YB Special performance with 2NE1?

So, SBS Gayo has not aired yet, however pictures of YB’s special performance have been released – YB singing with 2NE1! I do not know if they’re performing Wedding Dress, You and I or a completely different song together~ but the anticipation is high!

~thanks to andrelle for the tip

If you are interested in watching it live….go to the next post where Tofu has explained how you can watch it.

Here are the pics
*warning* Post is picture heavy and may ensue jealousy towards a certain 2NE1 member~
girls (and guys) stay calm..its only an act….or is it…*gulp*

45 thoughts on “YB Special performance with 2NE1?”

  1. you’re welcome! 🙂

    omg! in some pictures, Young Bae and Park Bom are too close!!! Not what I expected! hahaha…

    can’t wait to watch it, we’ve been YB-deprived these paast few days!… i’m happy that we’ll be seeing him again on stage! 🙂

  2. it’s so scary, I wanted to cry when I saw Taeyang in front of Bom and then them hugging….GOODNESS…..I really don’t know what I’m gonna do when he gets a girlfriend…..*ah*

  3. I believe YB and Bom are doing You & I but i dunno what YB, GD, n 2NE1 are doing all together

    I can’t wait to watch n I have no jealously. I like the girls so its like w/e to me

  4. Whatever happened to the “I AM SHY”? He’s not shy anymore.
    Oh no, she didn’t touch my Baby Sugar Sweetie honey hottie man. JK! Well, sorta! In my dreams. Oh no what if they date? So sad! But as long as he’s happy then I will be too. Tae Yang happiness comes first. Omg. hurry up 7am. It’s taking forever I wanna see it so bad. I miss Tae Yang!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wo..wo..wo! This is a bit too close for comfort! Strange that I didn’t feel much seeing TY kissing another girl in his mv but somehow I can’t help but a bit jealous seeing this. Damn Bom you lucky girl!!! LOL~~

    TY is wearing my fave grey fedora and looking so fine! Can’t wait to catch the performance!

  6. Noooo
    Bommie!! (my fave 2ne1 member.. .<333)
    T_T </3!!!

    -regains composure-
    ..i 'm ok. ^^; heh.
    mmm.. now the perf is more anticipated O_O"""
    i hope it's good. and not… jealousy inducing.. ^^;
    i trust you YG! don't violate my trust!

    p.s. What up with CL's outfit *_* oh lala.
    and… GD's hair.. AHHH SPOCK T_T

  7. hhaha i like these pictures actually
    i like bom and tae couple hahah
    i have no hate for these girls LOL
    cause im yg family biased
    although some of their outfits arent that great and GD’s HAIR omg whyy must he change itt from that sexy fohawk. ahha it’s ohkay still lovin himm.
    can’t wait for thiss. i love bigbang and 2ne1 ❤

  8. Ooh im speechless… Too close for comfort for me too lol.. Ugh cant wait.. its just a song ( calming my self ) especially shocked by their hands clamped together ….. Well i need to sleep first and then watch the performance when i wake up.. =) good luck YB…

  9. . I like how in the 5th pic YB is looking at the cam and the girl is looking at him .. lol just though it was cool like he is avoiding her.. =)

  10. It’s 2ne1/yg fam so it’s okay with me. If it were any other chick, I’d be crazyyyy right now. Ha I can’t wait to see these performances! <33

  11. i saw the picture with park bom and i was like, “noo!!)

    even though you’ve warned me about the pics, i still freak about it, haha, fangirl moment..

    but i like 2ne1, and i’m excited for gayo later..:)) can’t wait to see this..

    i think the performance(with the one bom hugging our YB) is on her song You and I..I’m quite sure about that..

  12. Kay, I should have listened to you…..

    I’m not sure if it’s jealously I feel so much as sadness. But I have to admit those two do look great together…..

    Looking forward to their performance.

    I can’t take this 😦

  13. OMG….Bom and TY! This is going to be very interesting, I actually can’t wait. I luv TY and like Bom, plus it’s YG family love so it’s all friendly or is it? ….we’ll see lol.

