
    And this makes me fall for her even more x>

  4. i like SNSD since their song GEE ..
    there also good and their steps are really amazing like their step in the song GENIE ..
    i think she’s pretty and unique ..
    and she ‘s really honest taeyang is just a really good dancer ..

    looking forward to their duet !!

    1. I dont care what you think but DON’T insult sooyoung cause she is my favorite female singer

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