01.05.10 – Taeyang & Daesung on Strong Heart

Raw clips from Strong Heart episode!!!
~we will be subbing the Taeyang parts of the show…these are without subs, but trust me…WORTH watching.

The show has been split into two episodes. The first part aired today, the second part of the show will air next week!

>Introduction, Dance Battle, some talk – HOT!!!

>Taeyang talk about Daesung not going to the bathroom, Hara (from KARA) picks Daesung as ideal BB member

>Gag battle between Daesung and older gagman sunbaenim

>Daesung does CF for octupus commercial, and preview for NEXT WEEK!

37 thoughts on “01.05.10 – Taeyang & Daesung on Strong Heart”

  1. I watched it live! Woah I’m so amazed. Bae is amazing! I’m so proud of him! Though some of his stories are recycled… haha! I love him still. I can’t wait for next episode! Did you see the preview?! omgash. He was lying at the floor then the women there jumped on him, lol! I’m shocked! aahhh can’t wait for their stories next week, it seem quite serious… seriously can’t wait for next week. Why is this show so short?! can’t get enough of Bae and Daesung too. They both did very well!

  2. @may – we may consider it…there are alot of Daesung parts though…we’ll see. But “strongheartsubs” on youtube subs the entire show….

    @yepp – LOL yes, I saw that….they had to get people to pull Jung Juri off him

  3. Thanks!! but since you guys are only gonna sub TY’s part of the show.. do u know where i can get the fully subbed show?

  4. OMG Bae!!!!! Dae!!!!!!
    I love Hara’s expression when Bae introduced himself. It was my exact same reaction.
    I don’t understand a word, but I swear I was laughing and giggling at every single bit.
    Bae’s dancing is too perfect for once-a-week performances. After seeing this, I’m set into sending my complains to YG. Boy needs to go on shows more often!

  5. I can’t wait for next week…sure look hilarious!

    I can’t help melting each time the camera cuts to show him; that angelic smile, innocent-like laughter, and ever so often he was sitting there quietly seemingly lost in his own thoughts…so sexy!

  6. Oh….. so it split into two. So I can close TVAnt now lol~

    Daedae toooo funny and YB so adorable!
    I laugh my lung out from the start scene when the MC ask Dae and Bae to dance and introduce himself!

    Youngbae might be a fast learner! Ha can adap right after Daedae’ show off. Haha

    I can’t wait for the next week!!!

    I thought YB’ll talk about “Ghost” in their old apartment?

    and in preview ,I see YB got “Attack” by sunbae Noona!!! they push him down until he already lie down on the floor and have to got someone to help him out.

    really can’t wait to see these! LOL!!!~

  7. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait for the subs even though watching Taeyang talking without understanding what he is saying is hot enough for me lol. Words can’t describe the joy I’m feeling at finally seeing Taeyang on a variety show and you can also see he’s having a blast.

    lol @ Dae’s intro & dance at the beginning. Taeyang as we know is so calm and gentle, he’s intro was so gentleman like and his dance from 2.43-2.47 was just breath-taking, 100% on point & then he done the spilts ^^….left me speechless. God if I was in the audience, I would have probably be screaming at the top of my lungs in mega excitment. The hop dance was just too adorable.

    This video just makes up my whole day, can’t wait for part two especially the part where Jung Juri is on Taeyang ><…..wow Not surprised at Jung Juri and I don't blame, I would have done the same thing haha….it was bound to happen…..got to love her.

  8. omoooo i can’t wait to see the preview!
    I didnt understand a word, but I had the same reaction as “speechless”, I was giggling throughout the whole clip. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  9. oh my YB.. it’s finally here.. XD… I don’t really understand but it’s funny and the next episode..(!!).. Juri on TY!! argh.. !! i wanna be in her shoes for that few second on YB…

  10. thanks so much for the uploads! i’m so happy ty was having a great time! his dancing was soo good.
    I wonder what ty did/said that made the lady jump him? lol I would have jumped him from the beginning, lol :X

  11. aww, i couldn’t understand a single thing!
    but it was great just watching YoungBae smile and laughed so much. It looked like he was having a good time and that’s enough for me.
    I really can’t wait for the subbed and the entire show.
    I tried the strongheartsubs…but it doesn’t have TaeYang’s episode.