  14. ROFL Spock GD. The kid is awesome. I’m more of a G-Bom shipper, but I might change my mind after this performance, they look incredibly adorable together !

  15. omg,too much skinship.T_T
    i’m jealous but not to the point where i want to scratch her eyes out.

    well,at least it’s with a family member.

  16. I hope Boms voice is strong today, but I do love me some Big Bangx2NE1 interaction!!!! I like Tae & CL together though..

  17. So I took a moment, now I’m back. Here’s the thing I’m not jealous of Bom. I just wish I was her in this moment. I’d love to be that close to YB singing a duet together. He is so fine. I envy Park Bom in these pics.

  18. My eyes get all watery from looking at all this pictures. tears of jealousy. Can’t type….

    oh what happened to GD’s HAIR??? i love his mohawk……….

  19. Argh… Okay, breathe in and out, in and out…. Right… Well… I must admit they look good together, and You and I is a great song for YB to sing with Bom too. =)

    I’d be lying if I said those pics don’t affect me in anyway though (hence the breathing…XD).

    I mean… YB deprived for the past two (or is it one? anyway…) weeks? Then seeing pics of YB looking so DAYUM FINE being SO CLOSE with Bom…. (“You’re my heart breaker~~” going in the background…XD)

    I agree with you Kay, I don’t know what will happen to me when YB really finds a girlfriend…. I’d be happy for him of course (unless the girl proves to be taking advantage of the wonderful guy or is up to no good.).

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Bom, she’s my favorite besides Minzy. You and I is a great song too, *convincing myself this is all just an act*…XD

    I don’t think YB is girl shy anymore.. I mean come on…. I’m glad YB is (or seems to be) over the shyness, even if that shyness was one of his cute traits….;P

  20. well i liked park bom and yea i guess hes not shy anymore. i think that they like eachother tho, i mean she seems so nervouse when she was singing with him.

  21. awwww, that is so cute XD
    i have to hate towards 2ne1, because i love them as well :]
    my fav is sandara though

    awww YB looks good as always

  22. oh come on guys.. it was just a performance.

    niways Bom n YB looks sooo much comfortable in this picture as compared to the broadcastd perf.. awkwardness all over!

    eitherways. glad to finally see these two duet. all of our prayers have been answered.

    i guess it doesnt matter if you’re a iVIP or kVIP. we all have the same desire to see these two duet together! =)

    loving the YGfam love! ^.^

  23. TAEYANG look so cuteeeeeee! like always.
    but they were holding hands :[
    oh well, i guess its just a performance. lol
    Tae Yang is the love of my life.

  24. Okay, I’m gonna be a little negative here. [Just a little, so don’t strangle me YG lovers. lol] I love them too, but I’m just gonna state my opinions. (:

    First off, I have some critiques on Park Bom, she has gained weight [totally okay] but since she’s in a girl group who are suppose to have high trends, with tight clothes, they should try putting her in something less tight. And I don’t like Park Bom’s makeup. Her makeup is starting to look dragg-ish. What’s the point of making your eyes bigger, if I can’t ever see them because she has on such heavy lashes, and makeup?

    Second off, I’m kinda tired of seeing 2ne1 and members of BB performing together. I’m just starting to feel like 2ne1 needs BB’s help and performances for promotions. I know they like to pair ’em up to hype up the fans, but to me it’s getting old.

    Anyways, that’s all I have to say. I LOVE BB and 2ne1 is okay. I just like to see them individually. (:

  25. @xox – oh goodness, we have an opinionated one in here *rejoice* ~LOL. Since we’re on this topic and I feel a discussion coming on, I’ll give my opinion on this…

    I agree, Bom has gained some weight lately~ definately in the performance, you can notice the double chin (ouch, even typing it kills me as a woman) but its true and its there. The one thing I’ve noticed with Bom and the whole weight/surgery thing since 2NE1 TV (which I avidly watched) is she really has a hard time maintaining her vocals while dancing and singing at the same time. And I would go “why!? Bom, you’re suppose to be the super duper spectacular BOM that YG has kept hidden for years” – and its because she skips out on workouts and doesn’t like to stick to her diet and that’s her downfall in maintaining the vocal capacity you need.

