[COD]Harang is rockin’ the Tae Yang vibe

This is too adorable to let pass.  Re-posting from K-Bites. 

Harang is Sean’s of JinuSean son, a fellow YG Family member.  Tae Yang must be doing something right because all the girls love him and all the guys want to be him.  The varsity jacket, the mohawk and that swagga.  I would crush on this boy, but that would be wrong.  Isn’t he precious?

We all know his sister, HaEum, has a major crush on Tae Yang too right?  

Netizens call Sean-Jung HyeYeong’s son HaRang Big Bang TaeYang look alike!

Celebrity couple Sean and Jung HyeYeong’s son HaRang has been the topic amongst netizens for being the lookalike to Big Bang TaeYang.

Sean recently posted up new photos of Harang on his minihompy. Sean would often post photos of his family up on his minihompy.

Netizens have been much interested in Harang’s photos as he is said to be lookalike to TaeYang. They had looked alike in terms of hairstyle and their hiphop style. You can even say that Harang is like the ‘little TaeYang’. Sean and TaeYang are both from YG Entertainment and they have been known to have close relationships amongst themselves.

Netizens’ comments were, “It’s like looking at TaeYang”, “Harang is looking more and more like TaeYang” etc

Source: K-Bites

More pictures under the cut!

31 thoughts on “[COD]Harang is rockin’ the Tae Yang vibe”

  1. omg >.< so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i guess parents know best when it comes to styling their kids. TAE YANG FTW! so cute!

  2. LOL [:
    if someone ask, he’ll be like “young bae oppa is my role model” xD
    howww absolutely adorable(:

  3. So adorable what kills me is that I keep seeing him performing with Tae Yang on stage that would be such a cute performance I would love it ^^

  4. He is such a cutie. @ Kay, I would love to see a photo op with these two. Maybe they could even wear matching outfits.

  5. Aww so cute! I love it how he seems to pose like TY. I would also like to see pictures of them together. Baby taeyang and adult Taeyang! Cuteness overload!!

  6. oh my gawd.. how cute! He reminds me of my lil’ bro except for the hair haha…
    By the way, the other day I saw a guy with a mohawk and i was like, ‘woah! extreme haircut!’.. then i was even more surprise to find that i was surprised since i was used to Taeyang’s hair… I guess TY makes mohawk looks classy… XD

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