Taeyang & Thelma “Fall in Love” MV Preview!~

Promo Pics?

This is super exciting. A preview of the MV of “Fall in Love” with Thelma and Taeyang~
Goodness, the two look really cute together. I love how Taeyang can easily converse with her~ Props to my man for studying his Japanese really hard…makes me proud =)

Brief Translation:
Thelma: Good morning to everyone watching Mezamashi TV, I am Thelma Aoyama
Tae: I am SOL
Thelma: I’ve been a big fan of Big Bang for some time now and I like listening to their songs
Tae: ~hehe…Thanks
Thelma: I offered to collaborate with them this time and they gave me the “OK”
MC: This is the first time the both of them have had a collboration with an artist overseas, but the mood is very light during the filmin and the two perform perfectly together.
Tae: Our vocals and heart rendering lyrics are perfect for this season. Today we’re going to show a clip of “Fall in Love” for those watching this early.

Translations by Yuko @ Always Taeyang | Credit Always Taeyang if taken elsewhere


32 thoughts on “Taeyang & Thelma “Fall in Love” MV Preview!~”

  1. Gosh, they look great together. I can’t wait to see the fill thing ^_^
    I’m glad Taeyang is getting some exposure in Japan as well. I think the track is going to be awesome 🙂

  2. First the song preview, now the MV preview?? Weeeeee!! The YT video is not showing. Guess it’s just my internet. Can’t wait to see it!^^

  3. TaeYang is incredibly talented, who wouldn’t want to sing a beautiful love song with him. hehe
    I love anything and everything YoungBae does.

    TAEYANG!! <333

  4. TY i love u to bits and i literally live and breathe ATY, but just between us(whispers) u didnt just recycle that outfit did u? Esp that belt it just looks eerily familiar( then screams) LOVE U BAE BAE!!! ; ) cant wait for ur solo album its gonna absolutely blow away all the haters who seem to struggle to appreciate quality stuff when they hear it!

  5. lol@Lise; gosh, i’m so excited about this! YB looks gorgeous as usual – although he could do without the shades – and you’re right kay they look awfully cute together. i’m so glad because one, his first international collab is with an important yet perky female artist, a fact that could counterbalance his image as a a serious, brooding artist, and two, i won’t have to worry about promotional bungles that inevitably follow when YGE handles things. I almost wish YB were doing more than just working together with Thelma lol.

  6. That was really cute, I can’t wait to see the full version. The song comes out by the end of the month, so I guess we’ll get the MV around that time too?
    Anyways, is TY dancing with Shaun and Lyle for this MV? I can’t wait to see his dancing again. Weee!

  7. I wasn’t really feeling the song before but after seeing the preview for the MV, I am really excited now. YB looks SMEXY and he didn’t have to change his style at all. Thelma says she wanted to collaborate with Big Bang, I wonder if she wanted all of them and the company decided just YB or if she wanted to collaborate with YB.

    I am so excited because 2010 is starting off great for YB. Strong Heart and now this and then his EPIC CD. I can’t wait.

    Also I wanted into my hip hop class today and Big Bang’s Number 1 was playing. I live in SF so I wonder if my instructor knows BB because he knows of Shaun, I have to ask him next time. It was so cool.

    This info is a great way to end his surprising day.

  8. @arm143: I know, I hope we get a date of when he’ll release his album.^^
    SF?? San Fransisco? Wow, BB songs really are getting international! That’s really cool. ^^
    I hope BB songs get played in our radios here.

  9. erghhhh!!! i cant freakin wait!!!! seriously stop teasing us!!!! XD LOVEE them both esp. aoyama’s “Soba ni Iru ft. Soulja” and Soulja’s “koko ni iru yo ft. aoyama” (i noe theyre not recent but they ARE the best of herXD..to me neways) and of course taeyangs wedding dress!!!!! its me most played song on ipod!!!!…wish taeyangs voice was more prominent in this collab

  10. I was focusing on YBs HOTNESS so much that I didnt realize that you can hear some of his parts for the song more than in the 30s preview, lol. He sounds great. YAY YB world domination starts now.

  11. It looks like its going to be a great MV, YB looks HOT and his Japanese it the best !!!! Also it looks like there’s going to be some cherography in it; something even more to look forward too. Thelma is really pretty and I wish her all the best in her music career, can’t wait for the full track and the MV; EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. YB looks smokin’~~~ I don’t care if he just recycled his outfit, he’s looking fly~~~ Thelma’s hair and outfit just really compliments YB’s. Not just their voices either, their vocals together~ OMO OMO OMO~~~~ Just EPIC!!!!

    I’m so excited for this MV!!!! The preview looks damn fine~~~~

    So happy YB’s working with an artist that has such fame and popularity! It’ll definitely get him one step closer to the international stage he is hoping to be on!

    2010 is looking good so far! YB Fighting!!!!!

  13. Forgot to say… His Japanese is just getting better and better! Proud of him for studying so hard than the others! (Not that the others aren’t bad, but he started learning it earlier than the others I believe…)

  14. omona. rob you’re right! its the s**tkgz backing up YB. the shaun connection. =)

    ayiiieee spazz. can’t wait for the whole mv and strong heart part2 next week.

    2010 great start for YB.
    i like thelma’s hair.

  15. I like this Thel-Tae pairing! Their voices fit each other harmoniously and smooth like honey . Plus both look cute together too.

    Can’t wait for the song!

  16. I must confess that up to this date, Kim Ji Eun was the only female singer that I liked singing along with Bae; but surprisingly, Thelma’s and Bae’s vocals flow very smoothly too.
    I hope the song does well and that this also serves to give Bae more exposure among the Japanese people.

  17. I thought I was the only one that thought they looked cute together. I’m really looking forward to hear the whole song when it comes out.

  18. I really like them together vocally and physically they match. She’s always been so cute to me when I see her on music shows. Themla X SOL gambare~!

  19. I heard that Japan is like America where the MVs come out before the single goes on sale so the MV might be out before the 27th. I hope that’s true because I can’t wait to see it. Would also explain why the preview is out so early since there are still a couple of weeks until the single is released

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