  12. Even without subs this show is awesome! I understood most of the first part. I love watching YB dance. He’s an incredible performer. It’s great to see him smiling and having fun. The mini dance off was cute, but YB totally took Daesung. I loved the impressions of YG and Taeyang’s story about YG comparing each member of Big Bang to a different type of tree. Daesung is so funny. I love his smile and his boundless energy. The best part was when he did the famous ‘butt dance’ with the three members of Kara. You know he spent hours practicing that in front of the mirror. Thank you so much, Kay for posting. I can’t wait to see the next ep.

  13. Can you tell me: what was the name the woman who dressed in brown, a white dress and the woman wearing a black dress next to taeyang?

    I love the lady in brown, she’s very sweet ^ ^

  14. @&y
    I’m not sure about the women in black and white, but the one sitting behind Dae and wearing a brown coat and black pants is Koo Hara from Kara.

    Thanks so much for uploading all these cuts. I woke up extra early to watch this. Taeyang was smiling like a kid the whole time. He’s so cute.
    I’m just curious about something. The bit of the dance off showed on the preview from two weeks ago was different from what they showed today. Is there a possibility of that choreo being shown on the next episode or did they edit it out? I hope it’s not the latter. *crosses fingers*

  15. They are gonna be on next week as well? Wow, I thought it was only one
    episode, rofl! I can’t wait to watch the part where they have to pull
    the woman off of YB! Its gonna be HILARIOUS! 😛

  16. after watching the preview for next week again, it looks like TY was doing his choreo from prayer (where he’s on the ground moving his abs) when the lady ‘attacks’ him. hehehe

    i hope TY does his ‘lyle’ choreo dance next week too

  17. Aww.taeyang your so adorable.
    Haha.can’t for the subbs I bet
    it gonna be halarious.
    Daesung and his funny self.

  18. T_T………………….i was looking forward to seeing yb dance lyle’s choreo. i have to wait another week?
    it’s killing me!

  19. do you know where i can watch this full episode with subtitles? i really wanted to watch it because taeyang was in it :*(

  20. taeyang looks so cute. hes smiling so much in this video.

    he knows how to dance,be sexy, hot, cute, strong, and hes nice and a gentlemen.

    can anyone be more perfect!?

  21. Poor YB, got molested by a cougar. She could have waited until he done doing his famous pelvic thrust. Why did she have ruin it for us fans. I’m concern that he might never do that move again and it was actually my fav. Can’t wait for next week ep.

  22. Am slowly learning korean and i think in the preview where ty looked almost in tears he was talking abt sth he doesnt like? Maybe the whole ‘still dont have a gf’ issue? Speculation , speculation! Oh man patience isnt exactly my strong point, anotha wk? like mate are u having a laugh???!!! Btw i dont blame the woman for jumpin him cuz lets face it half of us fangirls have done much worse in our YB fantasizingmoments (well atleast i have) lol

  23. i don’t think he’ll be doing the lyle choreo. in the preview (before this ep was aired), the few seconds clip that was shown of yb dancing had only 2 counts of the lyle choreo. and yb did that on the first vid here, around 2:40ish onwards –> the one with clapping the hands down.

    can’t wait for next week too though.
    wahhhh. jung joori attacked yb. hilarious! =D

  24. Aigoo~~~ YB looks really happy and laughing a lot. YB’s smile always makes me want for more. I’m glad he’s smiling so much here. =DDD

    Just from these cuts I think the whole episode will be worth watching!!! (I’ll watch it in my own time) Thanks for these raw videos!!! And thank you in advance for going to sub this! Lots of love and thanks to you all ATY staff!

    OMO~~~ YB’s going to get attacked by those women? LOL, I think any of us here would do the same in that situation….=P

    Dae Sung is such a comedian, he fell down on purpose~~ Looked so real though, he is so funny…XDDD

    And how they introduced themselves! DS with the greeting like in “Look at Me Gwisoon”. Then YB’s suave intro~~~~ I think the MCs thought it’s not good enough? Or plain for him? So he did it again? LOL~~~
    Sexay~~~~~~~~~~~ >////////<
    His dance is so on point now!!! Aigoo~~~ Gotta love him! He's such a sweetie!

  25. thanks for the updates guys 😀
    hope you can have the sub ..
    but watching it in korean even though i cant
    understand it makes me still love it and its very funny

    loving this SiiTE.
    loving him also ..
    more and more each day :p

  26. GAWD. when yb’s on the floor all the noona’s there are going crazy!! LOL.
    can’t wait or the next ep..
    subs hwaiting(same hir! i also hope you ccan sub dae’s parts 😀 )

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