    Take Minzy for instance – half the size of Bom, skinny as a stick, is super fit and can dance up a storm AND kill it with the vocals. This is why I love Minzy, she’s strong, confident, maintains the vocal capacity and strength needed as a singer nd she’s ONLY 15!

    Okay enough of the weight thing – my suggestion to Bom is to start working on her abdonimals, the stronger she is the more control she can have. Her body weight flunctuates like crazy and it doesn’t help YG stylists put her in such skin tight clothing~

    About BB and 2NE1 performing – I’m okay with it but i am a HUGE WonderBang shipper (SUNTAE is like my FAVV) so yeah…..bring WONDERBANG BACK!!!

  26. @ Kay – YESSSS~~~~~ I love WONDERBANG, they’re the BOMB! Totally the best of the best guy and girl group…LOL

    I so agree~ SunTae is love~~~ XDDD
    I also like Dae Sung and YeEun too, both have very strong vocals, and (if my memories serve me right…) the same age? Haha~

    *cough*Anyway… I wasn’t making sense there…. Sorry about that…=v=”

    I didn’t notice the double chin actually… (I focus more on the live performance itself most of the time…)
    She always came off as a bit chubby than she should be (well, in the type of clothes stylist give her….and the other girls are skinnier too). I never thought much about it though, some people even find it alright (well from some of the comments I read about Bom on Youtube anyway…).

    I did think that this performance of You and I wasn’t her best. She seems nervous (probably because it’s with YB? XD), so her vocals were a bit more shaky. I like 2NE1 but I never watched their TV… But from what you’re saying, then yes, she should really start staying to her diet and work outs… Otherwise those great vocals will go to waste! ><

  27. Waaa, so close!!! I’m excited to watch the videos, wow!!!!! It’s been a while since I saw TY perform! Can’t wait!
    Thanks for the pics!

  28. Woooh! Nice pics! Even though Bom seems to have gained weight she is still HOT! Based on the pics I don’t blame Taeyang’s girl fanbase for being jealous. Lol!

  29. OMG
    i had a series of heartattacks while scrolling down !!
    My YB !! i envy Bom
    And she is my fav member!
    Aww lucky girl
    The pick that i was really jealous on was the one
    when he looks liek he is proposing
    But after the performance i wasnt that jealous!!
    They didt have good chemistry on the performance
    He did better with Lee Hyori on MK!

  30. I normally wouldn’t be bothered by this..

    But when they held hands, and I saw their fingers intertwined, I nearly threw my computer across the room. And I am not. Even. Kidding.

    I personally do not like the Bae/Bom combination. If he had to be with anyone from 2NE1, let it be Dara.

    But he doesn’t need to be with Dara either (:

  31. i don’t understand why you guys would be jealous of this, he doesn’t even know who you guys are lmao!!!! i LOVE bom and i LOVE youngbae, so naturally i’m pleased with this combo.

  32. Oh no she didn’t!!! But hey, I guess it was just for the performance, so why be jealous of it… it’s just an act. (calm down, ladies!)

    Young Bae, sexy and hot as always! Lovin’ it! 🙂

  33. Uh, it’s one thing to be a fan and really like TY/his songs/his looks/whatever…it’s another thing to feel the need to throw your computer across the room simply because he’s doing a duet.
    Seriously? You guys need to gain some perspective.

    I agree, Bom is lacking in stage presence, but all this unnecessary hatred towards simply because she’s singing with TY is why kpop fans get some a bad rap for over obsession.

  34. did anyone notice that the dress park bom is wearing in these pictures is different from the real performance? i would love to see the version in the pics cuz park bom actually accepted taeyang’s hand!!!!
    so plz send me link if anyone knows where to find this version!!!!! THANX

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